Education Press Releases

Next-Generation Workplace Learning Program Comes to Huntsville

Laura Huckabee-Jennings, founder of Transcend in Huntsville, Alabama, announced today that Transcend is now among an exclusive group of coaches and consultants authorized to provide The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ to their clients after successfully completing the required applications, authorization and training process. Wiley’s Workplace Learning Solutions Group has partnered with Patrick Lencioni, the best-selling author of more than 10 books and one of the most sought-after business speakers in America, to provide a new tool designed to help organizations with their single most untapped competitive advantage: teamwork.

Mobile Minds Tutoring Aims to Decrease Achievement Gap and Partners with Marathon Scholars for SAT Prep

Mobile Minds Tutoring, dedicated to teaching students how to be lifelong learners, partners with Marathon Scholars to offer free SAT prep in Portland, Oregon.

Student Economy Is on the Rise with Explorite Connecting College Students with the Services and Products They Need from Other Students

LogoExplorite is providing a helping hand to the college students when it comes to their needs of academic products and services from other students. The online platform is acting as a mediator that connects seller with buyers and making an effort to raise the student economy in turn. Students can sell the products, which they do not need any more and recollect some of the money they spent on the same at the time of purchase. This way they can turn the useless things into profit. In addition, they can also buy things at a very low price from other students and satisfy their academic requirements.

Safest Classifieds for College Students Now Open at UMass Amherst

LogoDedicated to all college students, the renowned online classified site has opened gate for the students of University of Massachusetts as well. With the same, now the Students of UMass Amherst can also list there items and services such as textbooks, cars, furniture, carpooling, clothing or anything that a college student might need on the platform. The website has been designed by a team of experts with years of experience, keeping in mind the confidentiality of each member. The platform is safer than any other classified sites available in market including some of the most renowned ones. All members present in the website are .edu account verified.

Simplilearn Americas Announces 25 Percent Discount on Online Agile and Scrum Courses

Simplilearn Americas, LLC, a leading provider of professional certification courses, has announced a 25 percent discount on its online courses for Agile and Scrum certification and other subjects. This will make it easier for professionals and those looking to expand their horizons to access the specialized education they need to achieve their goals. As always, the company also offers corporate on-site training so that businesses can have groups of current employees trained at a central location.

Precision Nutrition Certification Program Review: What YOU Need to Know

Health and Lifestyle coaches will be pleased to note that the world famous Precision Nutrition Coaching team today unveiled its FREE 5-Day Nutrition Coaching course. Created from ground-up, using feedback from tens of thousands of fitness professionals and health aficionados, this FREE course has been specifically designed like a 4-year degree program and teaches health & fitness professionals:

Michigan Financial Education Firm Offers Market Mastery Trading Guide

LogoProfits Run, a financial education and trading training firm in Wixom, Michigan, is offering a specialized Market Mastery training program that includes the detailed insights, guidance and techniques for building a successful financial foundation through trading. No course is more thorough, adaptable and relatable than the Market Mastery stock trading education system. This premium stock trading course provides an executive-level guidebook for trading that is akin to earning a Master’s degree in stocks trading upon completion. Market Mastery is carefully designed to appeal to both veteran traders and new traders, providing information and insights that any level of trader can profitably apply. First-time traders have access to every aspect needed to successfully work in the markets, from placing trades to advanced trading. Veteran traders can skip to the more advanced training sections for new tips and techniques that maximize their time and introduce new avenues for expanding earnings.

New Flipbook Solution by FlipBuilder: Create Digital Textbook for Student

LogoThe age of traditional classroom has gone and the digital classroom tools will follow soon.

Red Deer Real Estate Discusses How Canadian Universities Explore Range of Real Estate Careers

Logo“Everyone thinks of real estate brokers when they think about real estate,” said Ms. Klostranec, a fourth-year student at the university and president of the student organization Real Estate Ryerson. “I get questions about it all the time and I’m trying to break that barrier.”

Simplilearn Americas Unveils Discount on Online CISA Certification Courses

Simplilearn Americas, LLC has announced a 25 percent discount on all online courses, including those for CISA Certification. This brings the cisa certification cost down to $199 for the self-teaching version of the course, and $2,699 for the instructor-led online classroom version. The new discount is intended to make the courses accessible to more students.

Simplilearn Americas Announces Discount for Lean Six Sigma Online Courses

Simplilearn Americas, LLC today announced a discount aimed at making its online courses accessible to more students. This discount will allow new course registrants to save 25 percent on tuition fees, and applies to all of its IT-related and managerial courses such as its lean six sigma black belt certification course. The black belt certification allows professionals to prove understanding of two other certifications: Lean and Six Sigma.

Dutch Man Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Teach Crowdfunding

It seems to be one of those new marketing buzz words that translates to everyone needs it, but no one knows what it is or what it does. In 2012, $2.7 Billion dollars was raised through crowdfunding. North America alone raised 59% of capital worldwide through crowdfunding.

Susan Striker Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Anti-Coloring Book App

LogoSusan Striker created an app that will simulate the experience children have when they create art while using their own ideas and skills. As an award-winning art teacher, she has watched students grow, learn and develop so much when they work with crayons, paints and other simple art materials. She takes great joy watching her students solve their own problems and gain confidence in their own abilities and skills.

MaxScholar Launches Great Reading App for Learners of Any Age Through the Apps Store

MaxScholar is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new reading app, which is available at the App Store. The app is MaxPhonics. It takes advantage of the potential for engaging learners through the use of iPads and Tablets. MaxPhonics, as used on the electronic learning devices, is popular because of its mobility and accessibility.

Schools and Kids Languishing in an Outmoded Educational System Have a Whole New Avenue of Academic Achievement to Explore

LogoThree years ago, GotCoreValues! Founder and CEO Sandi Herrera began working with Las Vegas’ Clark County School System. At that time and still today, the school system serves two notable distinctions: it is the fifth largest school district in the country, and finds itself in the bottom ranks of nationwide measures of academic achievement and student wellbeing.

Dr. Brooke, Head of School at Seneca Academy International Exchange with Primary Years in India

Dr. Brooke, Head of School at Seneca Academy, a leading and only International Baccalaureate Primary Years program in Montgomery County, traveled to Northern India in early August to forge relations with an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program., Industry's Leading Academic Service Provider, Demonstrates Significant Growth

Logo“With on the market, there is now a better and a more efficient way to master academic writing” – says John Geisler, its CEO and founder. “The main goal of the service is providing quality academic guidance and academic counseling services. Shortly after emergence of, the market has demonstrated significant demand for the service, and there is more to come: company’s unique plagiarism detection module and the automatic referencing tool are meant to maximize customer experience”.

Successful Education Solutions Offers Two Easy College Planning Options to Help Families

LogoAs the idea of going to college continues to be challenging for students and their families in practically all aspects, Successful Educations Solutions is aimed at alleviating those issues with an array of college planning services. By working with a college planning specialist like SES, college-bound students get planning tips and valuable insider strategies that can help ease the entire process of applying for college, being able to pay for it and succeeding as a student.

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Opens Up New Opportunities in Workforce Training

The world of training and education is constantly evolving. It is needless to say that possessing training skills via learning has become imperative to one’s success if he or she chooses vocational training.

Education No Longer Exclusive to Students and Shifts to Include Working Professionals and Businesses

LogoThe classroom is no longer the only place where people could learn. In the past, if they wanted to gain knowledge, some would tell them to enroll in a traditional school to get the training they need. But today, even working professionals are choosing to get educated, not just to earn another degree, but to enhance their existing knowledge. And they are not the only ones who have been captivated to do the same. Businesses are also recognising the need for both buyers and sellers to get educated regarding the products they are purchasing or offering in the market, however, information is distributed through conferences instead of traditional classrooms.

Bts Radio's Three Part Series on Education in America

LogoWith school back in session, Between the Synapse Radio explores Education in America in a three-part series beginning on Thursday, September 4 at 1 pm ET with a conversation with the best-selling author of "Excellent Sheep." The September 25th show, 1 pm ET, features American Enterprise Institute scholar and co-editor of "Teacher Quality 2.0. Finally, the October 2nd broadcast, 1 pm ET, brings together two nationally prominent women focused on improving educational opportunities for children with learning challenges.

Boston Area Students Now Have Secure Classifieds Option

LogoSeniors with mountains of used textbooks.  Freshmen who need textbooks and furniture at garage sale prices. Students are a marketplace unto themselves, sometimes needing things and sometimes having too many things.  Using an unsecured classifieds site such as Craigslist opens students up to fraud and personal security issues.  Many news sources have reported how criminals have exploited sites like Craigslist for theft.  A new site, has launched offering Boston area  students a secured classifieds site on which they can safely sell items such as textbooks, household items, or find jobs, internships and roommates. Offers a Safe Place for College Students to Buy & Sell Quick on Campus is a college marketplace website that offers a safe place where students can buy, sell textbooks and exchange goods and services at great prices, as well as find housing, roommates, jobs and internships.

Arborland Montessori Children's Academy Offers Exclusive Early Child Education

Over the past couple of years, the significance of Montessori schools and academy’s has increased over a large scale in different parts of the world. Every parent wants the best for their child, which is precisely why they are highly recommended to only enroll their children in preschools and Montessori’s with the best facilities possible. Arborland Montessori Children’s academy is based in Fullerton, amidst the beautiful Amerige Heights. The children educational facility has managed to capture the attention of many parents who are eager to provide the best possible early education to their children.

AMS Financial Now Offers Speedy and Hassle-Free Student Loans for Personal Expenses with 0% Card Program

AMS Financial, well-known for its simple, straightforward, hassle-free loans, now offers Student Loans for Personal Expenses. Their student personal expense loans get approved within 30 seconds and that too, with their 0% card program. AMS intends to help students with their growing educational expenses which can, at times, be difficult to tackle. Their student loans are available for meeting expenses like buying books, accommodations, health insurance, and lots more. They provide the best student expense loans that are beneficial both for students as well as parents. To make things simpler for the borrower, they provide a school expenses loan calculator which gives a clear picture of the expected interest rates they will have to pay.

Simplilearn Americas Announces 25 Percent off PMP Online Course

Simplilearn Americas, LLC recently announced a 25 percent off special for its PMP online courses, making this a great time to sign up to advance your education in the field. PMP (project management professional) training is essential for those seeking PMP certification. This certification is offered by the Project Management Institute and helps professionals obtain positions in government, commercial, and other organizations.

GotCoreValues! Launches Crowdfunding Project via Indiegogo to Help Schools Create Happy Cultures

LogoThree years ago, GotCoreValues! Founder and CEO Sandi Herrera began working with Las Vegas’ Clark County School System. At that time the school system serving Las Vegas had two distinctions; it was the fifth largest school district in the country and ranked near the bottom in terms of academic achievement and student wellbeing.