Education Press Releases

Win-Win Announces New School Fundraising Client-Controlled Pricing for Spirit Wear

With continually shrinking budgets, school fundraising,, becomes essential, and Win-Win sportswear provides the benefit of no upfront costs when fundraising for schools. Specifically, they provide Win-Win Spirit Wear and Win-Win Sportswear to raise funds for schools.

DimensionU Games Access for Hawaii Public Schools in Nanakuli-Waianae

Award-winning, educational video-game developer DimensionU, Inc., announced today that all public schools in the Nanakuli-Waianae Complex Area now have access to DimensionU Educational Games. The Complex Area recently funded access to DimensionU Games for all students and educators in grades 3 through 10 as a supplemental digital learning resource to support and augment math and ELA instruction in the classroom. DimensionU can also be accessed by students during after school hours and at home.

Westbrook Montessori Academy Wins Award for Best Montessori School in Mississauga

The Westbrook Montessori Academy has recently won the 2014 Top Choice Award for Best Montessori School in Mississauga, Ontario. Riz Ratanshi, the director and co-founder of the school, will be accepting the award on November 7 2014. This prestigious award is very important for Ratanshi and will be a crucial aspect of the continued success of the school.

Chicago Department of Aviation and One Million Degrees Launch Partnership in Support of Community College Students

LogoOne Million Degrees (OMD) is pleased to announce the launch of a partnership with the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) and the Airports Going Green Steering Committee to support a cohort of low-income community college students pursuing degrees at City Colleges of Chicago in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields and Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (TDL).

Andre Small Seeks Crowdfunding to Give Away Two Full Scholarships to a Private School.

LogoCathedral of Faith Christian School has operated since 1987 and since day one has endeavored to create an environment that produces well-rounded disciplined students in the area of academic understanding, knowledge, skills, and to develop within the child the power to reason with strong moral character and spiritual values. Many single parents desire to have their child in a safe and small learning early childhood education environment, but cannot afford the cost of tuition.

Computer Tutoring Is on the Rise

When Kyle Vokac started his first year at a local community college, he was uncertain about some of his online computer programming classes. His GPA dropped from 3.9 in his high school to 3.2 in his first year in college. This is when Funutation’s tutoring service came into picture.

The EPIC School to Host 5th Annual Casino Night

LogoThe EPIC School will host its 5th Annual Casino Night on Friday, November 14, 2014 at The Terrace at Biagio’s, 299 Paramus Road, Paramus, NJ from 7:00-11:00pm. In addition to exciting refreshments, the evening will feature a variety of casino games, as well as a tricky tray and live and silent auction.

ETC Opens Enrolments for English for Law

LogoETC International College has announced open enrolments for their English for Law courses starting today. Students who are considering pursuing a career in law can now take advantage of this specialized programme and learn legal English structure and vocabulary. The English for Law module addresses lawyers and legal professionals whose work entails dealing with English-speaking partners and clients.

Australian Author Provides Aids for Teaching ADHD Children

A mother of three boys and a school administrator in Victoria, Australia, Wendy Coyle has spent a good part of her adult life around children. When her oldest son, Jack, was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in 2005, she turned to writing children’s books as a way of reaching Jack and others afflicted with ADHD.

World Landforms, a Renowned Information Portal Now Enables Readers to Know More About Shield Volcanoes

World landforms, a well-known information portal, enables readers to obtain information about Shield Volcanoes. The formation of shield volcano is fluid lava. Their structures are large, shaped like a fan and look like a shield. When gas and molten lava create pressure, magma is created and the shield volcano explodes. This lava erupts out the central vent.

New App Released for Teaching Robot Programming to Children with Special Needs

Introducing an accessible robot app by Zyrobotics, designed to teach children with special needs how to program robots. Kids today are surrounded by technology - from their game consoles to their music players to their mobile phones. By teaching kids how to program, we show them how to become an active part in defining the new technological world we live in. Programming is a creative and challenging occupation that provides immediate feedback, is highly suited to satisfy a child’s natural curiosity, and can make math and science enjoyable to learn. Zyrobotics has always been focused on making all aspects of learning fun and accessible to all. Although typical programming interfaces are not designed to be accessible to children with disabilities, over the last few years, we have conducted workshops that encourage kids with special needs to program Mindstorm robots.

Professional Level Tutoring Serving a Wide Spectrum of Students

Professional tutoring is one of the most sought after services and also, the most expensive considering the high demand for it in the market. Most of the times parents end up spending a fortune while settling for poor quality education. Ivy League Achievers as a highly rated tutoring agency wishes to shatter this notion by introducing parents and students to education that caters to the learning needs of every student from kindergarten to college.

Palmer Trinity School and Its Parent Education Committee Sponsor Cyberbullying and Safe Social Networking Q&A with Dr. Sameer Hinduja

LogoPalmer Trinity School (PTS) and the Palmer Trinity Parents Association's (PTPA) Parent Education Committee is sponsoring a Q&A session with Dr. Sameer Hinduja at its upcoming Parent-to-Parent Evening Coffee event on the subject "Cyberbullying and Safe Social Networking" on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. in the School's main dining room.

Posh Pads Renovates Portfolio to Create the Best Possible Student Accommodation Spaces

Student accommodation can often conjure up dingy and unpleasant connotations, and many students have to endure their meager living situation in order to study instead of feeling supported by it. This needn’t always be the case however, as students in Portsmouth and Southampton have discovered with Posh Pads. Posh Pads specialize in high quality student house shares (, and though their portfolio regularly expands to include new properties, they also take care of their existing properties, and have recently renovated a large section of them to ensure their standards remain high for the new academic year.

Crème De La Crème Preschool Vice President Jody Martin Honored with Prestigious 'Bammy Award' by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International in Washington,D.C.

The Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International recently awarded a prestigious Bammy Award to Jody Martin, Vice President of Education at Crème de la Crème Preschool, for her contributions to early childhood education. The Bammy Award is a cross-discipline honor created in 2012 to identify the good work being done in the field of education today.

The Road to GED Testing Made Easy

Popularly known as the ‘second chance opportunity’ a General Educational Development is a credential offered to those students who want to acquire the status of a high school diploma holder and use it as a credential to increase their chances of making a good career in their area of interest. Sadly, not many students get to realize this dream as they face trouble finding a reliable source that can offer them the guidance and the assistance they need to crack the GED code.

Clinical Exam Workshop Helps Graduating Counselors Avoid 30% Failure Rate in Licensing

Graduation day is a happy one for most. Unfortunately for students graduating with a Masters in Counseling, there could be cognitive trauma just around the corner. After graduation comes the complicated process of state licensure to practice as a counselor, with most requiring the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam (NCMHCE) in their licensure process. All therapists taking the test have completed their degrees; most have accrued hundreds of hours of clinical experience, yet as many as 30% fail. Clinical Exam Workshop exists to change this.

Local 3D Printer Partners with University Students to Make Projects Come to Life

Hian Technologies has just helped their first of what will be many students create a 3D printed project. The recent pairing with a London South Bank University student to produce an ergonomically designed kitchen knife is the next step in community innovation. The project was showcased at the SHAPE show alongside 40 other final projects.

Packetviper Partnership with Riverview School District for Cyberpatriot Competition

LogoFrom JP Morgan, to Home Depot and Target, to the US Navy, to the average citizen, no entity is too big or too small to be immune from global hackers. At the same time, most reports indicate that not enough young people are entering programming and IT to fill new openings, let alone replace a wave of expected future retirements in the coming years. That is why PacketViper CEO Frank Trama believes it is so important to get more kids involved in the emerging cyber-security field, and why he has sought out local schools and teachers to start learning about this challenging field through competitions and games. Shares Valuable Information on Higher Education of Mathematics and Latin Language, a website that initially started as a provider of news and happenings of the Spanish Federation of Teachers in Mathematics (FESPM), has now further broadened its focus area by sharing comprehensive valuable information on higher education of Mathematics and Latin language.

Al-Naseer University, Yemen Offers Cutting Edge Course for Domestic and International Students

Al-Naseer University, Yemen has been the favored place for both domestic and international students who are looking for focused and hands on bachelor’s degree programs and undergraduate degree programs. The university has introduced many tailor made courses across different disciplines in order to develop critical skill sets amongst the students.

MVJCE Organized Guest Lecture on Cell Tower Radiation and Its Impact on Human Beings and Environment

LogoIndia has experienced a phenomenal growth in the number of mobile phone users. The increased use of mobile phones in India has raised public interest in possible health issues associated with exposure to electromagnetic energy. People are concerned about exposure from mobile handsets & base stations.

Natural Healing College Announced Year End 2014 Holistic Discount Package for New Holistic Students

LogoNatural Healing College, an established leader in Holistic Health Job Training Education, pleasantly announced that Natural Healing College have successfully Launch of Year End 2014 Holistic Discount Package for New Holistic Health Students. Shares Complete Valuable Info for Students Interested in Studying in Texas, a higher education information portal which provides comprehensive details on numerous institutions and colleges in Texas, has recently published insightful articles which discuss how international students can apply and avail financial support for studying in the various popular institutions in Texas.

Zoni Launches the University of Cambridge ESOL Exams in Its New York Center

Zoni, a pioneer English language school is one of the few Cambridge Examination Centers in the United States offering preparation courses and administering test. It is prestigious to note that training and testing centers are located in Miami Beach and Manhattan. Announces Registered Trademark Sale®, a highly-prized U.S. Registered trademark and versatile brand name, is now available to prospective buyers interested in marketing a variety of digital educational services, trademark owner Sherman Updegraff announced today.

Simplilearn America Announces Time-Limited Sale on Professional Education Workshops

Simplilearn America, LLC., announced a new special offer good on the company's workshop training products through November 27. Customers who use a code found on the Simplilearn website will receive 27% off their qualifying orders, one of the largest discounts ever to be made available for Simplilearn's industry-leading educational workshops. Simplilearn provides a wide range of highly effective training products, from those focusing on instilling project management and sales skills to others centering on information technology subjects.