Education Press Releases

ATD-AMERICAN Now Providing Furnished Classrooms for a New Elementary School in the South Pacific This Year

ATD-American is pleased to announce they’re providing furnished classrooms for a new elementary school in the South Pacific this year. The furnished classrooms are all-wood classroom furniture to the new elementary school on Jaluit Atoll. ATD-American has been a supplier of classroom furniture to the Ministry of Education in the Marshall Islands for nine years. This relationship began when ATD was requested to supply a solution to an uncommon problem.

Inspire Education Calls for More Donations

In every part of the world, education enables people to address various issues such as poverty and health. It breaks the vicious cycle of deprivation to transform a community back to its healthy state. Every organisation has an ultimate goal and Inspire Education aims to provide the proper curriculum for children in dire need of education. Whether it’s informal or formal, each curriculum includes primary and secondary levels. These levels contain the basic information that young people need to have that push towards holistic community development. Inspire Education also wants to spearhead social change, skills training, disease prevention, and health education. The organisation believes that with these educational projects, the entire community will be benefited more.

Fun Easy Learn Brings out Another Intelligent Language Application, This Time for Russian

The bubble of learning foreign languages has erupted from the globalization boom that has necessitated migration of people from one place to another for professional and career reasons. In recent times, Moscow, St Petersburg, Kazan and some other places have shifted to limelight following their trade and tourism flourish. Thus people moving into the Russian territory often prepare themselves for residency by enrolling in language learning courses. FunEasyLearn sets afloat a simple and interactive Android application that teaches users Russian in no time. The company that has a legion of similar other applications to its credit has brought up the Russian language application as a way to save learners the trouble of attending extensive classes when they have to travel in a short notice. Now they launch Learn Russian 6000 Words to help people to learn Russian effectively.

Drones Take Flight at Major Universities

UAVSA Systems Association plans to organize an Aerial Drone Cinematography World Tour which will see the organization cover 48 Universities in 18 Months. The Aerial Drone Cinematography World Tour is scheduled to be held in 2015/2016.

Bridging the Gap Between Marketers and the Current Skills They Need, Offers Digital Courses for Online Marketers

Lets Learn Digital is an online e-learning website which offers digital courses in the field of online marketing, the various online courses on offer will teach marketers about the current tools and corresponding strategies of using those tools to their business’s advantage. Currently, Lets Learn Digital is offering a number of courses including: Boosts Resources Available to Funeral Homes with Legacy Planning Course, and Tom Cormier, CEO, is pleased to announce that the firm has created an eleven-module on-line training course suitable for funeral homes and planning consultants associated with the industry. The release of the Certified Legacy Planner (CLP) training course fills a long-time need for creating a library of information to pass on the heirs and beneficiaries. The portfolio includes recordings, documents artifacts and life lessons.

MAXPHONICS Launches Free Contest to Gain Free Access to Their MAXPHONICS Reading PROGRAM

MaxScholar LLC is commemorating the launch of MaxPhonics program. It’s a new reading and leaning software for students at grade levels and beyond, to enhance their reading skills and also instill confidence in struggling readers. Enhances Resources Available to Estate Planners with Legacy Planning Course, and CEO Tim Cormier are pleased to announce that they are filling a need for legacy creation assistance through the implementation of a comprehensive on-line training course to prepare estate planners and others to obtain certification as a Certified Legacy Planner (CLP). While many families see the need to capture and store memories and family life history, they may not always know how to go about the process. The CLP course facilitates the process of identifying and collecting a legacy portfolio.

R.I.S.E for Youth Brings Yoga and Wellness Programs to Public Schools

Obesity in youth is at a crises proportion in the United States and schools, while required to teach children certain directives, yet cost cutting measures make sports and health programs some of the first to get cut. One group in San Francisco, California has set about to make a big difference in wellness programs for school children. After successfully launching an Indiegogo campaign that allowed them to work with children in five of the Bay Area's public schools in 2013, R.I.S.E for Youth has launched another Indiegogo campaign this year to expand their Yoga and wellness program reach to 800 students.

Jamaican Students Receive Online MBA Degrees Through Southpoint Education International

LogoJamaican students who want to further their education for increased job opportunities will find that Southpoint Education International offers a Jamaican MBA program specifically for students from this country. There are many different things that one can do with an MBA and those who want a better higher paying job will find that this school is an ideal place of learning for people from all over the world.

Assistance League and Fallas Bring Operation School Bell to Kissimmee, Florida Providing Free School Uniforms to 900 Osceola School District Students

LogoAs part of Assistance League’s National Conference in Orlando, on Wednesday morning, September 3, Assistance League, in partnership with National Stores, Inc., will be providing 900 Osceola School District students with free school uniforms at the Fallas store in Kissimmee, FL. Identified students at Highlands Elementary, Central Avenue Elementary, and Kissimmee Elementary will be receiving two uniforms, a pair of shoes, socks, and a pack of underwear. Offers Assistance (Online Tutoring) to Students

IwantTutor ( is an online tutorial website which offers students all kinds of assistance with their homework, project, dissertation, articles, coursework, tutoring, video based learning, and assignments.

Be Part of the Green Plus Revolution One Child One Wish

Green Plus Revolution (GREEN+) and Jonathan Njoroge, CEO/Founder and co-founder Billy Mwangi are pleased to announce the launch of a environmental organization which is intended to assist youngsters in leaving the streets and gaining an education. The organization is part of Green Plus Kenya designed to improve awareness, capacity and advocacy through networking and information sharing on environmental issues while providing environmental-oriented services. The funds in the Indiegogo campaign will be sustained by recycling dump-site materials and producing organic fertilizer.

New Translation Agency Will Put an End to Industry Bad Practices

Verto Languages, a start-up translation company, aims to put an end to the bad practices currently proliferating in the translation and localization industry. These include the underpayment of translators and the general lack of precision at every stage of the translation process. Some companies even offer machine translation as a viable alternative to professional, human translation.

The Mind Architect Paz Gohil Goes International Thanks to the Power of the Internet

Clarity is an easily forgotten word, and it’s also a broad generalization for something that is powerful and effective in the right hands. All too often, people dismiss clarity as simple optimism, but applied clarity is far more than that, both creating the basis and the drive to achieve great things. Paz Gohil, known as The Mind Architect, has specialized in helping people achieve a more comprehensive mental framework designed to generate success, inner congruency and an authentic clarity of self understanding, and is now making his coaching services available internationally through the power of the internet.

MAXSCHOLAR's Reading Software Contributes to Dramatic Improvement in Educational Academic Achievement

MaxScholar, one of the leading companies in the e-learning sector, announced today dramatic contribution that its reading software had on helping Three Lakes Academy improve its performance in the Educatational Academic Achievement according to the independent study conducted by QWK2LRN. The software allows users to more easily improve their reading skills and also instill confidence in struggling readers and getting them to read at grade level and beyond.

Paz Gohil Launches Mind Architect E-Course to Help People Achieve the Impossible

Paz Gohil has been a divisive figure in speaking out on the limitations of therapy, leading some to label him as the ‘anti therapy guy’. Gohil’s position is more nuanced than that however, and he has said in as many words that he is not against therapy, but rather finds it usefulness is only for those trying to resolve a problem, rather than maximize their potential. Paz Gohil has responded to this label with one of his own – The Mind Architect. With this branding, and a new website, Paz has launched an e-course that will help people transform their fortunes through the power of optimized thinking.

Life Champ Martial Arts Offers Martial Arts and Karate Lessons for All Ages in 5 Locations in Virginia

Life Champ Martial Arts School has been serving Virginia for more than 25 years, has opened its doors to the people of Virginia in 5 different locations:

Slum2School Africa Seeks $55,500 via Crowdfunding to Give Children in Poverty Education, Medical Care and Mentoring

LogoAs Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Slum2School Africa is a volunteer driven developmental organization founded in 2012 and operating in Nigeria. Their vision is to transform society by empowering disadvantaged children in slums by providing educational scholarships, healthcare and mentoring to give these impoverished children every opportunity to grow smarter, healthier and wiser as they grow up and enter adult life fully equipped to make valuable contributions to society.

Limited Spaces Available in Carolyne Barry's Musical Theatre Class

Musical theatre has recently exploded in popularity, thanks in part to smash Broadway hits, as well as monster films and TV shows like “Pitch Perfect” and “Glee”, respectively. That’s why students are lining up for Carolyne Barry’s new musical theatre class, a comprehensive eight-week workshop that will focus on the necessary elements for actors/singers auditioning for musicals.

Vivi Offers Trustworthy and Reliable Mandarin Interpreters

Vivi recently announced the availability of their interpretation services to those who need to enhance their communication with their Chinese business partners and their Chinese customers.

Phoenix Now Offers Leadership Development Training Courses for Managers to Develop Better Managing Skills

With zeal to help clients to develop their management skills, Phoenix now offers leadership development training courses to help organizations to develop better managers. With Phoenix, one will get comprehensive management development training courses that are intended to achieve positive results. They understand that the responsibility of managers is just not to manage immediate tasks; rather managers have to play a bigger role.Keeping this in mind, Phoenix has developed leadership training courses that help managers to develop skills that are required for vision and purpose for a higher level of commitment within their team.

Taekwondo Training Goes Online for Busy People

LogoA Taekwondo practitioner is a dedicated person who is sensitive to certain influences that are in human behaviors. Tae Kwon Do operates under the Tenets of Courtesy, Modesty, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit. This practice is not new to modern history and Tae Kwon-do's values have been the key component for thousands of years.

CalPac Virtual Charter Schools & the Academy of Arts and Sciences Join Forces

LogoThe California Pacific Charter School's tuition-free service now reaches out to more than 34 counties across California. The online charter school offers personalized education through an interactive platform to all students. The merger now allows CalPac to reach more students and provide them with a flexible and accredited middle/high school program.

Matthew J. Malinowski Announces New Position as Business Manager and Board Secretary for Upper Mooreland School District

Matthew Malinowski has announced the conclusion of his service to the School District of Cheltenham Township. After over four years of completing collaborative budget processes, improved bond ratings, successful union negotiations and strategic financial management, Malinowski moves to a new endeavor as the Business Manager/Board Secretary of the Upper Moreland School District.

St Martha's Renowned Independent Girl's School in London Offers Enriching Academic Life for International Students

Upholding its inclusive educational policies and appreciating diversity in the school’s atmosphere, St Martha’s renowned independent girl’s school in London ensures an enriching academic life for international students and offers GCSE level, pre A-Level and A-Level courses. Here, they have students from different parts of the world who participate in all the school activities school whether curricular or extra-curricular and also enjoy the best in-class facilities.

Trans Local Announces to Offer an Instant Quote for All Types of Chinese Translations

With the growing Chinese influence in the international trade, businesses across the world are showing more interest in Chinese products. With a robust manufacturing sector, China has emerged as a favorite destination to procure products in bulk for the worldwide business entities. However, Chinese language often comes as a barrier for English speaking business owners and managers. Moreover, Chinese companies often have their product catalogues, product manuals etc are in Chinese language only.