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IBIS to Announce CPD Certified PACS Training in Dubai

About the Seminar: IBIS Edu (formerly ICT for Health), the training wing of IBIS Technologies, LLC is organizing its 9th PACS training seminar and workshop in the Middle East. Course is delivered by Certified Trainers from UK who carry over 25 years of experience in PACS related training and consulting.

"America Makes" Foundation Sponsors Scholarships for Millennials Benefitting the Future of Manufacturing in the United States

In the past few years the United States has seen massive momentum behind the American Manufacturing Movement. "Made in America" and "U.S.-made" are written everywhere on products, shelves, and advertisements, and companies are spending billions of dollars to bring their production stateside. Unfortunately, there is a problem facing the future of manufacturing in the states. The number of Millennials willing and able to fill these positions is smaller than the number of Baby Boomers about to retire.

Academic Thought Leader Dr. Rich McGrath Advanced Best Practices Via Twitter

Sign up for Twitter to follow Dr. Rich McGrath @drrichmcgrath. Insights, news, and best-practices can be followed daily. Dr. McGrath insists that too many in academia simply need to know what new data, strategies and approaches are being developed, tested, and assessed as efficacious for education. Tweeting about these data allows everyone to quickly monitor these research findings.

TCG Presents Free Educational Seminar in Jacksonville for Condominium Board Member Certification

The Continental Group (TCG), a FirstService Residential Management company, is hosting an educational seminar for condominium board member certification. Registration will start at 6:00 p.m. and the course will begin at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 27th at the University of North Florida (UNF) University Center located at 12000 Alumni Drive, Jacksonville, Fla. This seminar is part of the statewide Continental Certified Educational Program Series and is open to any condominium board member who wishes to attend.

Quantum Units Continuing Education Announces New CEU Course Offerings

LogoQuantum Units Education has been providing CEUs (continuing education) for Nurses, Therapists, Social Workers, Counselors and other licensed professionals since 2005. Over the years, the name Quantum Units Education has become synonymous with quality, affordable continuing education. The company gives prompt attention to customer concerns and adds new courses monthly.

Dr. Rich McGrath Advocates Principals Use Progress Monitoring Systems

Dr. Rich McGrath, leading expert in education, advocates that principals use progress monitoring systems.

Latest Educational iPad App Proves Learning Nouns Doesn’t Have to Be a Drag. Just Drag & Tag!

Hand a child an iPad and they’ll smile. Ask a child to learn nouns and they’ll complain. However, asking a child to use an iPad to learn nouns with Drag & Tag turns a mundane task into a fun challenge.

Getting Through Finger Pain During the Initial Guitar Lessons Is Very Critical According to London Guitar Institute

London Guitar Institute, the institute that offers Guitar Courses London, says that studying the through guided guitar lessons can either make or break one’s dream relatively quickly. While quite a few instruments well are hard to learn, few actually pose exactly the same range of difficulties like the guitar. Guitar lessons for beginners can be fun and exciting, but nonetheless they could also turn one off from music altogether.

Eton Institute Offers Crèche and Day Care Facilities to Its Students and Staff

Eton Institute becomes the first to offer crèche and day care facilities to its students and staff who have children below 4 years.

Nidhi Infotech Schedule for SAP Training in Bangalore Announced

Nidhi Infotech, an SAP training center in Bangalore, announced the March schedule for SAP training in Bangalore. Registrations received by February 18th, 2012 will receive a discount on the tuition.

IAPAM Reports That Botox Training Remains Popular

The IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposiums train physicians on how to safely, profitably and successfully add botox, hCG for weight loss, and other aesthetic modalities (lasers for skin rejuvenation, medical microdermabrasion and medical-grade chemical peels) to an existing medical practice. The IAPAM helps physicians enter this lucrative market by offering the industry’s best botox training and hCG training. To date, all of the 2011 and the January 2012 Aesthetic Medicine Symposium events have sold out.

2011 Statistics Confirm That Botox Training Helps Physicians Capture Industry's 5% Growth

The IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium offers the most comprehensive medical spa training, including: hands on, live demonstration and didactic instruction in all 5 of the top non-invasive procedures and offers unparalleled business support to physicians as they build successful aesthetic medical practices and capture the reported 5% growth in the minimally-invasive market in 2011.

Dr. Rich McGrath Asserts Leading Principals are Required for Academic Excellence

Dr. Rich McGrath is an expert in all phases of education, particularly versed in school-wide reform of inner city schools; with experience leading a school of students with over 90% poverty and over 60% English Language Learners.

Principals Must Lead Differentiate Teaching According to Academic Leader Dr. Rich McGrath

Dr. Rich McGrath is an expert in all phases of education, particularly versed in school-wide reform of inner city schools; with experience leading a school of students with over 90% poverty and over 60% English Language Learners. McGrath insists, “No two children are the same and responsive and differentiated teaching is essential. Classroom teachers must have the tools to offer responsive and differentiated teaching through with a specially trained teacher.”

Kids Make a Difference While Gaining Higher Scores With GIFT SAT Study-A-Thons

Twenty-two 16-year-old Harlem students, dressed in their blue and white school uniforms, peer out the window of their classroom to see a squash game in progress. They’re focused not just on seeing who will become the winner of today’s squash match. They have a much more serious goal in mind. These students are intent on mastering the game of getting into college. This unique study session is actually a new fundraising event called the GIFT SAT Study-A-Thon, sponsored by the nonprofit Graph It Forward Today (GIFT). GIFT launched its new program last week at Street Squash, a Harlem-based enrichment program/center. By hosting an event that combines the game of squash with academics, Street Squash and Graph It Forward Today have teamed up to help prepare students for the SAT exams in March, May and June. The GIFT SAT Study-A-Thon at Street Squash kicked off what will become a nationwide effort to take place in schools and communities throughout the country starting now thru June. The program is designed to motivate students to raise money for graphing calculators, which retail for about $100 and may be out-of-budget for low income students. On the SAT, graphing calculators are used to increase speed and accuracy, and they help the student with higher level math computations.

JD Media Surge, LLC Acquires

JD Media Surge, LLC has acquired a new website, The website is designed to be a tool for college students to refer to when they are in need of help with college essay examples, college essay ideas and college essay tips. The new addition to the collection of websites that JD Media Surge, LLC already owns and manages can expect some improvements, additions and other changes for the better in its future.

JD Media Surge’s Website Is a Trusted Resource for College Students

College students have always had a constant flow of work to do, new ideas to come up with and they have always been required to then develop those ideas into full fledged projects. The task of coming up with these ideas can be overwhelming and exhausting for some college students due to how often they are expected to generate work. can help overworked students cope with the feeling of being burnt out and completely out of new ideas by giving them a resource that they can rely on.

Banks Placement Bonanza for IFIM Business School

Placement season at IFIM Business School started off with a bang. When most of the other business schools are struggling with placements due to the prevailing tough business environment, students of IFIM Business School are comfortably picking up their career opportunities in some of the leading and eminent banks of the country. IFIM Business School has placed more than 30% of the batch in leading banks such as IDBI, UCO, Federal banks and the institute has lined up more such banks that are keen to pick their students. These banks are picking up students as Class I officers and are offering packages of around 6.00 lacs Per Annum (CTC).

Mercury Solutions Limited’s Fresh Training Batches on Oracle 11g DBA Starting from 20th February 2012

To expand company’s initiative of providing world-class Oracle training program, the five-day Oracle 11g DBA - Workshop I training and Oracle 11g DBA - Workshop II training class is again offered this month.

IIPM Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri on Between the Indian Customs Department and the Chinese "Kidnapping" Traders, It's the Indian Businessman Who Is Getting Sandwiched

The recent case of Indian traders being kidnapped in China has opened up a can of worms. Apart from the case revealing weaknesses in the Chinese judiciary (as I had highlighted in an editorial a few weeks back), it has also brought out in the open something that traders from India (and other countries) were facing for a long time but not speaking about openly. The big trade that happens between India and China is through the scores of wholesalers operating out of wholesale markets in India like the Sadar Bazaar in Delhi. These are not the big guys who prefer getting into litigation that easily; they also aren’t amongst those who operate with lawyers and bigger paraphernalia. These are smaller traders, though huge in numbers, who go to Chinese towns like Yiwu in particular and pick one or two containers of goods worth Rs. 30 lakh to a crore once every quarter. And they now fear entering China. The question is why? Can one incident of kidnapping shake up an entire community of traders, especially when China is such a good bargain for them? Or was this not that stray an incident after all? Really Does Offer Fast Cash for Books!

If your wallet took a beating during the holidays, there is a great way to earn some easy cash quickly and it only takes a few minutes by going online. ( is one of the fastest-growing nationwide online book buyback companies who will buy back those used textbooks, best selling fiction and non-fiction books, audio books as well as many others and provide their customers with cold hard cash almost immediately.

IIPM Think Tank Prasoon S Majumdar on 'The Election Bazaar'

India’s tryst with democracy might remain a tryst only. Not only the three pillars of democracy stand abused but even the fundamental setup of democracy is being tweaked as per convenience. There has been no year when elections in India have been fair, thus elevating a party to power who is most of the time not the first-choice of the masses. Launches Educational Missouri Loan Process Resource

LogoMany consumers have turned to cash advances in order to solve their financial needs. As the industry continues to grow in states throughout the nation, is pleased to announce the creation of the Missouri Loan Process page. This free resource allows consumers to better engage in responsible borrowing habits.

Ice Breaking Activities – A Perfect Business Training Game

Team Building, Team Development and all the Corporate Retreats their team by educational and exercises in terms of training games and team building activities. Ice breakers are one of the effective events for any kind of team building activity.

50 IAVA Member Veterans Receive Scholarships from Veritas Prep to Help Prepare Competitive Applications to a Wide Variety of Graduate Degree Programs

Veritas Prep, a leading GMAT prep and graduate school admissions consulting firm, in partnership with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the country's first and largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, announced today that it has awarded American Heroes Scholarships to 50 IAVA Member Veterans. These test preparation and admissions consulting scholarships will allow U.S. Military Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan to pursue a wide variety of interests including business, environmental science, history, law, medicine, museum studies, nutrition, psychology and public administration.

Blended Learning As Future of Education

Much like everything else that worries the enhancement of world and development of lifestyle and understanding, the area of education has certainly seen several advancements and improvements with regards to how to better train a student, make better the deliverance of the correct knowledge, and assist in better conception and understanding of knowledge application. There have been many attempts into new methods like the digital learning and online learning and incorporation of these new techniques with the traditional techniques in order to come up with a better way to enlighten the education of the students. Various research and tests have been done in different educational institutes around the world on these new techniques, which is now known among all the people as "blended learning".

A Classroom With Difference: A Whole New World of Learning

The article talks about flipped classroom, flipped model, flipped learning model. It is of help for those who want to learn about what is elearning, online learning, and flipped learning, etc all about.