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Slum2School Africa Seeks $55,500 via Crowdfunding to Give Children in Poverty Education, Medical Care and Mentoring

As Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Slum2School Africa is a volunteer driven developmental organization founded in 2012 and operating in Nigeria. Their vision is to transform society by empowering disadvantaged children in slums by providing educational scholarships, healthcare and mentoring to give these impoverished children every opportunity to grow smarter, healthier and wiser as they grow up and enter adult life fully equipped to make valuable contributions to society.

Distance Learning Provider in Australia Openly Talks About Latest Educational News

There are many people who are willing to invest in education. These include parents, employees, undergraduates, and pretty much every person who wants to gain access to better job opportunities or make their resumes a whole lot more impressive. That is why this sector alone continues to make it to the headlines when certain changes take place. And now, an educational entity in Australia makes some strong statements concerning some of the latest events in the field of education.

New Zealand Study Consultants Delhi,Study in New Zealand,Study Abroad New Zealand,New Zealand Study Visa

Espire Education Pvt. Ltd. works hard and offers its services to all students, who have dream to study in Zealand. You always get a right solution by our Consultants easily and the most benefit is to choose right university. The advantages of the education system in New Zealand to international students can not be overemphasized, its a system that offers an attractive and stimulating academic environment. We are providing the best solution and facilities to the students.

IAPAM's NEW March Date for hCG Training March 2, 2012

The reviews from physicians for all of the IAPAM’s 2011 series of hCG training seminars have been published ( Physicians testify that the IAPAM’s hCG Training is an “excellent and methodical review of the hCG program. The IAPAM’s hCG Training offers, “practical and medically sound information [and physician and patient resources] for establishing a successful hCG practice,” including “great ‘starting a practice’ advice.” The IAPAM’s hCG Training, “gives one no hesitation [in adding] the IAPAM’s hCG program,” to an existing medical practice. Join the IAPAM for its next Physician hCG Training session in Scottsdale, Arizona on March 2, 2012. Unveils Detailed Indiana Loan Process Resource is proud to present the new Indiana Loan Process page. Cash advances have continually grown in popularity because of their ability to help consumers solve their financial problems. However, like other growing industries, scam artists have successfully taken advantage of those in distress and looking for a payday loan. With the loan process page, consumers can learn exactly what to expect when taking out a payday loan in Indiana.

Free Generic MLM Training for Network Marketers Finally Available at is going to be a game changer for the average networker”, said Mike Beal Co-founder of

Masters In Health Administration Guides Helps Students Discover and Research Top Programs

Today Masters In Health Administration (MHA) Guides announced that their comprehensive resources for health administration programs, online classes, scholarships, news and much more are continuing to provide prospective students with the most reliable and in-depth source of information on the web.

‘Executive MBA Programs’ Advises Busy Professionals on the Best EMBA Programs in the Country

There are many reasons that business people may wish to consider getting an executive MBA degree, also known as an EMBA.

‘Communication Degree Guides’ Helps People Reach Their Goals by Offering Info About Degree Programs

The field of communications is an exciting one, filled with a variety of interesting and typically stable career choices. From foreign affairs specialists to public relations and much more, many people would like to get a job in this arena. Launches Informative Loan Process Resource is pleased to announce the debut of the Illinois Loan Process page. Cash advances help consumers get out of their financial troubles and have increasingly become popular over the years. However, scam artists have developed ways to take advantage of those in distress and seeking a payday loan. The single best way to keep consumers safe is by educating them about their rights and the details of the loan process. By informing consumers with our free resources like the Illinois Loan Process page, is ensuring the most secure lending environment online.

GoingOn & Emory Announce Free Webinar on the Emerging Role of Social Academic Networks in Higher Education

Webinar Will Discuss How Emory University is Utilizing Social Technologies to Enrich Communications and Build a More Engaged Campus

William Peace University Unveils Upcoming Campus Improvements

Four-Year Baccalaureate University To Renovate Hermann Athletic Center, Expand Space In Student Center, Relocate Bookstore And President’s House

Acupuncturists Can Now Get Continuing Education and Licensing Training from ProD Seminars

Acupuncturists and Chinese medicine professionals now have the option of enrolling in live webinars and online courses at a newly upgraded website ProD Seminars ( The online acupuncture resource makes it easier to obtain acupuncture training and acupuncture continuing education for licensing as well as additional knowledge.

Learn Romanian, the Language of Vampires, for Free at Eton Institute This February

As part of its ‘new’ extended Eton Institute-Plus weekend programme, the UAE’s most innovative language school is offering a free Romanian beginners course starting in February

Daniel R. Tilly Joins Faculty of Campbell Law School

The Campbell University Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law has announced that Daniel R. Tilly has joined the Campbell Law faculty as the director of advocacy programs and an assistant professor of law. He will be teaching courses in trial advocacy, focusing on the application of evidence and procedure in the courtroom.

Men in Silicon Valley “Walk a Mile” to Raise Sexual Assault Awareness

LogoThe YWCA Silicon Valley will host its 10th Annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® on Wednesday, April 18,2012. This year’s Walk a Mile event is led by event co-chairs Larry Stone, (County Assessor of Santa Clara County) Jeff Rosen, (District Attorney of Santa Clara County), Chris Moore (City of San José Police Chief), William McDonald (City of San Josè Fire Chief), and Pete Decena (San Josè State University Police Chief). Community leaders, businessmen, students and residents will walk one mile in women’s high heeled shoes through Downtown San José to bring awareness and raise funds for sexual assault services provided by the YWCA Rape Crisis Center.

‘CNA Training Class’ Helps Aspiring Certified Nursing Assistants Reach Their Career Goals

As the economy continues to struggle, many people who have had their hours cut at work or who have been laid off are considering a new career.

New Study Shows Obtaining an MBA Pays off – ‘Online MBA Guides’ Helps Students Pick the Top Program

According to the latest 2012 Alumni Perspectives Survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), MBA graduates from 2000-2011 typically recouped one-third of their financial investment in their graduate degree within the first year after graduation and 100 percent four years after graduation. Even more encouraging, 10 years after graduation alumni nearly doubled their return on investment.

‘Online MBA Guides’ Helps Busy Entrepreneurs Achieve Even More Career Success

According to statistics, there are currently more successful entrepreneurs than there have been at any time over the past 14 years. Entrepreneurs tend to be self-starting and highly-motivated people, which is why they are often quite adept at getting their business ideas off the ground and operating successfully.

‘Masters in Health Administration Guides’ Preps People for the Business Side of the Medical Field

To most people, hospitals are strictly viewed as places that provide medical care, rather than as actual businesses. But with hundreds of employees and an intricate scheme of services and departments, all hospitals require a hierarchy of leadership to help regulate everyday affairs on operation and the effectiveness of the facility. Introduces New Loan Process Page for Idaho announces the rollout of its improved consumer lending site, featuring a special Loan Process page built specifically for Idaho consumers. The new page clearly spells out the benefits of a payday loan, namely: no credit check or fee to apply, along with the ability to get cash direct-deposited into the borrower’s bank account within 24 hours.

Topper Introduces Solved Question Papers and Solutions to NCERT Books

India’s number one education portal, Topper, has introduced solved question papers and detailed solutions to NCERT books ahead of the exam season this December. This introduction is designed to best prepare students for their CBSE papers ahead of the exam season. Launches Updated Site for Hawaii announces the launch of the company’s newly updated consumer lending site, featuring a new Loan Process page with special information for Hawaii consumers.

It's Test Prep Time: "SAT Angels" Donate Supplies and Study to High School Students

Graph It Forward Today “Closes Gap” for Low Income High School Students, Ensures That All Students Have Essential Supplies & Services Explores the Life of the Everyday Heroes Who Are Firefighters

It is now wonder that a lot of people are attracted by the firefighter profession. If being a firefighter is cool to a kid, then the thought is mutual to some individuals especially aspiring firefighters. Firefighters probably have the coolest job in the world. They maneuver through the city at super high speeds and they climbed ladders to sickening heights to rescue people from burning buildings and even terrified cats stuck in the tree.

IAPAM Announces NEW hCG Training Resource: IAPAM's hCG Q & A e_Book

Today, the IAPAM announced the completion of a new hCG Ask the Experts Questions and Answers e_book, containing over 100 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from physicians administering the IAPAM’s Exclusive hCG Protocol. The IAPAM’s NEW hCG Ask the Experts FAQ e_book is available to all IAPAM members who have completed the IAPAM’s respected Physician hCG Training program.

Cheap Textbooks Easiest Way to Save at College With Help from

College students can now save money on their college textbooks at an easy-to-find website, The website makes it easy to find cheap textbooks with its price comparison search tool and list of college textbook vendors. According to spokesman Steven Kennedy, students should be able to save significant money on their university textbooks.