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Effects of Acepromazine Maleate on Platelet Function


Hialeah Gardens, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/13/2014 -- Acepromazine is a sedative that has anti-nausea properties that works by reducing stimuli to the central nervous system (spinal cord and brain). It is given to animals in combination with pain relievers before general anesthesia for surgery and dental work. It is usually prescribed to dogs that experience anxiety due to thunderstorms and other loud noises. It can also be used to reduce the stress of long trips and visits to the veterinarian.

It should be given 45 to one hour prior to the anxiety-inducing event and can last anywhere from six to eight hours. Acepromazine acts like an antihistamine but is not used to treat allergies because of the significant sedation it causes.

Because it targets the central nervous system, the heart rate and breathing will slow down. The blood pressure also decreases, which can be dangerous if it gets too low and is most often seen in Boxers. Dogs can be allergic to the drug and those with epilepsy may have worse seizures after taking the drug. It is also important to remember that sedation does not mean pain relief. This drug is only given to animals and can only be prescribed by a veterinarian.

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