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Can Snoring Damage a Healthy Relationship? Taking a Deeper Look

101 Sleep Solutions takes a deeper look


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/28/2014 -- Doctor’s advise losing excess weight for those who snore; but “excess weight” does not mean getting rid of your partner.

On any day, you can Google “snoring and divorce” and get tons of articles stating that snoring is the 3rd highest reason for divorce in the U.S. and Europe. What none of the articles provide are the details about the collapse of the marriage and what state it was in when snoring became the main issue.

“Anyone that has been in a relationship with someone whose snoring disturbs their sleep knows that it does have an effect on that partnership.” Steven Sanders said as he explained his curiosity about the issue. “The question that I wanted to explore, however, was whether a healthy relationship could be damaged by snoring or if only relationships that were already in trouble were snapped apart with snoring as the excuse.”

Since 101 Sleep Solutions strives to present the most reliable and authoritative sources for information about snoring, Sanders decided to use Psychology Today and UK Health Centre articles in determining the effects of snoring on documented healthy relationships.

Dr. Guy Winch published an article in Psychology Today where he tagged snoring as provoking “the worst complaining learned helplessness” – something the rest of us would call a victimization complaint. He goes on to state that in his couple counseling, partners openly admit that they have problems in their sex life but vigorously avoid mentioning that their partner’s snoring sends them to the couch or spare bedroom. He concludes that this temporary solution often ends up as a permanent way of existing which ultimately results - not surprisingly - in a poor sex life.

“It was really Dr. Winch’s article that convinced me that snoring may be the underlying reason that a really healthy relationship can go wrong.” Sanders said. “His analysis made it apparent that the effects of snoring in a relationship was similar to Chinese water torture and that the constant drip-drip-drip erodes even the strongest partnerships. This is what made me resolute to find a quality anti-snoring mouthpiece for my friends and website visitors.”

UK Health Centre pointed out that “snoring is a delicate and sometimes embarrassing subject” mainly because it is a physical irregularity instead of a personal choice. It is known that smoking, diabetes, obesity and alcohol contribute to the problem but there is no evidence yet that these are the source of the problem for most people. Controlling these factors is not always possible and may still not significantly change the level of snoring experienced.

One of the benefits of a top anti-snoring mouthpiece is that it reduces snoring and makes the partner who is experiencing second-hand effects feel that their partner is trying to solve the problem. It is important to approach the subject of snoring in a respectful, knowledgeable way and that both people are willing to try various methods to reduce snoring.

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