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Election 2014: The Time to Demand Energy Efficient Solar Street Lights

With the increase in the number of power cuts and the rise in electricity bills, it is time that we step forward to reduce the governments expenditure. We can thus put forth some economical and eco friendly demands during this election 2014.


Maharashtra, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2014 -- The Lok Sabha Elections 2014 will soon begin and will be held in 9 phases between the 7th of April, 2014 and 12th May, 2014. Various politicians are now preparing their campaign strategies for the same. It is during these campaigns that they come forward, making promises to fulfil major public demands for the betterment of the society. Has anyone realized where do they get the income to do so? The taxes that the citizens have paid, are later utilized to implement further improvements and advancements in society. Thus, it is the sole responsibility of the citizen to make sure that this hard earned money that is paid as tax is being utilized in a proper way. With all the buzz about corruption, it does not end by selecting the right candidate and depending on him to complete his promises. It is the duty of each individual to remind the leaders about the promises once made.

Talking about the utilization of taxes, one can demand ways in which his area can get the best available facilities by spending less. If all corporations take this responsibility within their allotted areas, it will thus help the city, the state and also the country to save on a lot of revenue. Let us consider the street lights being one of the necessities that are most needed and are usually promised at such times. Street lights do not only include the installation costs, but also the further electricity bills that have to be paid by the government, i.e. indirectly from the citizens pockets. There are many places that have come up with an idea of saving the amount spent on these lights as well as the energy that gets used up.

The solution to save on the expenditure and the energy, is to use energy efficient solar street lights. These lights are said to be energy efficient as they do not require any additional energy supply. They absorb the solar energy from the sunlight during the day and this is later converted and given out as light in the evenings. Apart from the efficiency and savings that these lights promote, they are also safe and reliable to be used as they are usually low voltage appliances and may not cause much harm. These lights have a longer life than the other commonly used incandescent and fluorescent lights.

RB Electronics, a leading manufacturer of Solar Lights in Pune has come forward to put forth the advantages of using these solar lights. Using these lights within homes will be beneficial for an individual, using them in the society and on the streets will prove to be beneficial for the city, then the state and finally the entire country. Why not take the advantage of this election period and ask the politicians to fulfil better demands this time? It is the time people can now come forward with demands that will help create a power saving, environmentally friendly country.

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