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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes?


Tucson, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2012 -- Electronic Cigarette Health Risks (, has released a review of best electronic cigarettes that seeks to tackle the topic of the safety of E-cigs. This is a topic that continues to generate heated debate in the smoking industry as various players come forward to put across their views on the safety of electronic cigarettes.

On an article found on, the creators of the E-Cig review website say the information they have published on the website is basically taken from leading publications that have focused on electronic cigarettes and whether they are safe for human consumption or not. They equally acknowledge that they have added their personal comments following suggestions from their readers that they also needed to comment on the subject and somehow give a direction as to what they think of the safety of electronic cigarettes. On another article named Best Electronic Cigarette Brands – Recommended Vapor Cigarettes, they go on to list the 'safer' brands of electric cigarettes that have actually undergone laboratory testing before they are introduced to the market.

Some of the views included in the publication include those of leading medical doctors who have taken interest in the whole subject of electric cigarettes. Others include renowned professors from leading universities as well as information that has already been published in leading scientific and medical journals-all targeting electric cigarettes.

One strong point that comes out of the e-cig review is the aspect of what the bone of contention really is. The webmasters say that considering the several excerpts published on the website, which have been lifted directly from the sources where they were initially published, the big question should be whether E-Cigs are safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes. They say this is the question everyone should be asking because it will help determine the better option between the two categories of cigarettes.

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