Electronics Market for Thin & Ultrathin Films Materials

ReportsnReports adds new industry research - Global Markets, Technologies and Materials for Thin and Ultrathin Films with a Focus on Electronics.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/23/2012 -- Electronics represents the largest field of application for thin film materials. With estimated global sales of nearly $4.9 billion in 2011, the electronics sector accounts for 52.5% of the total market for thin film materials. Demand for thin film materials within this sector has grown at a healthy CAGR of 12.9% since 2009.

The largest segments of the electronics market are currently represented by integrated circuits (57.6% of the total market), interconnecting components (including printed circuits, which account for a 14.5% of the total) and optical and magnetic data storage media (16.8%).

This study provides an updated review of thin film technologies, including materials and production processes, and it identifies current and emerging applications for these technologies.

This research determines the current market status for thin film materials, defines trends and presents forecasts of growth over the next five years. The thin film material industry is also analyzed on a worldwide basis from the standpoint of both manufacturing and consumption. In addition, technological issues, including the latest process developments and events, are discussed.

More specifically, the market analysis is divided into six main parts. In the first part, a historical review of thin film technology is provided, including an outline of recent events. The report also supplies a description of current and emerging applications for thin and ultrathin films.

The second part of the study provides a technological review of thin film deposition processes, free-standing thin films and materials used to manufacture thin and ultrathin films. Each of the three sections concludes with an analysis of the most important technological developments and improvements since 2009, including examples of significant patents recently issued or applied for. This part of the study also offers a brief discussion of the most relevant technological trends related to the materials used for thin film deposition.

The third part of the report entails a global market analysis of materials for thin and ultrathin films. Global revenues (sales data in millions of dollars) are presented by application, deposition technology, film thickness and region, with actual data referring to the years 2009 and 2010, and estimates for 2011.

This section concludes with a presentation of market growth trends, based on industry growth, technological trends and regional trends. Projected revenues are reported, with forecast compound annual growth rates (CAGR) for the period 2011 through 2016.

Next, six optional sections are offered. These sections provide a more focused discussion of the thin film materials market for the six main sectors in which thin films are typically applied (specifically: electronics, optoelectronics, mechanical/chemical, energy, optical coatings and life sciences and others). In these optional sections, additional details by sector on current market conditions and key trends and developments are provided, in addition to market growth projections for each sector.

In the next part of the study that covers global industry structure, the report offers a list of the leading manufacturers of thin film materials, together with a description of their products. The analysis includes a description of the geographical distribution of these suppliers and an evaluation of thin film material production versus consumption, always from a geographical standpoint. Detailed company profiles of the top industry players are also provided.

The final part of the report includes an extensive U.S. patent analysis, with a summary of patents related to thin film materials, deposition methods and applications issued in 2011. Patent analysis is performed by region, country, assignee, patent category and deposition process.

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