Electronics Press Releases

Everlert, Inc. Declares Inaugural Preferred Stock Dividend

Everlert, Inc. (the "Company") (OTC:EVLI), announced today that its Board of Directors approved a resolution to issue to shareholders of record on November 3rd, a ten percent (10%) dividend from a newly designated class of Preferred Stock, Series E (the “Preferred Stock”). It is intended that the dividend will be issued to shareholders of record as of November 3, 2014.

SIGNiX Appoints Leonora Zilkha Williamson as Vice President of Partner Development

SIGNiX, a company that provides secure and simple digital signature services is proud to announce the hiring of their new Vice President of Partner Development, Leonora Zilkha Williamson. Williamson will work to identify and target potential partners in a variety of industries.

South-London-Electricians Offering Professional Electrical Inspection and Testing in UK

South-London-Electricians, one of the most reliable UK electricians, is offering its clients with the professional and genuine electrical inspection and testing services. The company offers qualified electricians that are highly skilled and possess a vast knowledge of all practical aspects of electrical works.

National Ozone Association Announces the Development of Standards for Ozone Generators

The National Ozone Association has announced a set of protocols for to approve ozone generator used to treat odors, sanitize surfaces, and kill mold. Ozone is being rediscovered as a non-chemical solution that uses only oxygen to do an extraordinary job of odor removal and sanitizing.

Leawo Software Launches Blu-Ray Player Beta Testing Publicly to Touch Up People's Multimedia Life

The long-expected masterpiece – Leawo Blu-ray Player Beta finally makes its testing debut publicly and starts to be evaluated, commented and shared by billions of people all over the world. People have been eagerly looking forward to such kind of effective Blu-ray media player software for a long time, and current market can hardly supply such kind of an all-inclusive media player combo to seamlessly play back Blu-ray/DVD disc, common videos and up to 1080P HD videos even on most advanced Windows 8 OS. After a longtime expert discussing, market analysis and software design, Leawo successfully rolls out its Blu-ray Player Beta public testing, the aim now is to bring second-to-none Blu-ray/DVD media player software to greatly enhance people's multimedia entertainment.

Schedule Announced for Electronic Cigarette Industry Update Presented by SFATA

LogoThe Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), an electronic cigarette industry trade organization, will be hosting an industry update on April 23 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. The event is designed to assist electronic cigarette community members and business leaders in understanding more of the regulatory and legislative landscape set out ahead of the industry.

Magnalight.com by Larson Electronics Introduces a New Explosion Proof Light with Adjustable Tank Nozzle Mount

Larson Electronics, located in Kemp, Texas, has introduced a new explosion proof LED light for use in tank cleaning applications. The unique features of the product launched by Magnalight.com include an adjustable tank nozzle mount for their explosion proof LED lights and portable hazardous location lighting.

Food and Drug Regulatory Expert to Present at Electronic Cigarette Industry Update

LogoThe Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), an electronic cigarette industry trade organization, has announced that food and drug regulatory expert Todd Harrison, Esq. will present at the industry update planned for April 23 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Harrison is a partner at Venable LLP – a law firm which has extensive involvement in electronic cigarette industry litigation, regulation, and compliance.

Electronic Cigarette Industry Update to Include Presentation from Former Ruyan Employee

LogoThe Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), an electronic cigarette industry trade organization, has announced that industry insider William Bartowski will present at the industry update planned for April 23 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Bartowski oversaw the landmark Ruyan U.S. patent submission which covers a significant portion of electronic cigarette technology on the market today.

Presentation at Electronic Cigarette Industry Update Highlights Manufacturing Practices

LogoThe Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), an electronic cigarette industry trade organization, has announced the first of 3 presenters at its industry update planned for April 23 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Serial entrepreneur Anthony Miranda will be presenting on good manufacturing practice as it applies to the industry.

24-7 CCTV Launches a Range of CCTV Services

UK residents can’t walk far without being spotted on closed circuit television cameras. Nearly all major businesses have some sort of security cameras set up. And businesses that don’t use CCTV systems are taking a substantial security risk.

Electronic Cigarette Industry Update to Be Presented April 23rd

LogoThe Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) will host a three-hour industry update at the Paris Hotel on April 23rd from 3:00PM to 6:00PM. The event will cover the state of the electronic cigarette (e-cig) industry as it has developed over the first quarter of 2013.

South-London-Electricians to Provide Expert Electrical Inspection and Testing

Clients can hire the best electricians in London, with the help of this company. The electricians associated with South-London-Electricians are masters and have the capability to rewire a house in the best possible manner. Although perhaps a generalisation; they are the best for electrical inspection and testing.

iPad Video Lessons Allow ANYONE to Master the iPad in Just 24 Hours!

For people that are new to the iPad it can all be a bit confusing. On one hand you have people “tapping” away using all of its features with ease and on the other you have people that would LIKE to use the iPad features but feel a bit silly asking how to use the device.

Simple Innovations Improve Delatech Gas Scrubber Operation and Efficiency

LogoFor Fab Managers and Facilities Engineers who have a Delatech gas abatement scrubber, periodic maintenance is often overlooked – until it the scrubber alarm goes off. Then, the time-consuming and costly task of troubleshooting the issue begins, not to mention potential downtime, abatement efficiency loss and environmental implications.

Axnew Display Technology Company Offers Great Sale

LogoHere is the Axnew Display Company with its best products to bring great comfort and entertainment to its clients while watching TVs or gaming. Axnew is famous in developing great screens in different models and monitors, to fit the requirements of different customers. One would find no other place, better than this, to get great and quality products. Axnew Display Company aims to reach the customers' desires, in having wide and easily operated displays.

Introducing USB Controlled AC Power Outlet

J-Works has start shipping the JSB2871 series of 8 Amp DPST relay modules controlled over the USB with a standard AC power outlet. The relays are rated at 8A @ 240VAC. Wire connection to the relay module are made with on-board screw type terminals then any standard AC line cord can be plugged into the outlet and controlled by USB commands. A replaceable fuse provides protection of the relay and AC line. Options for the relay board include AC detection of either the input AC or output AC, telling the user if power is available. An on-board led gives a visual indication of the relay state. The user communicates with the module from any programming or test language that supports USB communications as shown in provided sample applications. This small form factor low cost module replaces internal PC based plug-in cards in various test, control, monitor and measurement applications. Complete product specifications available at web site http://www.j-works.com/jsb2871.php. Single unit price for the Model JSB2871 starts at $87.50. Delivery is from stock.

L.E.D World Offers Long Lasting Lights with Two Years Manufacturing Warranty

L.E.D. World offers long lasting lights for beautiful lighting design in home as well as outside. Their lights come with two years manufacturing warranty and longer life span than most of the competitors. Their LED strip lights can be used for cabinet and display lighting, shelf lighting, decorative lighting, walk-in robe lighting. These strip lights come in cool white, red, green, blue, warm white colour temperatures with life span of 40,000 hours.

Electronic Cigarette Trade Organization SFATA Grows Membership

LogoA workshop aimed at educating members of the electronic cigarette industry and community about impending regulation was presented by the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) at the end of January. The workshop (E-Cig Summit 2013) was the first in a series designed to align and unify the electronic cigarette industry's efforts to advocate for fair and balanced regulations.

New Electronic Cigarette Store Opens in Blackburn Town Centre

LogoElectronic Cigarette giant Totally Wicked is has opens its brand new store location in Blackburn town centre today (Monday 11 February). The store will stock a wide range of high quality Electronic Cigarettes and related products. The store has employed five new staff members to work in-store.

Electronic Cigarette Industry Regulatory Efforts and Views Clarified

LogoAn open comment period was held by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration through January 16th to accept input on innovative products and treatments for tobacco dependence. The comment period included a public hearing in December.

SFATA Inaugural E-Cig Summit Sums Up Current State of E-Law with Help of Former FDA Chief Counsel, Ralph Tyler, Esq.

LogoThe Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) held its 2013 E-Cig Summit, Monday January 28, 2013 at The Oquendo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. In attendance were approximately 100 stakeholders from the personal electronic vaporizing unit (“PEVU”) segment of the market place, which included manufacturers, distributors and retail sellers of electronic cigarettes as well as representatives from The U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA (“FDA”). The purpose of the summit was to educate stakeholders on regulatory and legal issues facing the electronic cigarette industry.

Former Chief Counsel to the FDA Speaks at E-Cig Summit 2013

LogoE-Cig Summit 2013 is the first of an ongoing series of electronic cigarette industry workshops presented by the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). The event – held on the 28th of this month – will be at Oquendo Center in Las Vegas and is free to attend. The keynote speaker will be Ralph Tyler, former chief counsel for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Popularity of E-Cig Summit 2013 Forces Venue Change

LogoE-Cig Summit 2013 is the first of an ongoing series of electronic cigarette industry workshops presented by the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). Overwhelming interest in the workshop from many electronic cigarette industry stakeholders and community members has now forced a change in venue and schedule. The event – now held on the 28th of this month – will be at The Oquendo Center in Las Vegas.

SecurityCameras.net.au Affords Added Layers of Protection with Security Systems for Melbourne Residents

LogoIn a highly unsafe environment where burglars, thieves and peeping toms target just about any home or office in the neighbourhood, it can be difficult to simply rely on the protection afforded by the law. Paying no attention to such threats is almost like welcoming a crime that is waiting to happen. Thanks to technological advancements, home and business owners in Australia can now a heave a sigh of relief with the protection reinforcement that advanced security equipment can provide. Security systems are deemed to be great contributors to the improvement and efficiency of surveillance and crime solving missions.

Guest Speakers Announced for E-Cig Summit 2013 in Las Vegas

LogoThe Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) announced two guest speakers at the first of its ongoing electronic cigarette industry workshops, E-Cig Summit 2013. Prominent electronic cigarette advocate Bill Godshall and e-cig industry journalist Klaus Kneale will each be presenting at the workshop.

SFATA Reminds E-Cig Industry to Provide Comments to FDA Before Deadline

LogoThe Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) reminded its membership and the electronic cigarette industry at large that comments to the FDA regarding nicotine and smoking alternatives regulation must be made by January 16th. The open comment period follows a public hearing on December 17th that allowed private citizens, business owners, and representatives of various interests respond to proposed nicotine replacement therapy and smoking alternative regulations.