Electronics Press Releases

Intelligent Highway Solutions Announces Successful Test of Cannabis Lights and Additional Testing to Produce Greater Yields with New Prototype of Grow Light

Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. (IHSI) is pleased to announce a successful test of its 100 Watt cannabis lighting solution. The light operated with an approximate 80% reduction in energy consumption while running at a temperature of approximately 80 degrees (benefits are less operating cost and acceptable temperature emission, key variables in plant lighting goals). As a result of the successful test, Intelligent Highway is also testing a light, a "prototype," with three times the power (300 Watts) which will still result in significant energy savings as compared to the existing lighting solutions on the market while still operating at a temperature of approximately 80 degrees. IHS believes adding more lumens and photon density in the new light will produce large yields for Cannabis. The newly designed light should be installed and tested shortly.

SIGNiX Crowdfunding Partner Finds Success with New Electronic Signature Software

SIGNiX, the most trusted name in digital signatures, is pleased to announce their latest partner CommunityLeader has found success embedding electronic signature software to its Crowdfunding platform. CommunityLeader is the nation’s premier provider of funding portal platform software and services for the ever-growing online securities market.

L.E.D World Offers Long Lasting Lights with Two Years Manufacturing Warranty

L.E.D. World offers long lasting lights for beautiful lighting design in home as well as outside. Their lights come with two years manufacturing warranty and longer life span than most of the competitors. Their LED strip lights can be used for cabinet and display lighting, shelf lighting, decorative lighting, walk-in robe lighting. These strip lights come in cool white, red, green, blue, warm white colour temperatures with life span of 40,000 hours.

Electronic Cigarette Trade Organization SFATA Grows Membership

LogoA workshop aimed at educating members of the electronic cigarette industry and community about impending regulation was presented by the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) at the end of January. The workshop (E-Cig Summit 2013) was the first in a series designed to align and unify the electronic cigarette industry's efforts to advocate for fair and balanced regulations.

New Electronic Cigarette Store Opens in Blackburn Town Centre

LogoElectronic Cigarette giant Totally Wicked is has opens its brand new store location in Blackburn town centre today (Monday 11 February). The store will stock a wide range of high quality Electronic Cigarettes and related products. The store has employed five new staff members to work in-store.

Electronic Cigarette Industry Regulatory Efforts and Views Clarified

LogoAn open comment period was held by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration through January 16th to accept input on innovative products and treatments for tobacco dependence. The comment period included a public hearing in December.

SFATA Inaugural E-Cig Summit Sums Up Current State of E-Law with Help of Former FDA Chief Counsel, Ralph Tyler, Esq.

LogoThe Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) held its 2013 E-Cig Summit, Monday January 28, 2013 at The Oquendo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. In attendance were approximately 100 stakeholders from the personal electronic vaporizing unit (“PEVU”) segment of the market place, which included manufacturers, distributors and retail sellers of electronic cigarettes as well as representatives from The U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA (“FDA”). The purpose of the summit was to educate stakeholders on regulatory and legal issues facing the electronic cigarette industry.

Former Chief Counsel to the FDA Speaks at E-Cig Summit 2013

LogoE-Cig Summit 2013 is the first of an ongoing series of electronic cigarette industry workshops presented by the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). The event – held on the 28th of this month – will be at Oquendo Center in Las Vegas and is free to attend. The keynote speaker will be Ralph Tyler, former chief counsel for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Popularity of E-Cig Summit 2013 Forces Venue Change

LogoE-Cig Summit 2013 is the first of an ongoing series of electronic cigarette industry workshops presented by the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). Overwhelming interest in the workshop from many electronic cigarette industry stakeholders and community members has now forced a change in venue and schedule. The event – now held on the 28th of this month – will be at The Oquendo Center in Las Vegas.

SecurityCameras.net.au Affords Added Layers of Protection with Security Systems for Melbourne Residents

LogoIn a highly unsafe environment where burglars, thieves and peeping toms target just about any home or office in the neighbourhood, it can be difficult to simply rely on the protection afforded by the law. Paying no attention to such threats is almost like welcoming a crime that is waiting to happen. Thanks to technological advancements, home and business owners in Australia can now a heave a sigh of relief with the protection reinforcement that advanced security equipment can provide. Security systems are deemed to be great contributors to the improvement and efficiency of surveillance and crime solving missions.

Guest Speakers Announced for E-Cig Summit 2013 in Las Vegas

LogoThe Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) announced two guest speakers at the first of its ongoing electronic cigarette industry workshops, E-Cig Summit 2013. Prominent electronic cigarette advocate Bill Godshall and e-cig industry journalist Klaus Kneale will each be presenting at the workshop.

SFATA Reminds E-Cig Industry to Provide Comments to FDA Before Deadline

LogoThe Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) reminded its membership and the electronic cigarette industry at large that comments to the FDA regarding nicotine and smoking alternatives regulation must be made by January 16th. The open comment period follows a public hearing on December 17th that allowed private citizens, business owners, and representatives of various interests respond to proposed nicotine replacement therapy and smoking alternative regulations.

Semiconductors in the Patient Monitoring Systems Market to 2016 New Report

LogoSemiconductors in the Patient Monitoring Systems Market to 2016 - Growth Dependent on Increasing Microcontroller and Analog IC Usage in Neonatal and Remote Patient Monitors, provides key information and analysis on the market opportunities of semiconductors in patient monitoring systems. The report provides information on industry dynamics, key suppliers, and the sales revenue and sales volume of semiconductors in patient monitoring systems. The report also provides forecasts for semiconductors in patient monitoring systems based on product type, region and end-application until 2016. Market size forecasts until 2016 are provided for discrete semiconductors, ICs, sensors and optoelectronics. The application markets-fetal monitors, MEMs, neonatal monitors, multi-parameter patient monitoring, remote patient monitoring and blood pressure monitors for the semiconductors in patient monitoring systems are also discussed.

Las Vegas Hosts E-Cig Summit 2013 on January 28th and 29th

LogoThe Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) announced the first of its ongoing electronic cigarette industry colloquiums, E-Cig Summit 2013. The event will be at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas January 28th and 29th. It will be open to e-cig manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, as well as interested members of the e-cig community. Speakers at the event will discuss various pertinent industry topics and issues.

Eonsmoke Electric Cigarettes Launches Major New Year's Sale

LogoEonSmoke rechargeable electronic cigarettes provide an exceptional smoking experience with 15 robust flavors such as grape mint, cherry, wrangler, president, and menthol. In addition, each of our distinctive flavors is available in 5 different nicotine levels including zero nicotine to meet the needs of even the most discerning consumers. Our products have continuously excelled in the areas of vapor production, taste, reliability, and customer satisfaction when compared to other brands in the market.

Unisearch Associates Explains Differential Optic Absorption Spectrometry

DOAS or Differential Optic Absorption Spectrometry is the method that's used to establish levels of track gases. Its measurements are their thin band assimilation structures within the ultraviolet and tangible spectral area. Columns of trace-species derive from the measurements of electronic radiations in a particular spectral interval. DOAS has essentially become a universal methodology of measuring the concentrations of atmospheric trace gases.

Systems Application Engineering Hybrid Voice Guidance Solutions at ProMat 2013

Systems Application Engineering (SAE) has developed patented Hybrid Voice Guidance Solutions. These hybrid designs harnesses each technology: voice, text, barcode scanning, and wearable printing; they are ideal for retail, wholesale and food service picking operations. The advanced technology includes the industry's first application certified GS1 compliant for item-level product traceability and a U.S. Patented technology for scanning and printing case labels at time of pick. SAE products will be demonstrated at ProMat 2013, located at Booth 3979 during ProMat 2013, from January 21-24, at Chicago's McCormick Place. ProMat will provide manufacturers the latest solutions to move business forward showcasing the very best in award-winning manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain equipment.

Nikomed USA Announces New Products for the Holiday Season

Nikomed USA, the global leader of medical supplies and products, announces new products for the holiday season. During the holiday season, it is crucial to keep the latest medical products in stock and Nikomed carries the top materials and products on the market today. New medical materials being presented this season include ECG monitoring electrodes and grounding pads. Before beginning a brand new year, spend the final weeks of the 2012 holiday season purchasing these new Nikomed products.

Dayton Air Conditioning and Heating Saves Clients Money with Rebates and Tax Credits

Austin Energy offers residents many rebates and incentives for saving money on your heating and air conditioning bill. They offer energy rebates, and also rate incentives to residents who install "green" fixtures and appliances, or replace their old units with high efficiencsy units.

ResistorGuide.com Is Launched, the First of Its Kind Online Reference and Knowledge Base on Resistors

The launch of the Resistor Guide is announced, a comprehensive reference with information related to electrical resistors, along with other resistive components that includes varistors, thermistors, potentiometers and photoresistors. The site is the first of its kind that caters to a wide variety of individuals, from hobbyists to professional electrical engineers.

D'NME the Rise of a New Hip Hop Star

Rock the Bells Hip Hop Fans! Unto us a new star is born this Christmas. Shooting stars we’re found all over Canada’s northern skies earlier this month. The cataclysmic event was none other than the birth of D’NME; Canada’s new Hip Hop star.

Launch of Handheld GPS Navigator Reviews Website States the Worthy and the Worthless

The newest launch from CashPower LLC, a top Internet marketing firm, is a website that reviews handheld GPS navigator products by Garmin. The three products reviewed are the Garmin 60CSx, Garmin 62S and the Garmin eTrex 20. The website compares each navigator covering various important features such as price and warranty as well as the loaded maps.

SuperQuietPortableGeneratorsReviews.com to Provide Consumers a Comprehensive Review of Portable Generators

Majority of consumers rely on online review sites and social networks before purchasing a product or service, according to a study.

Technollo Recycling, Has Brought in Mail-to-Recycle Concept

Technollo Recycling, an already trusted name in electronics reclamation and recycling, has expanded its business profile to add new public drop off locations, more professional services and has brought in mail-to-recycle concept!

New Deals Offered by Electronic World on Electronics

LogoIt is definitely a well known fact the electronics is one of the primary requirements in any home today. With the progression of technology, different electronic products are coming in existence in order to make the lives of men and easier and more entertaining. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing some good products on some fair deals, Electronic World is the best option for you. Currently, the company has decided to offer plenty of exciting deals to the customers on plenty of new products, so that the customers can benefit a lot from, it.

Top SMB VoIP Equipment Supplier TelcoDepot.com Introduces Discount Offer on VoIP Gateways and ATA's

LogoLeading NY VoIP supplier TelcoDepot.com has launched new special discounts on high quality Grandstream, Quintum, Adtran and HandyTone VoIP gateways, ATA’s available for purchase on its website. TelcoDepot.com is a provider of business phone system equipment and services covering VoIP phone system, VoIP service, hosted PBX service, PBX phone system equipment, telephone system accessories (such as phone headset units and more) and VoIP phone system support. Shop for leading business phones and equipment from brands like Aastra, Allworx, Grandstream, NEC phone system products, TalkSwitch, Xblue and Yealink at affordable prices with great support options.

Accuracy Delivered with SAE as Food Distributor Solution

When consumer safety is the top priority in food distribution—accuracy is a must. Government regulations are continuously evolving to make sure all food available to the public is free of contamination. With scan verification technology, Ben E. Keith acquires traceable data to monitor all packages leaving the warehouse. In the event of a food recall, Ben E. Keith can rely on stored data from the Motorola and SAE solution to pinpoint the source of the problem before removing it entirely from the market. Perishable items, such as produce and dairy, also depend on accuracy and speed to ensure freshness upon delivery. The traceable data collected by the Motorola and SAE solution gives Ben E. Keith the power to cut back on expired inventory which further reduces operational costs.