Electronics Press Releases

Aus3D as the Official E3D Distributor in Australia Now Offers Genuine E3D V6 Hotend for a 3D Printing Experience Like No Other

The advancement in the technology today has certainly provided people a lot of options to make their daily task much easier than before. With a touch of a button or a slight touch on capacitive screens of many devices, everything that needs to be done manually by hand is already fulfilled by a machine. And in the coming years, it's not surprising that most of the household items needed by people that has to be brought in the market can also be created right at the comfort of their home by using 3D printers.

Digital Signature Company SIGNiX Closes Funding Round

SIGNiX, the leading provider of secure digital signatures, today announced the closing of its largest round of funding to date with the addition of Horizon Technology Finance as an investor. SIGNiX will use the proceeds to expand its market presence, secure key partnerships and advance sales initiatives in the United States and in international markets.

CamerasDirect Offers Great Service, Best Prices and an International Warranty on Their Extensive Range of Camera Lenses

CamerasDirect, one of the leading retailers of camera lens and camera equipment, offers the selected range of the most popular digital cameras lenses at very low prices. With a kit, a customer already has a basic lens that takes pretty good pictures. However, part of the attraction of this type of camera is that one can switch out camera lenses to get the best shot in any situation. From powerful zooms that get up close to high-speed lenses that specialize in low-light settings, there are plenty of options for the second camera lens.

CamerasDirect Offers a Selected Range of the Most Popular Digital Cameras at Unbeatable Prices

Whether looking for a digital camera and equipment from Canon, Sony or Olympus need a camera for underwater photography or if simply want to find a feature packed digital camera then CamerasDirect have all the options at most competitive prices. The range of Digital camera and camera equipment at CamerasDirect can be mind boggling - even for advanced photographers. They have hundreds of different Digital SLR's and Compact Digital Cameras which appeals to every level of photographer.

Camerasdirect Offers a Selected Range of the Most Popular Digital Cameras at Unbeatable Prices

Compact Cameras at CameraDirect are lighter than ever, have exceptional battery life, are packed with features and are easy to carry around. Whether one needs to travel for professional photo shoots or roaming and taking pictures in a tourist spot, a camera's size and weight are important. Modern compact cameras come with everything from optical and digital zooms, dozens of presets and modes, and even the option for taking video clips. They are pretty stylish little devices suitable to use for an enthusiastic photographer to start getting some good shots.

Care Temp Heating & Air Conditioning Offers Free Estimates for Replacements and New Installations 24hours/7days a Week

Care Temp Heating & Air Conditioning – A leader in Air Conditioning & Heat Repair Solutions offers free estimates for replacements and new Installations. Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning provides 24 hours/7 days a week emergency service and replacements. They specialize in heating and cooling systems for your home and offices.

Whether Looking for a Digital Camera by Make, Manufacturer or Lifestyle Requirement, Camerasdirect Offers All

Looking to buy a digital camera by make, manufacturer or lifestyle requirement, CamerasDirect has made the art of researching easy. Browse through there site by any of these classifications, and there will be options available as per the criteria. CamerasDirect helps customers to have a smooth buying experience providing all the necessary information and expert reviews required for any product or brand they are looking for.

Telinc Corporation Now Offers WAN and Communication Test Equipment

Telinc Corporation designs, develops, manufactures and markets Wide Area Network access products and communications test equipment. WAN and Test equipment is the need of every corporation in today’s fast paced world. With Telinc WAN and Test Equipment, companies will always be one step ahead of the competition.

Mcallister Introduces Maintenance Plus Plan on Heating/air-conditioning Systems

To keep heating and air conditioning equipment running at peak efficiency, McAllister is offering a maintenance plus plan for its customers. This new service will provide regular maintenance to all equipment and will include an annual precision tune-up, cutting energy costs by as much as 10%.

Camerasdirect.com Offers Digital Cameras That Are Lighter and Have Exceptional Battery Life

CamerasDirect.com offers Digital cameras that are lighter than ever, have exceptional battery life are packed with features and are easy to carry around without weighing down. But being smaller and lighter, doesn't necessarily mean the CamerasDirect range ofDigital cameras for sale are light on features. On the contrary, advances in technology have meant that the options available are mind boggling catering to every camera enthusiast's requisite. Even for an advanced photographer, selecting a new Digital SLR camera body or lenses can be difficult. That is why CamerasDirect provides multiple alternatives from a range of manufacturers.

Camerasdirect Offers Carefully Selected Range of Most Popular Digital Cameras at the Most Competitive Prices

CamerasDirect offers selected range of the most popular digital cameras at very low prices is complimented with all the accessories. They provide the best online shopping experience for Australian photographers. Whether someone is looking to browse or buy a camera by make, manufacturer or lifestyle requirement, irrespective for any criteria there are always a myriad of options available for everyone at CamerasDirect.

Telinc Introduces New Very Easy to Use Link Simulator

Telinc introduces easy to use Link Simulator that simulates a communication link, inserting delays and introducing errors so users can determine what effects these impairments will have on their systems. It can be used in many applications including testing protocols and error correction techniques. Their Link Simulator can stimulate a variety of communication facilities including a DDS line with CSU/DSU on each end, a T-1 line with T-1 CSU’s on each end and many more.

Camerasdirect.com Offers Myriad of Camera Lens Options by Manufacturer, by Mount, by Lifestyle

Camerasdirect.com have arranged all the camera lens options by manufacturer, by mount, by lifestyle and type and also have an in depth section designed to provide customers with tips and insight into making the right decision. Choosing the right camera lens can be tough. Fortunately at CamerasDirect it can be assured that one can get all the help to make precise purchasing decisions. Not only cameras but CamerasDirect also offers extensive range of Camera lenses available from some of the world's leading manufacturers.

At GenericLED.com Customers Find Innovative LED Grow Lights to Maximize Indoor Plant Growth

Many people enjoy growing plants and want to do everything they can to ensure that their plants flourish. This is especially true for gardeners who grow plants indoors. Because these plants are not exposed to the sunlight, grow lights are often required for indoor plants.

At GenericLED.com Customers Find Innovative LED Grow Lights to Maximize Indoor Plant Growth

Many people enjoy growing plants and want to do everything they can to ensure that their plants flourish. This is especially true for gardeners who grow plants indoors. Because these plants are not exposed to the sunlight, grow lights are often required for indoor plants.

Care Temp Heating & Air Conditioning Offers Repair Services Performed By Expert Contractors

All kinds of air conditioning repair services include everything from replacement to new installation jobs. After that it requires a look at insulation values, windows, and orientation of the home to confirm the proper size of the equipment needed. Timely central air conditioning maintenance, installation, and repair of the latest high efficiency home comfort systems from Care Temp Heating & Air Conditioning will no doubt improve your home comfort and reduce energy bills.

Camerasdirect Offers at Least 12 Months of Warranty on All Their Products in Australia

Camerasdirect offers at least 12 months of warranty on all the camera and related accessories in Australia. Camerasdirect.com has been serving Australia for last 10 years. CamerasDirect offers the best online shopping experience for Australian photographers. There carefully selected ranges of the most popular digital cameras at very low prices are complimented with all the accessories and add-ons for every level of photographer

Digital Cameras- Click to Make Your Memories Eternal

The Digital Cameras known today has come from a long succession of cameras. Digital Cameras continue to evolve as time goes by. Manufacturers such as Canon Cameras, Nikon Cameras contend against each other by making innovative addition to their new models. If you want to own a camera, you need to know about the brands and features of these modern cameras.

MilesTek Announces New Spring-Summer 2012 Catalog

MilesTek, an electronics components manufacturer, is introducing their new 88-page Spring-Summer 2012 Catalog which provides a plentiful display of their most popular products alongside over 50 new solutions.

MilesTek Introduces New USB to HDMI Converter, PC to HDTV Technology

MilesTek, an electronics components manufacturer, recently rolled out another new HDMI converter, a milestek.com/p-16853-usb-to-hdmi-converter.aspx?keyword=90-12037 USB to HDMI converter. Add HDMI connectivity to any PC by way of a USB port; Mac or PC, it makes no difference. Application is really unlimited. Be it for commercial or consumer usage, for home theaters to company displays, the sky is the limit. View content from a computer on any HDTV. It's as simple as that, just plug and play. Technical knowledge not required.

Sibridge Technologies Announces USB 3.0 Host and Device Design IP

Leading provider of design & verification IPs will showcase IP portfolio integrated with Axiom’s high-performance MPSim simulator at DAC 2012

PI USA Acquires MICOS GmbHProduct Distribution for American Market

PI announces the next step in the acquisition of miCos GmbH. PI (Physik Instrumente) LP, the US operation of piezo and nanopositioning systems manufacturer Physik Instrumente GmbH, will now handle sales, distribution and service of miCos GmbH products for the US, Mexico and Canada effective June 1, 2012.

MyReviewsNow.net Spotlights Hot New Limited Time Sale on Sony Electronics

MyReviewsNow.net’s Affiliate Partner Sony Launches Incredible Limited Time Sale on Select Sony Electronics, Including Laptops, Blue-Ray Players, Tablets and More. Quantities are Limited and the Sale Ends Soon.

Caretemp Announces Best Air Conditioning Freehold and Heating Repair Services

Care Temp is one of only seven companies in the past 75 years that has received the prestigious H.V.A.C. Engineering Hall of Fame Award. Caretemp specializes in maintaining and installing air conditioning systems for all those to live worry free this summer.

Click a Perfect Picture With Elegant and Advanced Digital Cameras

Cameras are a must-have item at any household. They capture and record memorable events of your life. Capturing the rarest moments of one’s life is the most beautiful possession. They are the most wonderful devices offered by technology to mankind. Whether it is a birthday party, a Christmas party or a wedding, today a camera is used more than ever before. A camera can be chosen according to the needs of the photographer and they differ mainly in the range of operation.

Capture from Webcamera HD Digital Video

Streaming live video and audio from capture device using webcam computer application.

India Semiconductor Industry to Witness Tremendous Growth

LogoIndian semiconductor market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 22% during 2012-2015, says RNCOS in its latest research report.