Email Marketing Hype Cuts Into Campaign Performance

Email marketing campaigns are typically implemented poorly because the medium is so cheap. A new website gives strategic advice on utilizing email to drive sales.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2012 -- Email is praised in the online marketing community as having the highest ROI. Yet, email marketing is also simultaneously criticized as being outdated and strewn with difficult hurdles like low delivery rates and poor conversions. A new website called addresses these issues with the goal of helping marketers profit from email.

“The reason email marketing is so powerful is because it is cheap to execute,” said one of the marketing experts behind the website, “But its low cost can also be its downfall because many marketers don’t take it seriously enough. You can’t just spew out a series of poorly-planned emails and expect to get good results.”

According to, a successful email marketing campaign begins with a carefully-built subscriber list. Building up this list can be a challenge and the website offers tips for getting signups, such as by hosting free webinars. Subscribers then must be segmented into groups based on behavioral and demographical properties and each group will receive emails customized to deliver the best results.

There are already numerous websites offering email marketing advice and strategic tips. However, stands out amongst these in that it is not affiliated with any specific email service. Thus, it can afford to offer unbiased information which addresses the real issues surrounding this form of marketing. Visitors to the website can expect a different type of information than they are used to hearing.

“We want to get past the hype associated with email marketing. Once we accomplish this, then small businesses – both online and offline – can really start maximizing the money-making potential of email.”

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