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Northbrook, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2014 -- Northbrook, Illinois - March 11, 2014 - Competency and trust is a priceless commodity in the realm of electric work. It is, afterall, the connection a home or business has to the outside world. It furthermore is an issue regarding safety, and EMF takes this more seriously than anything else. Providing a service that is so crucial in this day has to have a serious and professional approach.

That being said, EMF is pleased to announce the relaunch of our new website! We’ve partnered with Anatoly Nirshberg’s ParadigmNext to build an experience that represents the intangible qualities our business prides itself on.

Since we know a solid reputation for safety and client preference is a standard threshold in our industry, ParadigmNext has stylized our site to provide the most important answers to the most important questions our customers may have. The information that is provided does not stop with detailed testimonials, it also provides links to third party reviewers to reinforce the credibility and legitimacy necessary to run a successful electrician firm. Nirshberg called on his own experience “When we consider something that is so closely linked to our livelihood, it is important for me to see a well developed and informative medium, and that’s we did with EMF,” he said.

We also have extensive descriptions of every single one of our services, backed up with images and tutorials of our certified process.

PardigmNext has neatly organized our processes into:

- Residential
- Commerical
- Industrial

Within those description our prospective customers can educate themselves on what kind of direction they need to go in. When they have finished educating themselves, there are multiple resources in which to contact us.

EMF would like give ParadigmNext a big thank you and we’re excited to see how powerful the new site can actually be!

For more information on EMF feel free to contact us:

(224) 415-3139

For more information on ParadigmNext and their digital solutions regarding marketing and web development, feel free to contact them:

(847) 780-NEXT


Anthony Berg
Ideation Director