Energy Press Releases

Solar Panels on Carports and Parking Lots: Another Bright and Efficient Idea in Conserving Solar Energy

Solar panels slowly gain its spotlight as consumers see the much potential of this photovoltaic module as an alternative source of power by harnessing the sun's energy to produce electricity. That a new generation of solar panels that consist with perovskite minerals is bound to take over the market as a low-cost, solar-based and a clean energy solution for the coming years. Especially that the authorities are considering its value of installing solar panels on the pavements.

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Assists with Oil Spill Cleanup in Wildwood Park

MXI Maumee Express, Inc., one of the nation's leading environmental services companies, was able to effectively use absorbent control equipment and hazardous materials containment techniques to clean up debris that contaminated Paxton Creek in November. A tractor trailer was overturned on an off ramp off I-81 and began leaking diesel fuel, which migrated to the Paxton Creek and Wildwood Lake in Harrisburg, PA. About 10 to 15 gallons made its way from the site of the crash through the storm drain path that exited into Paxton Creek.

Montgomery County Heating & Air Now Offers More Efficient Sources of Heat at Reasonable Prices

Homeowners today are looking for more affordable options, and any way possible to save on energy expenses. With more energy efficient units being one of the more popular items and appliances for homeowners to have installed, Montgomery County Heating & Air is now offering ground source heat pumps at the lowest prices available on the market. For those in need of heat pump service in Conshohocken or boiler service in King of Prussia, replacing old beaten down units will make for a more efficient one.

Synthetic Oil: Making Energy More Eco Friendly

LogoIn a world which is becoming ever more conscious of environmental issues and the impact we have on the earth, finding sustainable energy sources is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. One solution which is proving to be increasingly effective is synthetic oil, which is offering people around the world a cheaper, more sustainable offering than conventional natural gases and fuels.

Retro Systems Appoints Middle East Regional Sales Manager

LogoRetro Systems announces the appointment of Luai Odeh as Regional Sales Manager for the Middle East. Retro Systems will open an office in Dubai, UAE in March 2013. Luai will manage business relationships with channel partners and end users.

Local Law 87 Effective in New York, Requires Buildings' Energy Audits

Local Law 87 (LL87) recently went into effect this year and requires New York property owners to file energy efficiency reports before December 31st, 2013.

Bucks County Heating & Air Reveals New Heating Tips to Help Control Energy Bill Costs in PA

Old man winter is here to stay, for a few more months that is, and Bucks County Heating & Air would like to reveal some new heating tips that will allow homeowners to control how much they are spending on their energy bill in PA. Energy has the ability to sneak through the home and find every escape route, which will result in a colder home and higher energy bill. The professionals at Bucks County Heating & Air recommend that homeowners take a look at every inch of their home, such as windows and doors. With energy leaving the home, one’s furnace or heater has to run twice as much to try to warm the house.

Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning Now Offering Furnace and Boiler Replacements at a Discount

LogoIn the New Jersey area, the winter seems to have just begun to hit, and with temperatures dropping below freezing every night, it makes it vital for a home’s furnace or gas boiler to be running at its best. However, if New Jersey residents find themselves under the blankets trying to stay warm, they may be in need of a furnace repair in Jackson. The contractors at Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning are now offering $150 off any gas boiler or furnace replacement for those who need an upgrade or their unit is no longer working. This will allow homeowners to stay warm without breaking the bank or pay full price for a new unit.

Solar Panels Online Announce Launch of Their Solar Panels Comparison Website

LogoWith ever increasing energy bills a growing concern for many, objective is to present UK property owners a simple and easy to use facility for finding some of the most competitive Solar PV & Solar Thermal prices.

Making the Best Use of Solar Energy to Light Up Homes

Solar Energy is already a big resource in industries and used to light streets. It is regarded as the answer to provide energy in future. It is not only effective but cheaper than any other resource that generates electricity. The only thing which makes people turn away from this solution is the set up costs which is required to capture and distribute this energy. However, in the longer run this is the cheapest form of electricity producing resource which people can come across.

McAllister Heating & Air Conditioning Now Offers Whole House Comfort Checkups for New Jersey Residents

There is no better time than now to inquire about McAllister Heating & Air Conditioning’s new Whole House Comfort Checkup. For those who believe that they are in need of a thorough home evaluation of their heating and air conditioning system can feel comfortable over the course of the cold, dreary months in New Jersey from the help of this checkup. A professional contractor from McAllister will take their time in examining every inch of the HVAC system using advanced tools to test their effectiveness. If one is questioning the effectiveness of a hot water heater in their Cherry Hill, NJ, home, this Whole House Checkup will do just the trick.

Residential WARMAdvantage Programs Are Now Available from Bovio Heating and Air Conditioning

LogoBovio Heating and Air Conditioning is now offering energy solutions that include a residential WARMAdvantage Program that provides rebates for homeowners who use high efficient units, such as heating for the home or hot water heaters. The nation recognized the New Jersey Clean Energy Program as a model that provides incentives for homeowners to help save energy in any way possible, which will promote a healthy and clean environment. For those who are in need of heating repairs in Marlton, NJ, they may want to consider replacing the unit for a more efficient one that will provide rebates.

Ameridrill, Inc. Now Offers Geoprobe Drilling

LogoThe highly trained professionals from Ameridrill, Inc. now offer geoprobe drilling. With this technology, the hydraulic powered drill will use numerous forces in order to drive steel rods below the earth’s surface. As one of the most well known drilling companies in PA, their operators have years of experience in managing any drilling machine in order to provide samples from drilling boring rods below the surface. The professionals at Amerdrill, Inc. are proud to offer various drilling subsurface services that are also environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

European Carbon Market Putting Upward Prices on Electric Rates

Carbon credits were once thought to be the cost effective surefire way to lower reliance on fossil fuels. In the last few years the policy has proven itself to be an abject failure, as companies buy the credits, which amount to permits to allow themselves to kick change down the road. All the while passing on the costs to European business commercial consumers including those in the UK.

Crystal Lite Solar Announces Their 1st Quarter 2013 Solar Special Offer

LogoCrystal Lite Solar, an authorized and reliable Westinghouse and Suniva Dealer that offers “American Made” residential solar power in PA and NJ, has just announced their 1st quarter 2013 solar special offer. This offer is good for those customers who sign up for one of the company’s solar savings systems by March 28th 2013. Just for signing up before March 28th, Crystal Lite Solar will thank any customer by paying his or her electricity bills from the beginning of the year through April 2013. With this offer by Crystal Lite Solar, any home or business owner will reap the savings of four months of electric bills, while Crystal Lite Solar takes care of all the paperwork, permits, and installation. In addition to paying for the new customer’s electric bills, this special offer also includes 24/7 system monitoring, a free five year annual maintenance plan, and the guarantee of being the lowest priced AC solar system a person will find.

Solar Panels by Brings a Secret Method to Produce Electricity introduces a valuable guide “Earth 4 Energy” demystifying a simple and effective method to produce electricity in the backyard using solar panels. This is a must have guidebook for all people who want to keep their energy bill within a manageable limit. At the same time, it will help in energy conservation and protect the earth’s environment too.

Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC Is Now Available for Locating Underground Utilities

LogoWith construction, no matter what the job, if the job requires digging or the location of underground utilities or tanks, locating these subsurface objects is detrimental. This keeps the people on the job safe, and keeps from damaging materials that could cause big problems. Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC understands this problem, and is able to help by now providing GPR scanning in New Jersey for locating underground utilities as well as anything else that is underground.

No Time to Pay Heating Repair Bill? No Worries, McAllister Heating & Air Conditioning Now Offers Online Payment Methods

Businesses today strive to keep up with technology as well as try to make the lives of customers easier. With that being said, McAllister Heating & Air Conditioning now offers the convenience for their customers to pay their bills online. If one simply does not have the time to drop off the money to pay for their heating services in Mt Laurel, or they just ran out of stamps and envelopes, they do not have to worry any longer. By going on their website, a person can now use a credit card or PayPal account to complete the transaction to take care of any outstanding balances that are due.

Additional Savings on All Work $500 and Under Is Now Available from Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

LogoWhether a home or business owner is in need of an unclogged drain, leak detection, frozen pipes, or any plumbing issues, Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is now offering 10% off on all plumbing work. For those who are seeking plumbing contractors in Philadelphia, they can contact Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for these additional savings. They are making it easier for homeowners to resolve a problem instead of waiting until it gets worse which may result in a more costly plumbing repair in PA.

Solar Light Company Has New UV Warning Symbols to Help Promote Safe Tanning

When it comes to tanning outside it is difficult to determine how dangerous the UV rays are from the sun. On any given day they can change and spending long hours exposed to the sun in pursuit of a tan is not always safe. The Solar Light Company has addressed this problem and has developed a new UV Warning Symbol to help promote safer tanning.

Crystal Lite Solar Now Installing Residential Solar Power Systems in NJ

LogoCrystal Lite Solar, reliable New Jersey Solar installers for commercial businesses, has recently announced that they have decided to expand their services to meet the needs of residential customers in New Jersey. At Crystal Lite Solar, they understand the recent strides that have been made to reduce fossil fuel consumption and increase renewable energy in PA and NJ. The company is dedicated to educating and providing people with the means to make the change to cleaner and cheaper electricity by using solar power.

A Commercial Electrical Contractor So Trustworthy, He'll Pay You!

Established in 1944, Erickson Electric Company has strong roots in the St. Cloud area and has been a fixture there for over 65 years. Specializing in commercial, industrial, retail, restaurant and office electric service, Erickson Electric Company believes in their craftsmanship so much, they’ll pay you to hire them. Yes, that’s true! Erickson Electric Company will pay you up to $50 to hire them because they are that confident in their work.

Solar Systems MA Helps Massachusetts Residents Save 60% to 100% off Their Electricity Bill

People are now looking for an alternative source of electricity as the regular one has become quite expensive and unaffordable in the last couple of years. “Solar Systems MA”, widely known for its commendable services on solar power, caters to this need of individuals residing in Massachusetts, by providing them with an affordable and reliable source of energy through the installation of solar panels on the roofs of their houses, in most cases, ensuring a 60% to 100% cut in their electricity bills.

The ARK Enterprises, Inc. Prepares to Launch a Green Activity Website for Kids

Protecting the environment is a day to day business at ARK Enterprises, which is why we are launching a new Green Activity Website for kids. This website will provide free activities and sponsor regular contests on environmental issues. As a pre-launch activity, ARK is hosting their first graphic design contest with the following announcement:

Gas Shortage After Hurricane Sandy Sold Many Consumers on the Value of EXTRA FUEL

EXTRA FUEL, the world’s first and only patented non-flammable gasoline substitute proved its significant value during the recent gas shortage in the wake of hurricane Sandy. With extensive power outages in the New York and New Jersey areas, many gas stations simply couldn’t pump the gas they had. Gas deliveries also had trouble getting through the closed, flooded, and tree-blocked roadways.

Research on China's Coal Tar Industry, 2013-2017:

LogoCoal tar products play an extremely important role in the world chemical raw materials. The development of tar chemical is one of the very important topics in many countries. Countries are actively developing coal tar depth processing and new separation technology so as to produce marketable and high value-added new products.

Clean Coal Technologies - Global Market Size, Trends, Regulations and Key Country Analysis to 2020 New Report

LogoThis report analyzes the global clean coal technology market in terms of power generation capacity and revenues for key clean coal technologies: supercritical, ultrasupercritical, circulating fluidized bed combustion and IGCC. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the key global clean coal technology markets – the US, China, India, Australia, South Korea, Germany, Japan and Poland. In addition to market size, the report also discusses the key regulations, drivers and restraints impacting the clean coal market in each of these countries. The report also provides an overview of key players in the global clean coal technology market.