Energy Press Releases

Champion Oil Announces New Master Warehouse Distributor in Ecuador

Tecnolub Cia Ltda is a recognized leader in the distribution of passenger car, commercial and industrial lubricants. They will offer Champion branded products in a number of categories, such as motor oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, diesel motor oil, differentials lubes, greases, brake fluids, and automotive chemicals and additives.

Pure Energy Centre Announces Discussions on Hydrogen Technologies in China

Pure Energy Centre today announced that the company is visiting China's Capital Beijing to discuss hydrogen technologies. The company representatives will also travel to Shanghai.

It's Easy to Compare Business Electricity Suppliers and Tariffs

With energy prices rising over the last couple of years and figures are looking like they have almost peeked there has not been a better time to switch electricity tariffs than now in 2013.

Associated Renewable Offers Energy Efficiency Consulting for Implementing Building Management Systems

Associated Renewable Inc. helps property managers get incentives for energy cost reduction measures in the easiest manner with the help of a team of financial and technical experts who provide proper guidance to property managers. They guide the managers through the entire process of incentives procurement. The company’s dedicated Grants & Incentives team identifies applicable incentives and manages the entire application process. Right from due diligence through the application and acquisition of time-limited funds, our team of experts guides the property managers thoroughly Contact our team to inquire about your eligibility and application for performance-based or other types of financial incentives offered by NYSERDA, Con Edison and other entities.

Carbon Cycle Crush Produces Quality Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil Using All Natural Extraction Process

Carbon Cycle Crush is a leading Canola oil producer that uses an all natural extraction process which excludes the excessive heat process. The procedure and product from the company is analyzed and certified by Gorge Analytical out of Hood River, Oregon. Gorge Analytical is one of only three labs in the country certified by the National Biodiesel Board.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Says "No to Cold Showers" and Is Now Offering Discounts on Water Heaters

LogoBenjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA, plumbers in Montgomery County, is saying “no more to cold showers!” Even in the summertime, getting a nice warm shower is desired, which is why Ben Franklin Plumbing is now offering big savings on a new tankless water heater installation. Homeowners are now able to print out the coupon right from their website to receive $300 off any tankless water heater. It is only valid—one per customer and not valid with any other offers. In addition to the savings with this discount, tankless water heaters provide an additional benefit of never running out of hot water.

Science Café Explores Controversy: First Offshore Wind Farm in the USA Now a Possibility for North Carolina

LogoChristine M. Voss, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Institute of Marine Sciences is leading the next discussion on off-shore wind energy in North Carolina, at the next Coastal Science Cafe on July 8th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Capt. Bill's Waterfront Restaurant located at 701 Evans St, Morehead City, NC 28557. Tickets are available for this free event at

Walsh Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Now Offering $50 off Any Repair over $300

Walsh Bothers Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, a company that performs AC repair service in Delaware County, PA, are pleased to announce that they are now offering $50 off any service over $300. Walsh Bothers Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning offers a wide variety of services, which also include bathroom and kitchen remodeling, service on water heaters, drain cleaning, and they also offer an annual service contract.

Weidner Energy Savers Is Now Offering Air Filters and Air Cleaners

Weidner Energy Savers has been offering emergency heating service in King of Prussia since 1932. However, Weidner Energy Savers provides many services in the greater Philadelphia area, including air filtration. For most seasonal allergy sufferers, the spring represents the most uncomfortable time. However, the spring has passed in 2013 and the so called “allergy season” continues to be in full effect. Most allergists and pulmonologists agree that 2013 has been one of the worst years for seasonal allergies in recent history. Spring flowers and blooming trees, although beautiful, can be extremely aggravating for allergy sufferers. Many individuals will develop symptoms, including: sore throat, sneezing, coughing, congestion, itching, and more. Some people assume that allergens are only a threat outdoors. However, tree, weed, and grass pollen counts can be high inside one’s home. Thankfully, homeowners can now rely on Weidner Energy Savers for air filters and air cleaners to help fight allergies.

ACEF's 1st Fundraiser at Kobey's Swap Meet Will Help Raise Funds for Energy Justice Programs

LogoThe AC Energy Foundation (ACEF) will sponsor a fundraiser at Kobey's Swap Meet at the Sports Arena on Sunday, July 14, 2013 from 7 AM to 3 PM. “We are grateful to the generosity of Kobey’s Swap Meet, their donated space will help us reach thousands of shoppers and raise needed funds to help reduce energy poverty,” stated ACEF’s founder, Claudia Huerta.

Solar Panels Are One of the Most Preferable Alternatives to Reduce the Pay of Electric Bill

One of the most preferable alternatives to reduce the pay of electric bill is the solar panel. Planning to buy for solar panels is really a very good idea but at the same time, it requires some additional figures to get through with. Certainly these panels are installed either on roof or on ground mounted system. This absorbs the light and converts into electricity to powers up the property associated with.

FMA Summits: Progressive Energy, Environment & Sustainability Summit #16

With a total of 34 Partners, including companies such as; IBM, Lutron, MPC Energy, Kaeser Compressors, USLED etc., who offered a range of solutions ranging from environmental services to energy reducing technologies, the event was a great success! Our 152 delegates were able to take advantage of presentations given by our partners and key note speakers who spoke about success stories within their organizations as they relate to various sustainability initiatives and projects they have completed- providing both education and benchmarking opportunities. One-on-one meetings were another benefit our attendees were able to take advantage of.

It's All Business when Representing the Argo ETV Product Line

When you’re in the business of renting out equipment, there’s no higher compliment than a local market that calls for your product by name. This is a common bond for two shops in two very different parts of Canada.

Solar Light Company Attends International Sunscreen Symposium in London, UK

Being that Solar Light Company is committed to researching new products for their consumers, they have recently attended the International Sunscreen Symposium in London, UK. Here at the symposium event they covered a wide range of topics such as new formulations for cosmetics and toiletries that claim to offer protection against the sun’s UV radiation. The International Sunscreen Symposium also touched on the new legislation from the United States of America and the rest of the world to ensure that the proper testing is carried out in order to verify the products being sold are capable of providing the protection they claim.

All City Plumbing Heating & Air Now Installing Custom Cabinets

Over the past two decades, kitchens have become the focal point of many households. One of the most important selling features for new and existing homes is a modern kitchen. Many homebuyers immediately look to see if a kitchen is equipped with stainless steel appliances. After the appliances have been checked, homebuyers look to the countertops to make sure they are granite or quartz. Finally, the cabinets are evaluated and can often make or break a kitchen for potential buyers. Kitchen cabinetry has evolved over the past few decades. Style and function have become important for homeowners looking to renovate their kitchens. Now, All City Plumbing Heating & Air is installing custom cabinets.

XOOM Energy Relocates Its Corporate Headquarters

XOOM Energy, LLC, a Charlotte-based energy company, announced this week it will be relocating its corporate headquarters to a larger facility in Huntersville, NC. The new facility will be just north of the Northlake area, making it central to all staff and a easy solution to the continued growth of the organization. XOOM Energy has seen unprecedented growth in both scope of service and demand for their products, this move is a direct example of the continued success. XOOM Energy provides Natural gas and electric service to deregulated energy markets in the US. This number is fast approaching 20 states nationwide and represents tens of millions of potential customers. XOOM Energy’s business model has been capitalizing on the demand ofr choice in the energy sector and the human nature of preference for choice. By inspiring competition XOOM Energy has helped to create an atmosphere wherein prices drop and the customer service needed to secure customers has improved for all providers.

Barth Plumbing Heating and Cooling Now Offering Affordable AC Checkup This Summer

South Jersey is known to become quite hot and humid towards the end of the spring and throughout the summer. There is nothing more frustrating than having the air conditioning unit break midway through the hot summer months, which is why Barth Plumbing Heating and Cooling is now offering AC Check Ups for only $64.95 to prevent this from happening. So, for homeowners who are not quite sure whether their unit will turn on this season, contact Barth Plumbing Heating and Cooling for this affordable check up.

Kaiser Electric Co Inc. Offers Complete and Assured Electrical Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Kaiser Electric Co Inc., a renowned electrician contractor in NJ offers a complete and assured electrical installation, repair and maintenance services. Giving electrical supply to a new unit or to repair one their electrician service covers all. Their electrician in Haddonfield provides the assurance that a repair or installation will be done with in a short span of time. They make sure that the damaged parts are replaced with new ones and the parts provided are certified products with a guarantee. Tells Visitors if They Can Save Money by Switching Electricity Provider

Electricity is one of the most valuable resources in the world today. However, it’s something that most Australians take for granted. Today, Australians are free to switch electricity providers whenever they like, making it easy for homeowners across the country to access lower rates and better service.

GasTec Now Offering Propane Service for Residential Pools This July

As of June 21st, the summer of 2013 is officially underway. Millions of Americans have already begun enjoying their pools. Most homeowners open their pools around Memorial Day weekend, because the average outdoor temperature becomes warmer. Most people will open their pools as long as the water temperature is over 50 degrees. However, spring and early summer temperatures can be very volatile. Sometimes, spring temperatures can range from over 80 degrees to below 50 degrees. Without being able to successfully predict the weather, many homeowners become hesitant to open their pools until the summer. Thankfully, GasTec customers don’t have to rely on the mercy of the weather. Now, GasTec is offering propane service for residential pools and spas.

Hydrojet Inc. Is Now Offering Flexible Delivery Service

LogoFor the past several years, Hydrojet Inc. has been offering customers a wide variety of services out of their high quality facility. Customers across many industries have come accustomed to calling upon Hydrojet Inc. for machining composites. In fact, the military, electronic manufacturing industry, industrial sector, marine industry, medical industry, and energy sector have all relied on Hyrdojet Inc. One of the core advantages of Hydrojet Inc., is their ability to offer industry leading technology. However, Hydrojet Inc. takes pride in offering superior customer service and unique business solutions. Now, Hydrojet Inc. is offering flexible delivery schedules.

Montgomery County Heating & Air Now Offering Yearly Air Conditioning Maintenance

Montgomery County Heating & Air, known as heating contractors in Montgomery County, is pleased to announce they are now offering yearly maintenance on air conditioning units. Performing yearly service on an air conditioner is a vital part to ensuring the unit runs smoothly, properly, and efficiently.

Carbon Cycle Crush Pure and High-Quality Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil and Canola Meal

Carbon Cycle produces high-quality expeller-pressed Canola oil and Canola meal. They use the process of expeller-pressing, which has no added impurities. When the Canola seed is pressed, it will extract the Canola oil and leave meal behind as a byproduct. Both the oil and meal can be distributed to a variety of industries.

XOOM Energy Leading Deregulated Energy Providers

XOOM Energy LLC, a national energy retailer, continues to expand its service territory with its recent addition of markets in New York, Kentucky, Maryland and Pennsylvania. These new markets increase XOOM Energy’s service area to include 50 markets. Since its launch in July 2011, XOOM has become one of the fastest growing energy suppliers in the nation.

Fannin County Texas Based Oil and Gas Mineral Rights Purchasing Company 'Phoenix Petroleum Partners' Was Voted a Top 5 Resource for Sellers in Liberty County and Land Owners Alike

LogoLucrative Unconventional Resources:  Phoenix Petroleum Partners (PP&P) is pleased to be a part of the launch of the Utica Shale whirlwind in Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison and Jefferson counties in eastern Ohio. Working with longtime Ohio natives and geologists, PP&P has been acquired top assets for sale in very desirable locations and has concluded numerous transactions year to date.  This robust area  of new production has over 179 wells drilled by Chesapeake alone with numerous other operators rushing to get a foothold in an area expected to support over 13,000 wells.

Erath County Texas Based Oil and Gas Mineral Rights Purchasing Company 'Phoenix Petroleum Partners' Was Voted Best Resource for Sellers in Leon County and Land Owners Alike

LogoLucrative Unconventional Resources:  Phoenix Petroleum Partners (PP&P) is pleased to be a part of the launch of the Utica Shale whirlwind in Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison and Jefferson counties in eastern Ohio. Working with longtime Ohio natives and geologists, PP&P has been acquired top assets for sale in very desirable locations and has concluded numerous transactions year to date.  This robust area  of new production has over 179 wells drilled by Chesapeake alone with numerous other operators rushing to get a foothold in an area expected to support over 13,000 wells.

A Newly Introduced North Shore Electrician Company Is Now Available to the General Public

A newly introduced North Shore Electrician Company is now available to the general public. Many people who are looking for quality electrical services are certainly the best ones to take full advantage of the launch of this new electrician company. This is particularly true to people who are living within New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Certified North Shore Electricians are the ones working for the company, so everyone can be assured to get the highest quality of electrical services they require.