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Carolco Pictures Begins Pre-Production for Motion Picture "Audition"

Carolco Pictures, Inc. (CRCO), announced that it has begun pre-production on the Motion Picture "Audition", a psychological horror-drama based on Ryu Murakami's bestselling novel to be directed by Richard Gray. In addition to the locations, props, special effects and visual effects we anticipate announcing a casting call shortly.

METal International to Celebrate 30th Anniversary of "We Are the World" with Special Talk by Producer Ken Kragen January 31

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the recording of "We Are the World," METal International will welcome producer, agent, entrepreneur, and author Ken Kragen as part of an evening of global entertainment. The event is open to members only and will take place at the Crest Theater in Westwood, California from 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. A long-time member METal, Kragen brought together Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie, Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Rogers, Cyndi Lauper and many other artists for an unprecedented January 1985 recording session to record the single that raised $64 million in aid to Africa. A year later, Kragen would organize six and a half million people to join hands from New York to Los Angeles with Hands Across America, which raised $34 million.

Sade - A New Novel About Sade on Kindle

SADE THE SECRET PRINCESS is a novel based on the feature animation film The Secret Princess. Published by TransTales Entertainment – who is also making the film. This love story unfolds in an amazing adventure sweeping the audience into a world of innocence, love, friendship, secrets, betrayal and perseverance against all odds. A tale set in Africa, readers will be transported to a world where myths are real, animals can talk, men and women are unequal, values and love can conquer any challenge. In the last few scenes a lot of amazing twists are revealed about many characters including the secret princess, the prince, the farmer and his wife, the queen and king, adversaries including Prince Azuka and Princess Adaeze and of course Mr. Tortoise.

Rich Araujo Seeks $8,350 via Crowdfunding on Kickstarter to Bring a Tale of Bravery, Confidence, Faith & Shear Patience in a Feature Film "INDOMITABLE"

LogoIndomitable is a story adapted from the book "The Indomitable Maria Magdalena," written by John Messer. John shares a beautiful relationship with Maria which has been brought into life through the feature film.

Children's Author, William Ziegler Debuts Latest Book Titled 'JB Gets Ready for School' for Amazon Kindle

Launched on March 08, 2014 ‘JB Gets Ready for School’ is the newly released children’s book from American author William Ziegler. This 36-page book is published by CreateSpace and is now available for instant download for $2.99 on Amazon Kindle or paperback for $8.99 on Amazon.

Eat Your Colors! New Children's Book Temps Pickiest of Palates - With Delicious Rhyming Exercises on Healthy Foods & Colors

Every parent or grandparent has been there, as a child’s excitement for dinner turns to tears as a plate of ‘dreaded’ vegetables lands in front of them. Convincing young children to eat healthy foods is not always easy, but a captivating and vibrant new book turns making that choice into a rhyming adventure.

NUN-the Awakening: Compelling New Novel Explores Egyptian Pantheons' Role in Development of the Universe and Mankind

While fantasy has long been a staple of the literary landscape, both readers and critics are constantly crying out for wholly unique narratives that don’t succumb to recycling the same few concepts. Thankfully, author Chad Morton is bucking the trend with gusto. His new series adds a refreshing twist to the birth of mankind, and its possible destruction.

New Sci-Fi Novel, Adinkrahene: Fear of a Black Planet, Empowers Blacks

When Novelist J.A. Faulkerson set out to write his first novel, he didn’t know where he would end up. He knew he wanted to write a story that empowered Africans and African Americans, but the full story had yet to form in his mind. But then, while conducting an Internet search on African Adinkra symbols, he came across an image that would serve as the foundation for his first novel, Adinkrahene: Fear of a Black Planet.

The House of Divas - A New Show by Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips About to Change the Face of Reality TV

House of Divas’ a new reality TV show is about to give audiences daily dose of entertainment. The show is about ten celebrities and their impact and eight divas to be casted via Nationwide casting calls. The divas will join together to change the lives of people and families in America. Benjamin claims that that the concept of the show is exceptional and there is no any other show like this on TV today. The show is inspired from his real life. He lost his mother Jessie Phillips (Artist and Humanitarian) due to cancer.

Marketing Director of ADVENT and Mummers Mardi Gras Spends Time at String Band Serenade

LogoAfter starting a new Philadelphia tradition with the Mummers Mardi Gras event, marketing director of ADVENT, Joe DeCandido recently spent time at the Quaker City String Bands, ‘String Band Serenade.’ The String Band Serenade is a long standing tradition, just like the Mummers Parade. Working to make the Mardi Gras of 2015 as best as it can be, DeCandido has been scouting various forms of additional entertainment to provide for attendees. He watched the practice before the serenade and walked down 3rd Street to see all the bands play in front of the String Band Champions clubhouse.

Learn Javascript VISUALLY: New Book Teaches JavaScript Fundamentals Through Metaphors, Analogies and Easy Step-by-Step Exercises

Learn Javascript VISUALLY is a soon to be launched book that will make learning JavaScript learning easy and fun, the book consists of the JavaScript Fundamentals explained using easy to understand Metaphors, Analogies and Easy Step-by-Step Exercises. The book written by Ivelin Demirov has been especially created for the people who feel intimidated by JavaScript and struggle to understand even the basic fundamentals of the programming language.

FishFlix.com Announces Availability of God's Not Dead DVD

Carrying forward its tradition to inspire souls with its collection of life changing Christian and family films, FishFlix.com recently announced the availability of God’s not dead DVD. The film is about a young student who is also a devout Christian caught in a predicament; when he has to debate and prove the existence of God to his teacher, an atheist, or else he fails him. The movie not only fortifies faith in God, but also enlightens people who tend to back down from their faith every time they face an adversity.

Diversity Woman Magazine Founder and Publisher Releases New Book Entitled, "Lead by Example"

LogoTo inspire the lioness heart in women entrepreneurs Diversity Woman magazine founder and publisher Sheila Robinson announces the launch of her new book entitled “Lead by Example”. The book acknowledges the importance of diversity, strong leadership roles and mentorship for women by using Robinson’s experience as well as real stories written by real women in corporate America. By evoking a kind of camaraderie in the midst of the often uphill battle associated with the corporate workplace the author gives the reader a safety net. A net that lauds the benefits of wisdom, knowledge and an exceptional attitude as the wellspring of maintaining true power.

Chill Seekers Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter to Visit the World of Ghosts in Gold Country Through a Documentary Film

LogoChill Seekers group is based in Modesto, California. California has most of the paranormal hot-spots which drives a chill through the spine. Chill Seekers have started their journey to bring the realm of ghosts into reality in a groundbreaking film project.

A 5-Step Course for a Positive Mindset Hits Shelves

The Positive Mindset Toolkit review is out and the reviews are amazing. However, it must be noted that with any kind of programs such as these, the individual desire plays a very important role in bringing the change from within. It would be beneficial for people who are ready to make real changes in their lives in order to become happy and successful. The Positive Mindset Toolkit is one such book that provides the right tools to bring that change.

Feature Film "This Can't Be Love" Seeks $50,000 in Crowd Funding Through Indiegogo To, "Spread Awareness of the Social Taboos of Child Abuse & Domestic Violence"

LogoThis Can't Be Love is a film about “The Love House” and one woman's journey to find the true meaning of love. “The Love House” is a fictionalized domestic violence shelter for battered women. The trilogy book series "This Can't Be Love" by Patricia M. Goins, centers on “The Love House” and the heart moving stories of those within.

Royalista Offers Royalists over the World the Latest Royal News

LogoThe idea behind Royalista is to create a place where people and journalists can contribute to the creation of unique content on the same terms. Royalista users are also allowed to create their own profile pages and blogs.

Royalista Offers Royalists over the World the Latest Royal News

LogoThe idea behind Royalista is to create a place where people and journalists can contribute to the creation of unique content on the same terms. Royalista users are also allowed to create their own profile pages and blogs.

Royalista Offers Royalists over the World the Latest Royal News

LogoThe idea behind Royalista is to create a place where people and journalists can contribute to the creation of unique content on the same terms. Royalista users are also allowed to create their own profile pages and blogs.

Jenna Jill Balderson Looks to Raise $16,000 via Indiegogo to Make Her First EP and Video

LogoJenna Jill Balderson is just 17 years old. She writes, plays, and sings music. Jenna has been singing since she was 4 years old, and music is so tightly interwoven into the fibers of her being that she can't imagine herself happily pursuing something having nothing to do with music. Jenna’s dream is to touch the lives and emotions of people, and become recognized worldwide as a performing artist. If that goal cannot be made into reality, Jenna hopes that her reach is extended far enough so that she can live comfortably and turn making music into her career.

C2 Eventz Provides Transportation and Guest Management Services for Atlanta Food & Wine Festival for Second Consecutive Year

LogoC2 Eventz Provides Transportation and Guest Management Services for Atlanta Food & Wine Festival for Second Consecutive Year

Eckankar Presents: Author Anne Archer Butcher Workshop & Book Signing "Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright" in Toronto, Ontario

LogoAnne Archer Butcher was swept out to sea and miraculously rescued by dolphins. She was cast out of her body in a near-death experience after a head-on collision with a truck. She fought malaria and won. Throughout the ordeals, adventures, and profound experiences contained in her new book from Eckankar, Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright, the author received clear and reliable inner guidance that helped her and others survive and thrive.

Raven's Passion: Second Volume in 'Passion's Series' Uses Story of Misfit Warrior to Help Young Readers Fight Adversity

During everyone’s coming-of-age journey, adversity often steps in. While most people believe that they are the only ones suffering in silence, a compelling new novel by author Mary Adair is showing the historical side of struggle – while giving young readers an opportunity to hear of another’s angst in a wholly unique way. It’s all part of ‘Raven’s Passion’, volume two of Adair’s ‘Passion’s Series’.

What's in It for Me? Rabbi's New Book Explores 'Middle Ground' in Scripture; Applying Biblical Teachings to 21st Century

While it may initially appear unlikely, Rabbi Stephen Fuchs is urging his readers not to take biblical narratives as gospel. Equally he is also calling on humanity not to dismiss these narratives as fiction. In his powerful new book that transcends denomination and even belief itself, Fuchs instead asks readers to explore the sacred ‘middle ground’ that exists – a place where essential life lessons can be uncovered.

William Coles Launches Competition for Literary Fiction Illustrators

William Coles, a retired academic ophthalmic surgeon, has spent the past two decades writing literary stories and lecturing about literary fiction. He has also created the “Story in Literary Fiction” website ( http://www.storyinliteraryfiction.com ) as an educational resource for writers.

The War Never Ended Memories of Holocaust Survivors

Moving novel based on 1200 interviews with Holocaust Survivors. The War never Ended – Memories of Holocaust Survivors by Simon Hammelburg is a fascinating book that reads like a novel but consists of facts, some of which have not been widely published.

Grandpa's Story: First Volume in Hair-Rising 'The Living Ghost' Series Urges Readers to Exercise Vigilance when Inviting Others Into Their Homes

While everyone likes to exercise trust and give those they meet the benefit of their doubt, a scary and thought-provoking new novel from Blessing Abiaka proves that doing so could prove disastrous.