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Ana Gasteyer and Christine Ebersole Bring Broadway Star-Power to New Orleans in 2015

The Broadway @ NOCCA series first launched in early 2013 when it made the leap from its now famous summer home at The Art House in Provincetown, MA. Beginning with no less than the legendary original "Evita" Patti LuPone, Broadway and Television's brightest lights have blazed a path to the Big Easy each season thanks to Producing Artistic Director Mark Cortale and Sirius XM radio star Seth Rudetsky. In this, the series' third season in New Orleans, the collective Broadway @ New Orleans series has already welcomed the debuts of Joanna Gleason - Tony-winner for "Into The Woods" and star of film's "Boogie Nights" and "The Wedding Planner" on on October 11 at Le Petit Theatre with special guests Well-Strung, the Singing String Quartet, followed by Cheyenne Jackson - star of TV's "30 Rock" and "Glee" and Broadway's "Damn Yankees" on November 7. This star-powered lineup continues into the new year with Ana Gasteyer - star of NBC's "Saturday Night Live," ABC's "Suburgatory" and Broadway's "Wicked" on March 28th, and Christine Ebersole - two-time Tony-winning star of Broadway's "Grey Gardens" and "42nd Street" on May 21, both at NOCCA and featuring Seth Rudetsky at the Piano. For tickets please visit www.broadwaynola.com or call 800-838-3006.

Android TV News the Voice Top 5 Party at Hyde in Hollywood

Android TV Headline News: Gwen Stefani looked amazing last night and was at Hyde Hollywood following a live taping of THE VOICE on NBC promoted her new single, Spark The Fire.

New Book Release - Three Blockbusters: Marketing, Sales and Speaking Secrets of the World's Superstar Lawyers by Author Michael Kuzilny

LogoA law professional’s must read, Kuzilny’s books will take you to the top of the law profession, whether it’s in the courts or at your firm.

D'Alexander Encourages Listeners to 'Be Great' on Debut Release

LogoHip Hop artists D’Alexander has had a passion for music since he was a child and has worked as an artist since he was a teenager. Then known as D-Tek, he decided to take his career in a different direction.

Henry Wilkins and Barry McDaniel Seek Funding Assistance via Kickstarter for Their Upcoming Documentary "the Great Costa Rica Rip Off"

LogoIn July 2010, American businessmen Henry Wilkins and Barry McDaniel purchased a tract of land in the sleepy Costa Rica village of Miramar. The idea was to develop the land for lower and middle income Costa Ricans, in concert with local government since there is a shortage of housing in Costa Rica. Having survived the harshest conditions of post war Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan, Costa Rica should have been easy. What they didn't anticipate is that everything they knew would be turned upside down. Shady locals and inept government bureaucracy conspired against them. On the brink of financial disaster and investor lawsuits, they forged forward to turn the entire scenario around through hard work, honesty and also incorporated the plight of those Costa Ricans who were victims of the same type of scam.

Jude Kriwald Looks to Garner Support via Kickstarter to Help Andrey Osyanin Publish the Photo Book "Unknown Kyrgyzstan"

Logo“Kyrgyzstan? Where is it?” – This is, perhaps, the most common question from people who hear about this country for the first time. This project’s goal is to make sure that after looking through this photo book this question will turn to exclamation – “Kyrgyzstan? I want to go there!”

The Happy Couple Duo Starts Kickstarter Campaign for Their New Venture "Traveling at the Speed of Light: A Brilliant Journey West"

LogoKaty and Zach make an adorable collaborative pair of artist/musicians. They met playing music together back in 2001 at the Governors School for Performing Arts and fell in love pretty soon after. Here they are now; thirteen glorious years later, and they have the pleasure of making art and music together as their profession.

The Happy Couple Duo Starts Kickstarter Campaign for Their New Venture "Traveling at the Speed of Light: A Brilliant Journey West"

LogoKaty and Zach make an adorable collaborative pair of artist/musicians. They met playing music together back in 2001 at the Governors School for Performing Arts and fell in love pretty soon after. Here they are now; thirteen glorious years later, and they have the pleasure of making art and music together as their profession.

Utica Based Rock Band Blame Anchor Goes Major Independent Route Through a Global Distribution Deal with Mahvrick

Mahvrick announced yesterday that "Blame's" deal will get their music out to Mobile Carriers and digital retailers worldwide. The deal includes R2G China, Orange France, and China Mobile which has reach into more than a billion phone subscribers in India and Asia. "We look for bands on the edge of breaking that on the verge of their first major tour...," says Pramo Virk Mahvrick UK Office. Mahvrick's Sr. Management has been a major component in breaking talent and plays a role in strategy for numerous music acts and celebrities from US to South Asia. It was the signature sound of Shawn Scribner's voice that made it easy for us to make a quick decision. The band is talented...Shawn is an exception," says Mahrvick's founder in an exclusive interview about Blame Anchor.

19image Productions Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Their Upcoming Short Film Infectious

LogoThis project was two years in development and the entire team at 19image Productions has worked so hard to just get this far. Actors and crew donated their time and talents to get all of our demos made for one goal of making the feature film INFECTIOUS. This is that last stage before they get to the feature film. They need to make a short to submit out to film festivals and gain more exposure and hopefully reach out to distributors and/or investors. Movie making is not cheap or easy, which makes the final product worth all the struggles along the way. 19image Productions is funding this project with loans and personal investments. They want to make a film that everyone who loves the zombie genre will thoroughly enjoy. That is why they have launched their Kickstarter campaign. They want the fans of this genre and fans of their concept to help them make this project a success. Zombie movies are a dime a dozen. People have seen hundreds of them in movie stores and on digital Medias like Netflix and Hulu. Quality will set INFECTIOUS apart from all these movies. This short will detail what happens to the main characters the night before where the feature film picks up. State Trooper Mark Foster and his family are heading to the emergency shelter when they cross paths with one of the infected. Local police officer Sharon Brochier has a similar encounter at the scene of an accident, after a high speed chase. The main characters are about to find out that things have gone past the point of containing the outbreak and that there is more to the infection then once thought. The initial funding target for this project is $15,000. However, 19image Productions would love to get as close to $35,000.00 as they can to reach their stretch goal. Kickstarter Page: http://kck.st/QCeRAm

Tree of Liberty: Who Will Lead the Second Revolution Against Tyranny?

LogoAmerica has found a new champion for its constitutional freedoms. Lawrence Allen, author of Tree of Liberty, is out to win the hearts and minds of America's millennial generation, by first trekking them through one of humanity’s hardest-won lessons from the past then catapulting them into the future where they are enlisted in the battle for the very survival of our republic.

MrFootage Is Offering the Widest Collection of Stock Footage at Really Affordable Prices

MrFootage the leading online retailer of high stock video footage is offering the widest collection of footage for movie and advertisement producers at highly reasonable prices. The company which is based in London, has earned a reputation for itself by offering the best footage, across a variety of genres at highly reasonable prices. The company takes great pride in the fact that some of the most famous movie producers choose it over the competitors for all their footage requirements.

Butchers Hook Brings Feature Film Opportunities for Everyone

Video production has emerged as a great mode of promoting products and services for companies. Not only are they attractive, but also conveys the message of the customers in a much easier manner. There are vast numbers of companies who have emerged to offer their services to help corporates promote their brands. However, most of these companies are expensive and can be difficult for each and every small customer to avail of. Moreover, not all of them might have the experience of projecting the videos in the manner desired. A video which is not made in accordance to the message which needs to be portrayed could be disastrous for a brand. This is why customers need to take services from a reliable and experienced service provider.

Dr. Randy Mitchmore, Announces Book Launch "The Gift of a Life Smile"

When the best cosmetic dentist Houston, Dr. Randy Mitchmore, announces he's about to make his debut as an author there's certainly some excitement. Dr. Mitchmore has a reputation of bringing a smile to everyone who passes through his office, a fact that makes his book all the more interesting.

New Children's Book About a Bear and a German Shepherd Puppy Available for Pre-Order on Nook

LogoWith an upcoming release date of May 8th, parents and children can pre-order Bear Dog Dog Bear by Tracy Falbe in the Barnes & Noble Nook store. The $2.99 ebook is a chapter book of about 12,000 words and introduces readers to the family of ten-year-old Daniel Wood who is on his way to adopt a German Shepherd puppy.

Blogger Sign Ups Open for Book Blast with Unlimited Free Ebook Prizes

LogoDesigned to appeal to bloggers who like to inform their readers about exciting indie fantasy reads, the Union of Renegades Book Blast organized by author Tracy Falbe is currently seeking blog hosts for the free ebook promotion running from May 5th to May 9th.

Smooth Jazz Artist Savio Rego's New Music Video Now on YouTube

Multi-instrumentalist Savio Rego is proud to announce that his new music video “Be Mine” for his new jazz album entitled “All I Want” can now be watched on YouTube. This will give his fans, listeners, and jazz music enthusiasts a new and better way to enjoy Rego’s music. Through this music video, individuals can have a glimpse at how he displays himself and better understand the powerful messages that the song delivers.

Bringing the United States Declaration Down to Earth, New Book Explores the Science Behind Humanity's Unalienable Rights' Under the Physical Laws of Nature

The scholar Thomas Jefferson, author of the United States Declaration of Independence, found it “self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

"Mind Your Business" Says Author of Groundbreaking New Book 'The Bronze Rule', Inspired by Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Case

Divvying up human beings into three groups: “teachers”, “social workers” and “missionaries”, author Mary Sisney explores how each of these groups would respond in certain situations in the prologue of her smart and funny new book, ‘The Bronze Rule’.

Creators of Three Tabletop Games and Plant Stamps Discuss Their Kickstarter Projects on Djgrandpa's Crib This Monday

LogoDJGrandpa’s Crib, The Crowdfunding Podcast, aims to give the creators a better chance to attract potential backers by showcasing their projects and telling their personal stories. The podcast goes live every Monday at 9:30 EST and is later available on iTunes and the website.

Alternative Health Solution News Healthy Beginnings Magazine Announces New Marketing Options on Hbmag.com for Local Chiropractors, Body Talk Practitioners, and Massage Therapists

LogoThe Latest Trends about Alternative Health for everyday living are found here at HB (Healthy Beginnings) Magazine. Since each body has its own unique healing path, there’s no one size-fits all approach to achieving total health.

Top Natural Health Remedy News Healthy Beginnings Magazine Announces New Advertising Options on Hbmag.com for Local Eye Doctors, Massage Therapists, and Skin Care

LogoThe Latest Trends about Alternative Health for everyday living are found here at HB (Healthy Beginnings) Magazine. Since each body has its own unique healing path, there’s no one size-fits all approach to achieving total health.

Kingdom Living Blueprint: Compelling New Book Helps Readers Activate Their God-Given Purpose

While everyone has their place in God’s plan, trying to figure what it is can be is tough at best. In fact, millions leave this life having never figured out where they slot in. Thankfully, a powerful and life-changing new book by author Andre R. Jones will now help anyone find their God-given purpose with ease.

Murder Mystery Texas Announces Summer Mystery Destinations

LogoCouples who have been married for many years often find that they struggle to find new ways to stay connected and new experiences that they can share. All too often the couple falls into the same old patterns over and over again, and that takes a lot of the spark out of the relationship. Murder Mystery Texas has an innovative solution that can help revitalize a marriage and create memories the couple will remember fondly for years to come.

DTLA Creative Studio Announces 3rd Year Anniversary Event and Celebrity Clients

LogoOpulen Studios is a Downtown Los Angeles Photography Studio and Event Space located only blocks from the Los Angeles Convention Center, Staples Center and LA Live. It’s an ideal space for art exhibitions, events, photography, studio rental or as a filming location.

PRC Book Printing Service Now Offering Touch & Feel Board Books

LogoPRC Book Printing Service is now offering touch and feel board books. Board books are specifically designed for children up to four years old. Pages made from thick paper stock are easier to turn and harder to tear. Board books are perfect for early childhood authors who use few words and geared more toward the illustrations. They can be produced in any fun shape or size to fit with the theme of the book including plants, animals, and vehicles. PRC Book Printing Service prints all books with soy ink to protect children and the environment.

New Resource Guide Outlines Mind Empowerment Discourse to Boost Confidence & Success

In his new Book, "Thoughts of a Pure Mind - Find Power In Your Thoughts" Author Calvin Bland creates a down to earth metaphysical literary experience designed to guide readers into the realm of brain empowerment.