Entertainment Press Releases

Pulse Entertainment Partnering with Serendipity Studios for Unique Wedding Experience

When couples are getting ready to tie the knot, the extensive planning process is stressful and time consuming. For a one-of-a-kind and unique wedding experience, Pulse Entertainment is proud to offer more than just wedding entertainment, but event planning as well. With the area's top MC's and entertainers, their partnership with Serendipity Studios will take care of video and photography production.

City Tap House Hosts Inaugural Oyster "Shuckfest" on Memorial Day

Trying to find one of the best bars in DC to celebrate Memorial Day this year? City Tap House DC, the craft beer-focused restaurant near the Verizon Center, is celebrating Memorial Day with its inaugural Oyster "Shuckfest" Monday, May 25th from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Guests are encouraged to stop by the restaurant to enjoy delicious food, live blue grass music, and a game of cornhole on the expansive outdoor patio.

Watch out American Idol; This New Online Contest Wants to Disrupt Talent Shows Worldwide

SuperXtar, an online singing talent contest has launched a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo last week. The founders are seeking to raise $100,000 of seeding capital for their new platform.

"Queen of Butt Injections" Is out of Prison, Baring Naked Truth on Her Life, Humanity's Self-Image & the Lengths Some Will Take for the Perfect Booty

While spending hundreds of hours in hotel rooms injecting silicone into the butts of everyone from housewives to celebrities, cosmetologist Kimberly Smedley didn’t ever think she’d land in jail. However, what to her was the simple fulfillment of her clients’ desires for beauty and confidence was to the law an illegal commerce of a mislabeled, misbranded device. Smedley has now done her time, and is releasing a book that tells the real story of the underground butt injection world.

Out from the Underworld: Tragedy & Dark Humor Collide, as Searing New Memoir Takes "Anti-Self Pity" Approach to Motherlessness & Dysfunction

When a young girl is unnecessarily thrust upon strangers to raise her, is made to sleep next to a noxious oil burner, and must learn to live with her father’s apathetic silence about her mother’s whereabouts, many would think there is little room for hope. But in this ultimately uplifting new memoir, Heather Siegel showcases this oftentimes risible life through engrossing vignettes and plenty of dark humor.

The King of All Elvis Books 73 Interviews, 9 Trips to Memphis and Hundreds of Research Hours Lead to Definitive Biography of History's Most Enigmatic Star

While nobody can deny Elvis Presley’s history-changing influence on both music and popular culture, six-hundred-million record sales still result in a man few actually understand. In fact, many career Elvis experts and impersonators such as Dennis W. Forbus are steadfast in their belief that most existing information about ‘The King of Rock-n-Roll’ is misunderstood or skewed. In an effort to showcase the real man behind the music, Forbus has set out on a worlds-first and most unique literary project.

New American-English Film Company Launches Kickstarter to Fund Feature

There is nothing more exciting than the thrill of a high-concept fantasy film. These days those films appear to be dictated by the studios who make them, as the cost of special effects puts their creation out of reach of small independent companies. However, one such American-English company is not giving up on a dream and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to make their fantasy feature a reality.

Discosource Professional DJs Versus an Amateur DJ: Does It Pay to Pay a Bit Higher for That Dream Wedding?

LogoEvery couple who are planning their wedding dreams nothing but that day to be extra special. However, cost is one of the major factors that need to be considered. Hiring a DJ is one thing that would entail a high cost –if the DJ who will be hired is a professional one.

AMB Credit Consultants Makes the Cover of Southern Dallas Magazine

After years of hard work – kicking, screaming, and proving to average American families that credit repair is NOT a poison but rather a power to protect oneself – that it’s something real and achievable … this Dallas based company has made the September 2014 cover of Southern Dallas Magazine after proving themselves to magazine owner, James Thomas.

Billionaires Row Presents the 4th Annual African NAFCA Awards African Oscars at Legendary Saban Theatre Los Angeles September 13

LogoAttending Special NAFCA Award Honorees include Stars Sir Sidney Poitier, Louis Gossett Jr. (Lifetime Achievement Award in Cinema) and Isaiah Washington (Humanitarian Award). The NAFCA Special Honors were presented for the first time in 2011 to President Nelson Mandela. Recipients of this award in subsequent years include President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia, President Jonathan E. Goodluck and President Ellen J. Sirleaf.

7 Years in North Korea: Extraordinary Insights Into Life Behind the Last Iron Curtain

Felix Abt lived and worked in North Korea from 2002 to 2009. His anomalous position as a self-confessed capitalist in the most stringent communist country on the planet led to a multitude of fascinating, unexpected and even bizarre experiences. He has captured all this in his intriguing book A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom. It reveals “otherwise unavailable details and unique insights”[1] into this most secretive of countries and its people. No one can read this acutely observed account without having many of their preconceptions turned on their heads.

Global Entertainment Holdings Announces Product Updates

LogoGlobal Entertainment Holdings (GBHL), a fully reporting company consists of: Global Universal Film Group, Global Entertainment Film Fund LLC, Global Entertainment Media, and You’ve Got the Part, Inc. The Los Angeles based firm has been instrumental in creating low-risk investment opportunities by utilizing large tax credits, co-treaty productions/financing, post-production deferments/hedging strategies, geographical production ( in respect to tax deductions) and back-end participation arrangements with production talent.

In Wake of Robin Williams' Suicide, Former Alcoholic & Author Urges the Addicted to Kill Their Desires - Not Fight Them

When a warm Monday evening was disrupted by the global news that Robin Williams had taken his own life, billions became acutely aware of the stark realities of addiction. Updated news reports hint to the fact that Williams’ downfall was linked to his ongoing quest to fight the addictions brought on by depression. One former alcoholic and now inspirational author has a frank message for the world – fighting these demons won’t help. They have to be killed.

Kickstarter Revamps 80's Horror Films with "Poopface"

New horror movie “Poopface” is quickly becoming one of the most popular projects on Kickstarter. In a world on its way to the 100th Transformer’s movie sequel it’s refreshing to see a new movie sparking interest that goes against the grain. The preview for the film can be seen at http://kck.st/1raKrGa.

Matthew J. Roch Looks to Raise $100,000 via Indiegogo to Complete His Upcoming Feature Film Sommer Breeze

LogoSommer Breeze was formerly known as The Sacrifice. After many meetings and counseling with various writers and producers and endless rewrites, Matthew J. Roch is proud to present his first full length feature dramedy. This movie captures the story of a young lifeguard getting caught in a life-choosing crossroad between his career and love life. Just when he thought he had it all figured out, life throws him a curveball at the worst time.

Christina Custode's New Album Kicks off With Kickstarter

A soon-to-be-launched new music album featuring throaty vocals and reflective contemplation is sure to be a big hit, but the community of music lovers need to come together to help this amazing artist achieve a major feat – covering the engineering and production costs.

Discosource Professional DJs Unveils the Guidelines in Choosing the Music Set for That Dream Wedding

LogoHere are some useful tips and ideas from Discosource Professional DJs in arranging the perfect selection of music for that momentous day. In most parts these guidelines may specifically be tackling about weddings however they can be applied to any type of events as well.

The Exploiter Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Story of Extraordinary Life

The Exploiter claims to have made millions exploiting targets people want to see punished. Positioning himself as something of a more selfish Robin Hood, he has walked telemarketers, debt collectors, online casinos and even multinational corporations into traps finding vulnerabilities to exploit for each one. Now, finally, exploit specialist offers a crowdfunding opportunity to tell his story.

Newtown Party Rental Featuring New Chair Rentals on Website This August

Newtown Party Rental is pleased to announce they are now featuring new chair rentals on their website this August. Individuals who are planning on hosting a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other type of event this fall can a wide section of chair rentals that can add style and class to any occasion.

Got Shakesfear? Relax, New York Times Bestselling Author James Reese Presents Shakespeare300, a New iPhone App

LogoAfter 15 years of publishing for adults and young adults (including 5 books published in 12 languages), New York Times bestselling author James Reese has brought his penchant for gripping narrative and expansive knowledge of the classics to the iPhone and iPad. Shakespeare300, the new app written by Reese, provides portable insight into all of Shakespeare’s plays. Presented in a highly visual style, it features colorful maps and infographics, with introductions and synopses, and a wealth of extras written by Reese himself.

Tents & Events Now Offering Full Line of Rental Chairs This August

LogoTents & Events is pleased to announce they’re providing a full line of rental chairs this August. While at an event, guests prefer sitting over standing. Along with their tent rentals, this company also provides chairs for guests to sit on.

Edward Bass Appointed to Create Splash Magazine's Top Ten Best Dressed List

Edward Bass has been appointed to decide on the Top 10 Best Dressed Women in the world for Splash Magazine, it was announced today. Bass is bi-coastal but has had residences in London, Paris, and Moscow, always in the company of the unusually talented in each city.

Austin Bachelorette Party Organizer and Dance Studio VAMPS Now Offers Aerial Silks Classes

LogoLeading Austin dance studio VAMPS, Vertical Aerial Movement & Pole Studio, has recently announced that they will now provide aerial silks classes at their new aerial studio in East Cesar Chavez. VAMPS has also announced its August Special Offer in which a student of the aerial classes can bring a friend for free for a single class.

Fatherless Daughter Advocate, Angela Is Thrilled to Introduce Her New Soon to Be Released Documentary, "The Making of a Fatherless Daughter"

According to research, one in three children grow up without a father, with reports stating that a child growing up in such an environment are more likely to live in poverty. http://www.fatherlessdaughters.net know only to well the realty of a daughter growing up without their father and the impact it has on their life.

Superior Quality Artist Brush Set Has Become a Big Seller on Amazon

Art Supply Central has launched a quality handcrafted artist brush set on Amazon, which has become popular with artist lovers. The Quality artist brush set that has liquid holding capacity and detailed, sharp finish, has become one of the biggest artist brush set sellers on Amazon.

BestCamModels.com Offers the Best Entertainment Chat Online

With an internet chat room providing a lot of benefits to users, Bestcammodels.com has made it a lot better by offering entertainment chats online. This leading online chat portal announces best interactive chat with people of same ages, culture and country and assures providing ultimate fun to their members..

"Rain Dance: The 3 Eloquent Solutions to Business Profitability and Sustainability" Tops Amazon Business Best Seller in 4 Days

“Rain Dance: The 3 Eloquent Solutions to Business Profitability and Sustainability,” by Legend People Research and Marketing CEO and Founder, Dr. Kimberly Bonniksen has claimed Amazon Business Best Seller status in just 4 days.