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Child's First Library Gets the Design Experts' Approval in Junior Design Awards 2014

Tidy Books, the children’s bookcase company, has received the seal of approval from parenting and style experts, in the Junior Design Awards announced today. Tidy Books’ bookcase, which is an ideal first library for a child, has been shortlisted in the Best Furniture Collection category in this year’s awards.

Polo Shirt Designer and Owner of Billionaires Row Champagne Signs Deal with a Content Publishing Company

CEO of Billionaires Row Collective William Benson created a luxury clothing line around his own lifestyle. Benson, who is known for creating high fashion polo and sport wear has also launched a successful champagne company before he was thirty years old. "He spent $86,000 on sponsored liquor at Trump Soho three years ago. A light bulb went off," says Mahee. Now, William Benson has created luxury wear for Polo Golf, Yachting, Tennis, and will be a featured designer at Fashion Weeks in New York, Los Angeles and Miami in 2015.

New Paranormal Thriller by Michael Brown - "The Consecration of Jacob Jordaens" - Creating Quite a Buzz

Michael Brown’s latest release, “The Consecration of Jacob Jordaens”, will no doubt delight his many fans. This new Paranormal Thriller puts readers on the edge of their seats, and the reviews from readers in general have been quite positive. Many literary critics comment that this new book is destined to become a top seller in this genre.

Julio A. Alonzo and Carlos Medrano Seek Funds Through Kickstarter for an Episodic Series "Escorted Chronicles"

Logo'Escorted Chronicles' is a short film that will engage audiences who love a dark crime drama filled with action, violence, and everything in between. When out of production, Escorted Chronicles will go to market as a short-film then at a later time, hosted as a episode one for the web series.

Danny Cahill, Season 8 Winner of the Biggest Loser and Author of "Lose Your Quit" Joins Kelly Riggs on "The Business LockerRoom"

LogoVoice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer,producing and syndicating online audio and video, today announced that the Season 8 winner of The Biggest Loser winner, Danny Cahill, will join Kelly Riggs, host of The Business LockerRoom radio program on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel (http://www.voiceamericabusiness.com) Monday, April 14, at 1 p.m. Pacific Time.

Highly Acclaimed Bangkok and New-York Based Film Director, Jan Mantanakorn's Film Chosen as Official Selection for La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

LogoDubbed ‘a new generation of emerging filmmaker and photographer’, Jan Mantanakorn was noticed as the youngest commercial director in Thailand at the age of 25. The artistic virtuoso has collaborated with the likes of well-known companies such as Unilever and Magnum and her work has been presented by various newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Berlin-Based French Director, Damien Elroy Vignaux's Film "HINE" Chosen as Official Selection for La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

LogoUsing a crossover of traditional film techniques and cutting-edge contemporary illustration skills, Damien elroy Vignaux’s talents have been sought out by clients including Nike, Adidas, and Yves Saint Laurent. The creative’s desire to experiment has enabled him to produce unique and timeless anecdotes.

GotLuckie.com Presents: As Seen on VegasTV

WWW.GOTLUCKIE.COM Presents: airing on VegasTV E/O SAT AT 11pm , WWW.GOTLUCKIE .COM Created By URBAN MARKETING GURU LUCKIE MASERATI Luckie has over 10 years of entertainment diversified experience as President of Jaguar Entertainment, Executive Vice President of Gorilla Records and MoneyBag Boyz. His industry experience includes hosting events, managing, marketing and promoting artists with strong interpersonal, analytical and technical skills.

An American Legend Is Portrayed on Film by Eric St. John

Vietnam War hero, Colonel John W. Ripley is portrayed by Eric St. John in director Fred Koster’s new film, “Ride the Thunder.” Based on the best-selling book by Richard Botkin, this film portrays the actions of one of America’s greatest war heroes who stunned the world with his efforts to destroy the bridge at Dong Ha on Easter Sunday morning, 1972. This movie tells the story of those events, events that are the basis for a Legendary Marine story that is taught at the Marine Academy and resulted in dozens of medals for Ripley. The film is slated to begin production in May, 2014. More information on the lead actor, Eric St. John, is available at http://www.imdb.me/ericstjohn.

In3Tagen Empowers Canadian Viewers of Streaming Services with Greater Options

In3Tagen announced the immediate availability of a comprehensive resource directed at Canadian viewers of Netflix and other streaming services. Consumers who visit the site will find simple instructions which will help them to gain access to the larger libraries that such services often make available to subscribers in the United States.

Gabi Rosca and Ilinca Pintilie Seek to Raise € 10.000,00 Through Gofundme Campaign for the Project "Transylvania Timelapse - The Story Never Told"

LogoTransylvania is the largest historical region of Romania and the best well known, especially when it comes to vampires. If you don't believe that vampires are actually walking on the streets, well, you are right. There are no vampires in Transylvania, but there are still many traditional folktales about warewolves and people believe that some of their neighbours have the ability to shapeshift into wolves when the dark comes.

New Book Explains Potentially Home-Saving Facts About the Modern Foreclosure System

Facing foreclosure? There may be hope yet. Ron Foster, author of “The Layman’s Guidebook to Fighting Foreclosure” has published a new book that explains some fascinating, and potentially home-saving facts about the modern foreclosure system.

The Crying Orchid: Searing Novel Puts Spotlight on Domestic Violence

Child and Family Therapist Gabriela Elias has seen the agony and heartbreak that comes from domestic violence and child abuse. In her debut novel, ‘The Crying Orchid’, Elias brings much-needed awareness to these issues, while still writing a raw and detailed fictionalized account of one woman’s stormy and painful marriage.

Zing, Sang, T.J. S: Author Urges Smokers to "Put Down Cigarettes"

Jane Galitello is dedicated to working for humanity and helping others. In her new book, she tells of how her own life turned tragic as a result of smoking tobacco and takes readers close to death as she endures lung cancer. It was during this time that Galitello was led by God to study and bring out to readers the study of tobacco - a "killer”. Her book exposes how tobacco is a money maker to harm everyone’s health, life and soul. Zing Sang is reaching out to people everywhere to stop them smoking, now!

The Music Industry Self Help Guide - Taking Your First Steps Towards Trampling over the Obstacles in an Independent Market

LogoThe first volume in a series of music education guidebooks that provides valuable resources for emerging artists along with the building blocks necessary to create leverage and equity in their career.

Sweepstake.com, the Largest Sweepstakes Portal Launching This Summer

LogoEveryone likes to win something, and some win more than others. But what if there was a place where everyone wins or at least has a better chance to become a sweepstakes winner?

Six Weeks to Love Running, by Dr. Julie Sieben, Helps Revive the Lost Art of Running

LogoMeeting her deadlines is given, for Dr. Julie Sieben. As expected, she turned her latest manuscript in to her editor early that morning, never realizing how much those moments would redefine her passion for running. On April 15, 2013, the day her manuscript was due, the Boston Marathon was derailed by one of the most heinous bombings in the history of the United States. Runners and innocent bystanders were injured and killed.

Fuzzy Logic Entertainment Through Kickstarter Presents "OLD NICK" to Raise $9000 Through Crowdfunding.

LogoA comedy/fantasy about a man who believes he alone must SAVE THE WORLD every night. Starring Drew Smith and American Idol Alexis Grace.

True Success by Choice: New Book Details One Man's Journey to Fulfill Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream of a United America

In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. famously said: “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: 'We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.'”

LUXX Lounge Now Hosting Bachelorette Parties This Spring 2014

LogoWith the warm weather starting to arrive, wedding season is just around the corner. Taking a break from dress shopping and wedding planning, bridesmaids are gearing up for one last celebration before the vows are said and the ring is placed on the bride’s finger. When looking for one last night on the town, Atlantic City is a popular destination for celebrations. This spring season, LUXX Lounge is excited to announce they will be playing host to the wildest and craziest bachelorette parties in AC.

Author of Amazon Bestselling Suspense Novel to Appear in TV Interview

Bonnie W. Vause, author of Fast Escape, is appearing in a TV interview for the first time today. The interview is set to air, Tuesday,  8th April 2014, on a North Carolina, USA, television station WRAL.

How to Defeat Any Cancer: A New E-Book That Details the Secret to Living a Life of Balance, Harmony, and Vibrant Health

Ron Harder has spent almost two decades researching how the human body functions, and in his groundbreaking new book, ‘How To DEFEAT ANY CANCER’, he details in simple, effective language what he believes to be the answers for living a long and healthy life - free from disease.

Suspense/Thriller Novel 'Fast Escape' Attains Bestselling Status in Amazon

Fast Escape, the mystery/suspense title most recently released by Books Authors and Artists, has already reached the Top 100 chart in its Kindle category.

Novels Set in New Orleans: New Book 14 Notches Now Available on Amazon

Raegan Publishing has just announced the release of their latest novel set in New Orleans, and the early reviews have been impressive. Author Tyronne Jacques takes readers on a journey through the French Quarters to the Lower 9th Ward in a suspense thriller that spans from 1838 to present day. The book 14 Notches also takes readers inside the Slave and Slave Master living arrangement that existed in the homes located in the French Quarters during Slavery.

Laureate Trust to Develop Entertainment Division for Investment in James Franco Films

LogoLaureate BVI media/entertainment division will be working in partnership with financial institutions HSBC, Citco and Asholt Investments to arrange multi-film slate deals with studios and then arranging financial support.

Dragonfury Series: Meet the Best Kept Secret in Paranormal Romance

Sex. Violence. Dragons. What more could a reader ask for? Not much, say fans of the ‘Dragonfury’ Series by Coreene Callahan … except, of course, for the author to keep writing.

Lockdown: Earth-Shaking New Novel Fictionalizes Aftermath of Imminent 'Big One' Earthquake

Everyone fears it, everyone has been warned to prepare for it and residents in the Pacific Northwest know deep down that the dreaded ‘Big One’ earthquake will ultimately shake their world. Anticipated to strike the Cascadia Subduction Zone at some point, the megathrust earthquake is brought to life before it actually strikes in a compelling new novel by Maggie Bolitho.