Entertainment Press Releases

Lifehouse Live at the Kansas Star Arena October 11

American rock band, Lifehouse, will perform live at the Kansas Star Arena on October 11.

A History in Perspective: Discosource Professional DJs Accounts the Metamorphosis of the Disc Jockey World

It all started with the invention of the phonoautograph in 1857 by Leon Scott. It was the world’s ever first device to record sound. Thomas Edison’s phonogaphi cylinder then followed. It was then capable of playing back recorded sounds. Interesting as it seems, the first ever disc jockey in the world was first heard in 1909. He is Ray Newby of California.

The Haunted Trail: Chilling Novel Dumps Readers Into Lunatic-Infested Irish Forest, for Horror Story Dubbed "Truly Creepy" by Critics

Every American with Irish heritage is deeply proud of their roots. However, a stunning and powerful debut horror novel by John Lukegord presents a cast of Dubliners that nobody wants to be associated with. Not because they’re mentally ill, but because their relationship with locals is murderous to say the least.

Unstoppable: Gripping & Inspirational New Biography Fires Up Cylinders on Remarkable Life Story of Hollywood's Deaf Stuntwoman, Kitty Linn O'Neil

Imagine sitting on the skids of a helicopter cruising 180 feet above an air bag you’re about to jump into; many would think that all five senses would be working overtime to make the difference between life and death. Kitty Linn O-Neil has been in situations like this many times, with an abnormal level of brevity that has seen her not only rise to become Hollywood’s top stuntwoman, but break plenty of records in the process. Oh yes, and she’s deaf.

Presidential Approval: Intense New Political Thriller Gives Vital Insight Into Work & Sacrifices of Nation's Counterterrorist Heroes

With recent air strikes in Iraq putting Islamic terrorism back on the radar of the average American, many are turning to related fiction to gain a deeper insight into the threats society faces and what is being done to fight them. While its pertinent timing wasn’t planned, Walter Blair’s ‘Presidential Approval’ is feeding the curiosity of thousands who demand compelling fiction that twists plenty of real-world fact into the fray.

Poet Sandradene Walters Releases the Passages of Love

LogoBlue Artists will release the latest work of author and poet Sandradene Walters with The Passages of Love.  This book of poetry is the author's second work and includes many of her latest poems.

Tubidy Offers Mp3 Songs, Music and Videos Search for Mobile

With more and more websites being created daily for the purpose of providing people with a way to listen or download songs whenever they want, it definitely gets difficult for a person to find the most exclusive one amongst them. However, Tubidy has managed to become a favorite of countless people worldwide since the mobile search engine for mp3 songs and music videos is exceptionally convenient and easy to use on a daily to day basis. Not only is the site quite user-friendly but it also provides individuals with swift search results of their favorite songs.

Volumes 1 and 2 of "Great Gospel Classics" Album Being Released

September 16th, 2014 marks the release of “Great Gospel Classics: Songs of Praise and Worship” Volumes 1 and 2, as part of Sonorous Entertainment's new six CD compilation.Both albums feature the inspirational and influential gospel artists from the legendary House of Beauty (HOB) record label. Listen to these vintage gospel tracks that have been digitally enhanced and remastered from the original recordings, while having the integrity of the originals maintained. “Great Gospel Classics: Songs of Praise and Worship” Volume 1 features artists and groups such as “The King of Gospel Music” Reverend James Cleveland, “The First Lady of Gospel Music” Shirley Caesar, The Harmonizing Four, The Dixie Hummingbirds and The Staple Singers. Volume 1 has such classics as The Staple Singers' “Swing Down Sweet Chariot” and “No Charge” by Shirley Caesar. Volume 2 of the series delivers the same vintage gospel music of both well-known favorites and lesser remembered gems. Hear the Swan Silvertones version of “This Little Light of Mine”, as well as “Somewhere to Lay My Head” by the Highway Q.C.'s.

Lush to Blaze Wembley Arena at the Street Dance XXL Global Championship

On July 20, 2014 electrifying performance artist LUSH will Blaze the stage at the prestige Wembley Arena for the Global Street Dance Championships this year.

Author Debra S. Welch's eBook Cedar Woman, Emerges a Huge Hit Among Native American Fiction Fans Across the Globe

Author Debra S. Welch’s eBook Cedar Woman, has emerged as a huge hit among Native American fiction fans across the globe. The eBook by Debra chronicles the life of Lena, a modern Native American woman, on her journey to find her soul mate, and has been praised for its authenticity in depicting Native American life. The eBook has been featured by Kindle Fire User Group, an independent organization that represents Kindle Fire Users as the book of the week.

Through My Lens: A Creative and Inspiring Photobook by Achraf Baznani

"Through my lens" is an extremely creative photobook by the artist photographer Achraf Baznani (http://www.baznani.com/through-my-lens/), that is yet authored with pictures but holds a different meaning all together. The main thought behind this is “pictures speak louder than words”. This is a book with 62 pages a number of various kinds of pictures. All these pictures are expressing individual’s emotions, as if speaking on their behalf.

2Leaf Press Publishes "The Death of the Goddess, an Epic Poem" by Patrick Colm Hogan

Logo2Leaf Press is pleased to announce the publication of THE DEATH OF THE GODDESS, A POEM IN TWELVE CANTOS by Patrick Colm Hogan. THE DEATH OF THE GODDESS is an epic, narrative poem that is a moving account of affection, personal loss, and grief. Inspired by Buddhism, Indic thought and Hogan’s reading of the BHAGAVAD GITA, the central figures of THE DEATH OF THE GODDESS is two lovers who refuse to accept unjust social hierarchies and suffer separation and death for that choice. Pre-order on Amazon.com today!

2leaf Press Publishes "Puerto Rican Folktales/Cuentos Folcloricos Puertorriquenos" by Lisa Sánchez González

Logo2Leaf Press is pleased to announce the publication of PUERTO RICAN FOLKTALES/CUENTOS FOLCLÓRICOS PUERTORRIQUEÑOS by Lisa Sánchez González, the first collection in nearly 50 years of traditional Puerto Rican folktales and legends presented in a bilingual edition. Rendered as wonderful short stories for both children and adults alike, author Sánchez González researched these colonial stories and updated them from a contemporary perspective with the beauty, humor, and urgent honesty they deserve. With translations by Bayrex and beautiful illustrations by Teolilo Olivieri, PUERTO RICAN FOLKTALES is 2Leaf Press’ first hardcover, 4-color book. PUERTO RICAN FOLKTALES will release on October 1, 2014 and is available to pre-order on AMAZON.COM

2Leaf Press Publishes Ezra E. Fitz's Debut Novel, "The Morning Side of the Hill"

Logo2Leaf Press is pleased to announce the publication of THE MORNING SIDE OF THE HILL by novelist and literary translator Ezra E. Fitz. In THE MORNING SIDE OF THE HILL, Fitz asks readers: What if you anted up and kicked in everything you had on a belief, a hope, a dream, on faith, and you lost? This is one of the questions facing Willie and Mo, the two insecure, incomplete protagonists that was inspired by William Faulkner’s classic novel, THE WILD PALMS. THE MORNING SIDE OF THE HILL will release on October 1, 2014 and is available to pre-order on AMAZON.COM

Jazz Organization and Texas Film Company Join Forces to Launch Indiegogo Campaign for Jazz Documentary

Like genealogies, oral histories are an indispensable component of the cultural fabric. Often forgotten is the impact that music makes in people's lives. Many can recount stories of how a certain tune brought back many fond memories of past events. The music of the ‘40s era is no exception. Often considered the soundtrack of World War II and the Korean War, Jazz and the Big Band sound dominated the radio airwaves and have influenced daily life even today. The Austin Jazz Alliance and Kianga Films have come together to tell the story of Jazz trumpeter, Dr. Joe Bryant, and have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to make this documentary happen.

Award Winning Debut Novel Strikes the Right Balance with Critics and Judges

LogoAuthor Nancy Klann-Moren's debut novel, "The Clock Of Life" has been recognized as a front runner in the expanding world of indie-publishing, including:

The HoloDamn Universe: Inspirational New Autobiography Gives Rare Insight Into Challenges & Struggles of Fine Art Holography Business

While holographic art may seem enigmatic to most, those producing it are both creative and technical masters of their field; some of the most magnificent visionaries ever to grace the art world. Following four decades of working in relative silence, one such individual is coming out of the woodwork to share his story.

Recording Festival Open Gates to Submissions

LogoInternational Band Incubator, RecordingFestival.com, Offers Three Bands An Opportunity To Record In Ireland. Early entries include Of Gentlemen and Cowards, Kate Parsons and more.

Studio824 Launches Kickstarter Project for Michael Grimm's New Release Generation Next

LogoMichael Grimm is back and taking his music career in a new direction as he dedicates himself to his fans and delivering a new album he knows his fans will love. On the heels of the immense fame he garnered on America’s Got Talent leading to over 4 million fans voting him the winner in 2010, the corporate juggernaut known as the recording industry signed Michael to a recording contract.

Confessions of a Gay Boy That Became a Woman: Raw & Frank New Autobiography Gives Voice to Gay Individuals Afraid to Come Out

Everyone has dreams. For some it is material and for others it’s to achieve a certain status in society. For Aynat Fox, it was to become a woman. Fox spent decades as a gay man who struggled to be free and proud in a world that wouldn’t accept his sexual identity. She broke through the adversity, became the woman she had always dreamed of and is now sharing her journey with the world.

DIXIE: Celebrated New Series Thrusts Readers Into Tumultuous 1960s/70s Deep South, as Troubled Young Man Dabbles with Notorious "Dixie Mafia"

America’s Deep South boasts a fascinating if often uneasy history. Known for its passionate people and their unwavering commitment to embracing culture, it has also long been a subject for some of the nation’s most powerful fiction. However, Sybil Watters’ ‘DIXIE’ series is unlike anything written before.

What We Weren't Taught About the Bible and Its History: New "Bible Digest" Explains Scripture from Original Hebrew Perspective

There’s no way to sugarcoat it; millions of Believers struggle to understand the Bible due to its random ordering and presentation of the Holy Scriptures from a Hebrew cultural perspective. This ‘disconnect’ is so much of an epidemic that Christianity is losing millions of followers each year who become frustrated and ultimately give up. In a true world’s first, an Ohioan Rabbi has condensed pertinent Scripture into not only a logical order, but with explanations so that their Hebrew perspective makes powerful sense and turns the book into the life-changing text it was intended to be.

Debut Novel Eugenia: An Epic Twenty-Five Years in the Making

It is a day burned into the minds of South Africans. Tuesday September 6th, 1966, the day that the man known as the "Architect of Apartheid" was stabbed to death before the House of Assembly in Cape Town. This shocking assassination forms the explosive backdrop of a stunning first novel from an author to watch:

Texan Launches Indiegogo to Watch Make Movie Watching Social

There was a time in the early days of TV and movies when a show wasn't just an episode, but an event. Elvis and the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, the first Survivor, the movie Titanic, the movie Gone With the Wind. So many memories. Yet with streaming, movies and TV have become more like music. One listens alone with headphones turning the experience into a solitary activity. One man from Texas, Brandon Overton, hopes to change all that with a new smartphone app and he's launched an Indiegogo campaign to cover the costs of app development.

Indie Author Invites New iPhone 6 Users to Read Free iBook

LogoAmid the anticipation for the new iPhone 6 on September 19, lovers of literature have something to get excited about too. Apple’s new operating system iOS8 includes the iBooks app and gives one touch access to Apple’s global ebook store.

Game-Changing New Book for Educators Condenses Cutting-Edge Brain Science Into Six Proven Principles for 'Brain-Friendly Teaching'

With four decades of research and over one-hundred books and scientific journal articles to his name, Dr. Spencer is on the cutting edge of revolutionizing teaching practices. His latest book breaks convention and bucks the trend of intricacy to expose a model that cuts to the very core of educational psychology – aligning teaching practices with how brains best learn. Dr. Kagan calls it ‘Brain-Friendly Teaching’.

Why Is the Moon Following Me: Long Awaited Children's Book Uses Gravitational Pull of Fun & Adventure to Teach Early Astronomy & "Real Science"

It’s a fact; kids ask a lot of questions. While adults can try their best to answer most of them, children’s curiosity about space and the wider universe often leaves their parents stumped for answers. In a bold move by a brave California-based writers’ co-operative, many of these questions are being addressed in ‘Why is the Moon Following Me?’ a book of short, fun and educational poems that introduce early astronomy in a way never before attempted.