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Hell on Wheels, AMC - Canadian Actor Sheldon Charron Lands Recurring Role

AMC's hit television show Hell On Wheels first aired back in 2011, and actor Sheldon Charron had dreamed of being a part of it ever since. It took four years, but this September, he finally booked a role.

Director Arturo Alanis Has Launched an Indiegogo Campaign to Support the "Lamia" Project

Director Arturo Alanis is heading up a crew of young independent filmmakers who are putting a new slant on a traditional film genre, the horror movie.

Why the Decline of Christianity in the World?: New Book Sparks Global Controversy; Claiming the Gospels Contain Lies & Jesus Was Neither the Son of God - Nor Was He Cruci

There really is no way to sugarcoat it; Christianity is declining at an alarming rate, as young people shun religion and previously-committed Christians convert to Atheism due to lack of answers to the myriad of questions thrown up by the Gospels. For the first time in history, a game-changing and searing new book explains why, while proving that few even have a basic knowledge of the real Jesus, God and Heaven.

Some Fine Woman: Blind Author's Gripping New Novel Showcases Seniors' Tumultuous Attempt at Traditional Dating in a Modern World

Gone are the days when hitting the big six-oh meant resigning one’s self to slippers and daytime television. With modern-day culture placing a huge focus on revitalized senior youth, millions are quickly learning that this new lease of life also reawakens struggles and dilemmas that were traditionally assigned to ‘growing up’.

The Fourth Dimension of Existence: Game-Changing Book Exposes Possible Fourth Dimension, Providing Answers to Life, Death & Universal Mysteries

Since the dawn of time humanity has tried to answer seemingly impossible questions about its existence. Scholars, clergy and laypeople have dedicated their entire lives to answering such questions, but Canada’s Dr. Nasr Saad believes he knows why they fail to succeed. In short, it’s impossible to provide rational answers while constrained to three dimensions.

Gripping & Hair-Raising Book of Short Stories Depicts Grueling Last Human Hours of Author's Haunted Dolls

For all of their physical lifelessness, dolls are incredibly fascinating objects, often with bold personalities of their own. Like millions of other doll-lovers, author Aradonna owns some that she feels could most definitely be haunted.

mcwusa.us Announces Refurbished Pro-Wrestling Midget Events with Most Reliable Professional Mini-Athletes of Hulk Hogan "Micro-Championship-Wrestling" Realty Show

LogoMicro-Championship-Wrestling announces a change in perception for wrestling fans in Bismarck North Dakota!

Award-Winning Relationship Book How to Have a Match Made in Heaven Is Now Available in Spanish

LogoAriel & Shya Kane, award-winning authors, seminar leaders, relationship experts and radio show hosts of Being Here, have released their award-winning book How to Have A Match Made in Heaven: A Transformational Approach to Dating, Relating and Marriage in Spanish. The title in Spanish is Cómo crear la Relación Ideal: Un nuevo y transformador enfoque sobre las relaciones y el matrimonio.

"Dark Realm", A Unique Blend of Horror Film and Gothic Illusion Just in Time for Halloween

Logo'Dark Realm' is an award-winning new horror film that artfully blends a live stage show full of Gothic illusions with classic horror storytelling. The result is a film that adds a new dimension to the horror genre, and will change things for years to come.

Venezuelan Cellist Carmine Miranda Praised By International Music Critics for His Recording Release Piatti: 12 Caprices

LogoThe young Venezuelan/American international recording artist and soloist Carmine Miranda releases his second classical recording titled Piatti: 12 Caprices For Solo Cello. A joint undertaking between the young cellist and the classical music label Navona Records has already received rave reviews from music critics around the world.

Living Natural Today: Out with Toxins, in with Your Health: Mike Schade of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Discuss Toxic Chemicals & Mind the Store Campaign Initiative

LogoEach week we are inundated with toxic chemicals in our homes, places of work, and products we use. It's also becoming increasingly evident that there is a link between toxic chemicals and rising adverse health trends in our country. Tune in on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 4:00 PM ET as radio host, Teresa Jungling, and Mind the Store Campaign Director for the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Coalition, Mike Schade, discuss efforts in reforming outdated toxic chemical laws, their work with retailers to phase out hazardous chemicals from the marketplace and their ongoing efforts to educate the public about ways to protect one’s family from toxic chemicals.

The Shocking Truth About Laughter

LogoJodi Miller is a lady who stands up in order to make people laugh until they cry. Actor. Writer, Comic Jodi Miller has been making people cry for more than 16 years as she plies her special brand of Stand Up all over the country. This consummate performer has even done four Military tours including one to entertain the troops in Afghanistan. She even wowed the Judges to their feet on during her audition for Season 9 of America’s Got Talent!

New Weight-Loss Guide Borrows from the World of Finance

LogoIn his upcoming book, The Cash Diet: Fundamental Financial Principles That Will Also Reduce Your Waist, author Corey Hill explains how his insights into the world of finance helped him create a truly innovative strategy for successfully losing weight. His distinctive principle-based approach is unique in the weight-loss world. His book even explains the principles at work behind the other weight-loss methods and ties it all back to the world of finance.

The Sniper Shooter Game Is Taking Android Users by Storm

In the world of gaming the next big thing is always around the corner. Funtech, “Snipers Shooters” developers, have recently launched “Sniper Shooter” a first person shooter game exclusively for the Android phone platform. Created with the user in mind, “Sniper Shooter” takes all the elements of the best first person shooter games on the market today, and incorporates them into one ground breaking game.

Nicole Palumbo Helps Dream Events Come to Reality

LogoThe success of an event or a party comes only with excellent planning and hands-on experience in dealing with all the parties and suppliers involved right from décor to caterers and logistics to reception. Nicole Palumbo is a well-known name in the event management industry. It is a fact that planning an event can sometimes become a gruesome task. Today many corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and many such occasions are celebrated in grandeur. But the event can totally collapses if it fails to impress the guests irrespective of the money spent over it. And that is why it is important to rely on a professional who possesses the right skills into making a dream event a successful reality.

edmhau5.com Streams Live Electronic Dance Music 24/7

Electronic dance music has transformed the music industry from being a conservative one to a more versatile one. Over the past few decades, the music industry has seen numerous new artists with their individual talents and incredible taste for music and lyrics. Electronic Dance Music or EDM has also transformed in that many artists and DJs are now willing to explore their talents in this genre of music. Electronic dance music is a mix of various sounds like drum and bass, techno, trance, glitch and many more. Different artists have their own preference of EDM music.

mcwusa.us Launches Remodeled Extreme-Midget-Wrestling Events with Most Dependable Professional Micro-Athletes of Hulk Hogan "Micro-Championship-Wrestling" TV Show

LogoMicro-Championship-Wrestling announces a change in perception for wrestling fans in Raleigh North Carolina!

Film Rally Enlightens Readers on Important Reasons to Use Professionally Made Films to Market a Product

Film Rally a creative film production company based in London have launched their film production services which includes idea generation and script development, through to live-action filming, motion graphics, animation, editing and distribution. They also offer photo-real visual effects that bring products and environments to life. Professionally made videos are an important tool for online marketing; videos grab the attention of people more effectively than words or sounds. It is important that business owners and online marketers understand the importance of videos as a medium of capturing the attention of customers to take full advantage of this medium.

Mad Balloon Offers Creative Balloon Decoration Tips and Installations in Sydney

LogoExceptional decorations with creative ideas determine the success of any party. Balloons are favourites to many using them for decorations that can creatively transform the overall look and feel of any venue remarkably. Party balloon arch ways are wonderful choices to create compelling effects for onlookers and visitors. The professional party balloon installation service will ensure the perfect party.

Addicted Star Sabrina Culver Is Fast Becoming the Most Sought out Actress in Hollywood

Sabrina Culver is taking risks and it's paying off. Her last movie “Removed” became a viral phenomenon and everyone took notice. It dealt with the sensitive relationships between foster children and adoptive parents. However, Sabrina Culver is not a newcomer to Hollywood. She has been in blockbuster Hollywood movies and award winning TV shows like “Bruce Almighty”, “NYPD Blue” “CSI” and “Six Feet Under” to name only a few.

The Official "CT Fashion Week" Set to Kick-off 4-Week Countdown

Connecticut Fashion Week is set to run The weekend of Oct 31st – Nov 2nd 2014 with Community events surrounding the main shows for 2014, with a "Revisited" theme!!!!

DecisionWise Announces Release of New Book, MAGIC: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement

LogoToday leaders and employees of management consulting firm DecisionWise are celebrating the official release of the book MAGIC: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement, coauthored by DecisionWise CEO, Tracy Maylett, and Global Employee Engagement Architect, Paul Warner.

Cabaret Comico: International Partnership for Laughs at San Francisco's Society Cabaret Oct 17-18, 2014

LogoSan Francisco’s version of Italy’s comic cabaret festival, From the Shaman to the Showman, returns this year with double the fun. Society Cabaret presents two different nights of the Bay Area’s funniest singers and songwriters performing original songs and comic numbers from musical theater in the 2014 edition of Cabaret Comico: A Salute to Comic Singers and Songwriters, hosted by G. Scott Lacy and Lua Hadar.

Founder of Paleo Diet Joins Kellie Hill on Eat Well to Live Well on VoiceAmerica.com Health and Wellness Channel

LogoThis week’s episode of ‘Eat Well To Live Well’ on Voice America’s Health and Wellness Channel has Dr. Loren Cordain talking about the Paleo Diet. Dr. Loren Cordain, the world’s leading expert on Paleolithic diets and founder of the Paleo movement joins Kellie Hill to help explain what eating “paleo” really means and if it’s right for you.

Dr. Jose Aguilar Hits Amazon Best-Seller List with New Book, "Transform"

Dr. Jose Aguilar, Owner of Helping Hands Massage and Chiropractic, recently joined noted business development expert, best-selling author and speaker, Brian Tracy, along with a select group of the world’s leading experts, to co-author the book titled, Transform: The World's Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Get to the Heart and Soul of Transforming your Life, Business & Health. The book was released on September 18, 2014 by CelebrityPress™ - a leading business book publisher.

Dr. Debra Laino's New Book Called Sex Therapy 101 in Now Available on Amazon

Sex Therapy 101 is written by Dr. Debra Laino, a nationally recognized sex educator, therapist and international author. The book is aiming at people, who are too shy or concerned to visit sex counseling, providing them with easy-to-follow exercises for improving their sex life at home.

Ashley "Kynessa" Rivers to Star in Upcoming Animated Film

Ashley “Kynessa” Rivers has joined the cast of an upcoming animated 3D film, Beautiful Danger. She will play the role of a main character named Pru.