Entertainment Press Releases

Garner Fine Arts Academy Archery Team Qualifies for National Competition, Creatively Raising Funds to Get There

Garner Fine Arts Academy is proud to announce that their archery team, which consists of 27 4th and 5th grade students, has qualified to go to the national tournament in May. To get the team and their sponsors to the tournament, which will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, the GFAA archery team is fundraising in a brand new way.

Gray Zone Wins Bronze in the 2015 Feathered Book Quill Awards

The noted young adult novel, Gray Zone, recently won bronze in the 2015 Feathered Book Quill Book Award in the Juvenile/Young Adult category. The novel has created an open dialogue within the community about the problems of cyberbullying, how it differs from traditional bullying, and how to recognize when it is happening.

Sanofi Pasteur Discusses C. Diff. Prevention on Developing a Preventative C. Diff. Infection Vaccine March 17, 2015 on C Diff Foundation's 'C Diff Spores & More'

LogoSanofi Pasteur, one of the leading vaccine manufacturers in the world, is currently conducting a Phase III clinical trial called Cdiffense in more than 20 countries across 5 continents to evaluate the safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of an investigational vaccine for the prevention of primary, symptomatic Clostridium difficile infection (CDI). The Cdiffense Phase III clinical program hopes to recruit up to 15,000 adults over 200 sites across the 20+ countries.

HTML5 Flipbook Software 2.7 by FlipHTML5 Announced with New Updates

LogoThe renowned HTML5 flipbook software introduces the latest updated version, V2.7 including many developed features in the Desktop and Online categories. The new version is believed to simplify the HTML5 flipbook publishing process.

Singh from the Heart: Melbourne Musician Self-Produces the Music Video He Always Wanted

It started with a dream to share his style of music with the world. With no precedent for a style involving a fusion of crooner jazz, Latin rhythms and Bollywood influences, Sanje Singh of Melbourne never quite knew how to make his mark on the music scene. From joining talent shows to impersonating music legends, from performing at functions to strumming a guitar on YouTube, nothing seemed to bring him even remotely close to his dreams.

A Virtual Tour Along Blair McDowell's "Romantic Road"

LogoBlair McDowell announces a 15-stop book tour for her novel, Romantic Road, starting March 16th and ending April 15th. Organized by Sizzling PR, this book tour includes author interviews, posts and blogs plus the opportunity for participants to win an e-copy of 'Romantic Road'.

After Losing Son & Founding National Online Support Group, Mother's Compelling Memoir Bares Soul to Those Crippled by Grief

On September 11th 2011, Kim McGuire was faced with news no parent should ever hear – that her son, Phil, had been killed in a car accident. The ensuing days and months naturally left McGuire in a debilitating state of believing she had nothing to live for. While she now knows that there are no easy fixes to immense grief, McGuire did finally find victory in what would become an ever-adjusting new life.

LIMERICKA the BEAUTIFUL: Powerful New Book of Limericks Provides Quirky Commentary to Current Issues of Life Today

Let's face it, even the modern world's most experienced journalists often find it difficult to put society's quirks into words. True to the adage that wisdom can be found in the most unlikely places, a compelling new book of limericks by Martin C. Mayer captures the concept of social commentary with humorous aplomb. Its title is "LIMERICKA THE BEAUTIFUL."

Child Actress Aja Wooldridge Debuts Alongside Shailene Woodley and Theo James in Sequel "The Divergent Series: Insurgent"

LogoTop Atlanta child actress Aja Wooldridge's first 2015 feature film debut will be the popular young adult dystopia "Insurgent".  This is the second of the four part movie franchise adapted by author Veronica Roth. Last year blockbuster hit Divergent had record breaking box office numbers.  The second series is slated to exceed all expectations and expected to bring in higher box office sales. Reviews have given Shailene Woodley a very solid performance in the movie.

Jane Austen Education Series Launches Promotion for March

LogoJane Austen's classic novels (Pride & Prejudice, Sense and Sensability, et. al.) are well known, but many people haven't taken the leap to read her stories. Whether it's a case of limited time, or the daunting nature of classic literature itself, there are countless book lovers who haven't yet tackled Austen's work.

Author Austin Dragon Releases the Conclusion of the After Eden Series: Tek-Fall Companion Novels to Readers Worldwide

Well-Tailored Books and author Austin Dragon announce the official launch of the thrilling conclusion in the After Eden Series two-part "Tek-Fall" companion novels with, "Hell's Menagerie." It is for fans of hard sci-fi, sci-fi adventure, and science fiction thrillers, with a touch of conspiracy and bio-punk.

'The Singing Guru' Introduces Readers to the Power of Spiritual Awakening

LogoKnown for her extraordinary literary skills, Kamla, a highly sought after Sikh writer around the world is getting ready for the big launch of her next book, 'The Singing Guru' this month.

Rising Pop Singer Songwriter Alyssa Galarza Announces Release of Hot New Single "Nothing Amazing" on iTunes

LogoDon't make any mistake, there's everything amazing about the new single from rising singer/songwriter Alyssa Galarza, "Nothing Amazing".  The hot new song, which released recently in late 2014 on iTunes, fuses the best of R&B and soul, with her unique energy and delivery.  This combined with her beauty and presence are quickly making Alyssa a hot topic of conversation among music insiders.

Peter G. Christman of ChristmanGroup.com Latest Book the Master Plan Hit #1 on Amazon

The Master Plan: Exit Strategy For Successful Business Owners: Discover A Strategic Planning Formula for Maximum Company Value, Strong Asset Protection and Work-Life Balance is the newest book from MasterPlanningInstitute.com by author, CEO and entrepreneur Peter G. Christman. The book is specifically designed for business owners. The reason business owners need to consider a master plan, is that unlike a will, a master plan isn't only critical in the wake of an owner's death. The Master Plan provides a blueprint for the 5 D's of business exit: Disability, Divorce, Distress, Death, and Disagreement. This new book is showing business owners step by step how to navigate a successful exit strategy. Each chapter is loaded with useful, easy to understand information on creating a Master Plan. Develop Your Winning Business Strategy: Knowing EVERYONE will transition away from their business at some point, statistics show that 83% of business owners do not have a written Master Plan. The Master Plan is the solution for business owners lacking a proper exit strategy.

Griffin & Sabine by Nick Bantock Re-Imagined as Interactive Apps for iOS and Android

LogoGriffin & Sabine: The Interactive Trilogy is the latest work by author Nick Bantock in collaboration with software development and creative content studio, Bound Press in Santa Monica. Bantock, along with Bound Press, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production and marketing funds for the project due to ship to consumers in Summer 2015. The campaign has already garnered Kickstarter's coveted 'Staff Pick' status.

Creator of bookGUTS Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Pre-Sell Subscriptions and Raise Funds for bookGUTS 2.0

LogoFred McLaurence LLC is a company that understands how quickly the world is changing.  Ideas are coming at most people faster than they can process them from a wide variety of media, including books, the Internet, television and other sources.  bookGUTS is a way to synthesize what is most important from non-fiction books allowing readers to quickly discover, digest and apply the information they need most.

Ivan Raiklin Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds for Documentary

LogoIvan Raiklin has created an all-encompassing documentary based on Vladimir Putin's rise to power and the recovery of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  From the time that Putin entered the national scene, he has become a polarizing figure, and this documentary explores the implications of his career as the leader of the Russian Federation.  Now, Raiklin has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution of the film.

Dechard Songs Preview Available Through Soundcloud.com

In the world of music production, one name that emerges blazing in so far as disco jockeying is concerned, Riccardo Di Benedetto, popularly known as Dechard is a music sensation of this decade. A gleaming musician, sound designer and producer, Dechard was raised under Italian ethnicity, however, by birth, is a Belgian. Fundamentally working on modular sounds, Dechard has been known for his exceptional mélange of vintage and modern notes, that discharge animating vibe, incredibly compelling listeners to jump in utter ecstasy. It was recently revealed that the creations of Riccardo can now be downloaded for free through Soundcloud.com.

Digital Magazine Publishing Gets Easier with the Latest FlipHTML5

LogoMany large businesses have employed and continue to employ whole development teams of coders to create their online catalogs and to give them the type of interaction with the customers that the modern eConsumer has come to expect from online retailers. Companies like FlipHTML5 have made the need for large catalog teams obsolete by providing the type of easy to use, drop and drag software that makes building an online catalog where the user can flip pages, watch videos, listen to music, and other interactive activities which entice them to not only stay on a page but buy a product. This new style digital magazine publishing software not only has the benefit of reducing costs for a large firm, but also equalizing the playing field for those smaller firms who would like to produce catalogs and magazines in the style of their largest competitors.

Shooting Star Project Launches on Kickstarter to Raise Publication Funds

LogoThe Shooting Star Project is an effort by Geminid Press, LLC to bring new authors to the attention of the public by allowing those who participate in the Kickstarter project at kickstarter.com/projects/323422372/shooting-star-project-publish-a-new-author to choose the next novelist for publication.  The Shooting Star Project allows contributors to read and critique all the aspects of several new novels and ultimately help make a choice as to which new book will be the next to be published by Geminid Press.

Fire Muse Circus Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Kick off Their US Tour

LogoFire Muse Circus brings the fire to a magical circus show called "Tear through the Veil" and now seeks crowdfunding support to take the performance across the United States this June with stops in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. among others. Future plans include taking their show overseas to dazzle a global audience. For those that can't make it to the live show, an eye-popping DVD will be produced allowing anyone anywhere to enjoy the show whenever they like.

AMG Services Announces Children's Art Contest

Everything Entertaining, a lifestyle website focused on sharing entertaining events, activities, and stories, is hosting an online art contest for kids later this month. Working with long time graphic design group AMG Services, the collaborative effort will culminate in a chance for the winner to help on AMG's next project.

Grandma's Cookbook: Tasty & Uplifting New Trilogy Fuses Author's Fascinating Life Story with Series of Wholesome, Memory-Rich Recipes

While they often just sit a on a shelf and go unnoticed, cookbooks possess a timeless and alluring beauty. Nobody knows this better than Pukka Carpenter, who has kept his Grandmother's original cookbook near and dear his entire life – for it's a symbol of his existence.

Journey Beyond Infinite-Book 1: Religion & Science Clash, as Shocking New Book Redefines Meaning & Existence of God

While humanity's interpretation and understanding of scripture is always evolving, rarely does a new breakthrough actually occur. After a lifetime's dedication to the Bible and thousands of hours of research, Georgia's Ron Rolaine has finally made that breakthrough.

Best Classic Audiobooks Publishes Major New Wave of Classic Audio Book Reviews

Best Classic Audiobooks published a new wave of reviews, bolstering the site's already substantial collection at bestclassicaudiobooks.com. The just-published reviews include a look at Jake Gyllenhaal's reading of perennial favorite The Great Gatsby, as well as an in-depth take on Sissy Spacek's much talked-about narration of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Occupying a unique niche in the online space, Best Classic Audiobooks provides thoughtful, helpful appraisals of audio-book versions of literary classics, a mission that has produced a large and growing body of fans.

Young Adult Novel Author C.E. David Launches Kickstarter Campaign for This Thing of Darkness

LogoC.E. David is the author of a young adult novel series , Certain Fathoms.  Now, David is releasing the first book in the series, This Thing of Darkness, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production and marketing of the book, including printing and editing costs as well as an advertising campaign.

AMG Services Releases Online Jazz Workshop

Music Lovers Blog, a web portal for music fans and critics, is featuring AMG Services' Jazz Workshop series in their upcoming article. The series, scheduled to begin later this month, will feature access to play along tracks, live jam sessions with AMG musicians, and theory lessons.