Entertainment Press Releases

Tidy Books Goes for Gold in Richard Branson's Virgin Media Business Competition

Walthamstow based business; Tidy Books is in the running to win Virgin's Media Business competition. Tidy Books, makers of children's bookcases, is looking for votes to help it get to the finals of Richard Branson's competition called Pitch to Rich. If Tidy Books wins, it will receive £250,000 worth of advertising to accelerate its growth, plus mentoring from the Virgin team. Voting is open now until 5th May 2015.

First STEM Comic Has Launched on Kickstarter

"David, Software Engineer" is the first Kickstarter campaign launched to fund a STEM career comic book. Campaign creator, Paris Gamble, plans to develop several STEM comics aimed at getting students excited about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Brigid's Power: In Gripping Second Volume of 'Moonlite' Series, Maverick Teenage Protagonist Explores Newfound Magic Powers

Nobody will admit to not wanting magic powers, and all of the excitement that would come with such unique abilities. In her celebrated new 'Moonlite' series, author Maria Valenti has granted this power to a young girl who least expected it.

Lady Jane's Salon: A Romance Reading Series, Featuring Zoraida Cordóva

LogoNYC's First & Only Romance Reading Series. As seen in Time Out New York and The New York Post…

Myanime.tv/myanime-List to Expand Website and Add New Anime Shows and Series

Myanime.tv/myanime-list was launched recently as an anime streaming website for watching English dubbed and subbed anime online. As stated by sources, this website has already gained a lot of popularity with anime fans for its huge collection of anime series which are updated hourly. "We update our site hourly because we want to ensure that anime fans will always have something new to watch every time they visit our website", said the spokesperson for Myanime.tv/myanime-list. He added, "Our website guarantees high quality stream and download links."

Adult Cinderella Blue Dress Ball Gown from Disney's Live Action Film Cinderella Is Now Available to Buy

With the hit film Cinderella available at the cinema, people are now looking to buy merchandise from the film. One exciting piece of merchandise that has become available is an Adult Cinderella Blue Dress Ball Gown.

Californian Band Love Hunt Is Releasing a New EP with 6 Songs

As a new and alternative funk and rap trio located in the very heart of Corona, California, Love Hunt is making an impact on the world's music industry. They produce music that is well-liked by the young generation.

Jay Burna Announces Debut EP "Fear Is a Lie"

Earlier this month, BCMG hip hop crossover recording artist Jay Burna announced the release of his debut EP "Fear Is A Lie". The highly anticipated project officially drops in both physical and digital versions on April 21, 2015.

Pulse Entertainment Announces Exclusive Partnership with Partners in Sounds Productions

LogoAn entertainment and event planning company that offers an elite fleet of dancers, DJs, and MCs, Pulse Entertainment is proud to announce their new exclusive partnership with Partners in Sound Productions. Partners in Sound Productions is one of the largest wedding, Super Sweet 16 and event companies out of New York and North Jersey. They operate out of offices in Staten Island and Manhattan in NY, as well as Freehold, NJ.

Party Savers Present New Disney Themes for Birthday Rentals

LogoBoth kids and parents look forward to their birthdays! This is the special occasion when all their wishes will come true and it will be a day of fun and games with some of the most special people – friends and family. However, arranging the perfect birthday party can be a tough task. Not only is there a need for a lot shopping but driving around to find personalized rentals. For most parents in Narrabeen, hosting a birthday party would mean a dearth of time, money and resources. Well, not anymore! Party Savers has come up with a unique range of themed supplies that can be adequate to the expectations of any kid. With its new Disney themes, the supplier has become one of the most exclusive party shops in Narrabeen.

Programmer and Author Leeland Seeks Kickstarter Funding for Thread Skein, the Third Novel in His Debut Trilogy

LogoLeeland Artra is a programmer by the day and a fantasy author by night. His first two books Thread Slivers and Thread Strands have both been a great success. The first two books have over six hundred user reviews to date, receiving excellent ratings on Goodreads and Amazon. Thread Skein, the third novel in this debut trilogy, is now all set to be published. This book is a perfect blend of a science fiction saga and fantasy, set twenty thousand years into the future.

A Journey in Thoughts: Bold New Poetry Collection Stimulates the Mind & Touches the Heart; Published as Author's "Life Blueprint" to Children

While in sixth grade, Isaac Mack Toney Jr stood up in front of his entire school and delivered an uplifting self-written address titled 'Keys to Success'. Since these early formative years, Toney has had a unique way with words, often penning poems and prose that parallels experiences ranging from blissful marriage to the dark torments of grief.

Charismatic Speaker Pens a New Book That Guides Women Along "Road of Un-Singleness"; Compelling Them to Take Back Power & Create Mindset for Lifelong Love

There's no way to sugarcoat it – too many women spend their entire lives hoping and waiting for that perfect love, and then ultimately settling for less than they deserve. Through his esteemed work with ministry, Rodney Pauley has seen the effects of this injustice first-hand and, inspired by an epiphany during a recent religious fast, is now on a mission to change it.

New Book Busts Stress of Passwords & Pins; Showcasing Ground-Breaking System for Staying on the Safe Side of Technology

While everyone knows the importance of a diligent, systematic approach to online security, the reality sees most people scrambling for the right sticky-note with the password to their Hotmail inbox, that business card they wrote their IRS login details on and – for that old AOL account they set up in 1988 – the trusty old "123456".

David Janssen: Our Conversations: Series Sheds Fascinating New Light on Life of Hollywood Icon; Told Through Memoirs of Close, Non-Celebrity Friend

Millions know and love David Janssen for his role as Dr. Richard Kimble in ABC's 'The Fugitive', and a subsequent career that produced forty-four feature films, over twenty made-for-television movies and fans in every corner of the planet. In short, he wasn't a man to hide from the limelight.

Scott Tucker Releases Interactive Graphic Novel

Fun Games Blog features in a recent article the new interactive graphic novel from Scott Tucker entitled, "Sky Explosions." The novel features a completely interactive storyline where users dictate the plot. The graphic novel will be released early next summer.

Latest Anime Collections in English Streamed Online at Animestick.com

Animestick.com, a platform for watching anime series and anime movies online for free, was recently launched much to the delight of anime fans all over the world. According to a representative for the website, anime fans can find over 2000 anime series and movies in English subbed and dubbed, which they can stream on any device in high quality. "We are constantly updating our website with the latest anime episodes as well as adding new series and movies to our list", added the representative for Animestick.com.

Epiq Films Debuts Latest Project a Revamped Website

Epiq Films has officially launched its new website on Monday, April 13. 1epiqevent.com The newly revamped website provides visitors with a cinematic experience reflective of the company's well-respected brand. Epic Films is known for its work with the 2015 Super Bowl, NCAA Regional tournament, PGA (Professional Golfers Association) Shell Houston Open - among other projects. The company's new website is catering to an event related market with user-friendly navigation and affordable packages that are easy to buy.

Romance Author Releases Suburban Detroit Novel

Zam Publishing, LLC. is excited to announce the launch of the debut novel by Contemporary Romance author, Vina St. Fran, "One Foot Outside The Door" on April 15, 2015.

Schwab IT Presents a New Type of Men's Magazine Titled FatalDose

Schwab IT presents a new men's magazine named FatalDose, a magazine designed to provide men with the things they want most. The magazine eliminates all fluff, providing only witty, entertaining paragraphs and eye-catching photos on a variety of topics. Men find information on sexy rides, foods designed to make one's mouth water, breathtaking women, incredible adventures and more.

Jenifer Brening Releases Her First Self Written Pop-Dance-Smasher

LogoJenifer Brening, the little girl with the big voice, releases her first self written song and wants to fully take off with "ASAP". The only 18-year old pop singer can already look back on an impressive career. The vocal talent became known to an audience of millions through her successful participation in the music show "The Winner is"(SAT1) where she reached the finals. In 2014 she was honored with the EMMAwards as best newcomer, which led to the release of her song " Not That Guy " in an by Eike Lüchow (formerly Stanfour) arranged power ballads version through Universal Music.

Finally, a New Children's Book That Gives Children the Legitimacy to Feel- "The Fudges –Who Hopped in My Swamp?" Now on the Market

The latest bedtime story on the children's book section is now out in the market and it is titled "The Fudges –Who Hopped in My Swamp?" This 19-page book by Michal Sasson, with impressive illustrations, is full of adventure, fantasy and excitement that will give kids something to look forward to every bedtime story telling. It is sure to inspire, entice and kindle their imaginations.

How the Female Population Revolutionized Arabic Music Videos

LogoArabian Music is the representation of the rich culture of Arabia and the rest of other culture, which somehow influenced Arabia today.

Brian Colón Starts Indiegogo Campaign for the Launch of His Upcoming Puzzle Platformer Game Transcend

LogoTranscend is an upcoming puzzle platformer game created by Brian Colón. The creator believes that he has created a unique game because, in this game, the players achieve their goal by transcending time/space and life/death. The background story of the game revolves around an average guy that receives the power to bring himself back from the dead and travel back in time. Utilizing this special power and the intuitive mechanics of the game, the players can guide the character through mind bending puzzles.

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist as Special Guest on "From the Boardroom to the Bedroom: The Protocol Praxis with Suzanne Z. Pedro" on the VoiceAmerica.com

LogoHost Suzanne Z. Pedro is celebrating her One Year Anniversary of "From the Boardroom to the Bedroom: the Protocol Praxis with Suzanne Z. Pedro" on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment channel. For this special episode, she is very excited to welcome famed Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Steve G. Jones as her special guest on the weekly radio show. Dr. Steve is the author of 25 books on such topics as hypnosis, the law of attraction, and weight loss.

New Book Explains How to Get the Most out of Your Job Shadowing Experience

Job shadowing programs can offer a unique first-hand insight into the day-to-day realities of almost any variety of work imaginable. As such, they are an invaluable experience for students who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the career they wish to embark on, as well as for anyone of any age who is considering a change of career. However, as a new book explains, there are steps people can take to ensure their experience of job shadowing yields the maximum possible benefit.

Flight Risk Entertainment Announce the Official Release of Polar Bear's "She a Killa" & "FU-FU"

Sparking fires in the hearts of hip hop fans all over, Polar Bear continues to blaze the airwaves with his lyrics. Announcing the official release of his TWO latest projects, and soon-to-be HIT singles "She A Killa" and "FU-FU", Polar Bear has proven he is a man of many talents and many more successes.