Environment Press Releases

Solar Panels on Carports and Parking Lots: Another Bright and Efficient Idea in Conserving Solar Energy

Solar panels slowly gain its spotlight as consumers see the much potential of this photovoltaic module as an alternative source of power by harnessing the sun's energy to produce electricity. That a new generation of solar panels that consist with perovskite minerals is bound to take over the market as a low-cost, solar-based and a clean energy solution for the coming years. Especially that the authorities are considering its value of installing solar panels on the pavements.

Neodymium Energy LLC. Expands Alternative Energy Technology Pipeline

Neodymium Energy LLC., a think tank comprised of inventors and visionaries dedicated to bringing energy solutions to the world in various technology sectors, continues to increase its pipeline of alternative energy intellectual property. The company facilitates the development and commercialization of disruptive, green technologies. New additions to the group's IP portfolio include a Micro Solar Power plant for the home and its smaller cousin the desk charger.

Swimming Pool Contractors of Saddle River, NJ Say Pools Need Year-Long Commitment

Most homeowners, or friends of homeowners with pools who invite them over, would say that summertime fun involves some kind of involvement of swimming or water-based games. However, before jumping in feet first, Thomas Flint Landscape Design and Development say there are several factors to consider regarding maintenance and safety.

Risks to Baby's Brain Development from Wireless Radiation

An international group of doctors and scientific experts is joining with non-profit organizations today to urge pregnant women to limit their exposure to wireless radiation from cell phones and other devices by taking simple steps to protect themselves and their unborn children. The national public awareness campaign, called the BabySafe Project, is being coordinated by Grassroots Environmental Education and Environmental Health Trust, and is based on independent scientific research linking exposure to wireless radiation from cell phones during pregnancy to neurological and behavioral problems in offspring that resemble Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children.

Brand New Sanitary Units Launched at Cincinnati Portable Toilets Rentals

The Champion portable toilets company has reinvented the sanitation industry by offering a solution to sanitary facilities for the various outdoor events that is been held around the city. As pioneers, they have a wide array of quality porta potty that is unique with different shapes, designs and sizes. This huge selection of porta potties provides the customers with various options to choose from depending on their requirements. The Cincinnati portable toilets rental agency provides the residents with all the range of Champion’s products for the variety of social events taking from, casual gatherings to formal affairs to festivals etc.

Garrido Fences Announces Growing Staff and Employee Promotions

LogoGarrido Fences is proud of the professionalism and skill consistently delivered by their staff. One of their top performing laborers, Ben, has recently been promoted to foreman, with Ricardo, a promising new recruit, taking his place. Ben’s years as a laborer gave him the experience he needs to move into this leadership role, and Garrido Fences looks forward to seeing how these changes will benefit their clients.

Karen Pryor Founder of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior Is Named as Keynote Speaker for ClickerExpo Bromley Cross Gala Dinner

LogoKaren Pryor is a scientist with an international reputation in two fields, marine mammal biology and behavioral psychology. Through her work with dolphins in the 1960s she pioneered modern, force-free animal training methods. Karen is the author of many scientific papers and monographs and seven books. She is a founder and leading proponent of clicker training, the worldwide movement involving new ways to communicate positively with pets and other animals.

Champion's Portable Toilets Announces Launch of New Sanitary Units for Construction Business at Bakersfield

Most of the people consider portable toilets as a basic necessity for any type of outdoor events such as weddings, birthday parties, festivals, concerts, fairs, sports events, festivals or construction site job. With the introduction of modern technology, there is a solution to every problem and this extends to the introduction of portable toilets. It has offered a solution for temporary outdoor toilet arrangement.

Brand New Champion Portable Toilets Unveiled at Toledo

There is a variety of new products in the market which will be an amazing experience to look at their functional use. One such example of the modern inventions is the portable toilets. These are designed to provide a temporary sanitary arrangement for a variety of outdoor events. Most of the event organizers revealed that the key to a successful event is good quality portable toilets rental. Providing a good and hygienic sanitary arrangement will keep the guest comfortable throughout the event.

Brand New Sanitary Units Launched at Santa Ana Portable Toilets

Research has shown that having a clean and hygienic surrounding in an event lifts up the mood of the guests instantly thus prolonging their stay. all the variety of outdoor events such as weddings, sports events, backyard gatherings, concerts, festivals or birthday parties etc, are organized with one thing in mind by the event organizers- to impress the guests and to keep them entertained. The solution to a successful event is not determined by the amount of money that has been spent but on how the guest takes pleasure in the event.

Champion Introduces Luxury Portable Toilets at Tampa

When it comes to the variety of outdoor events, providing clean and hygienic surroundings is one of the most important priorities for the event organizers. Research shows that having a clean environment instantly lifts up the mood of the guests thus prolonging their stay. The event organizers with one thing in mind organize the various events, which is to impress the attendees and to make them happy. This is achieved by providing a quality sanitary arrangement at the outdoor event.

Anaheim Portable Toilets Agency Launch Unique Sanitary Units for Social Outdoor Events

Champion Sanitation Company is known as one of the highest suppliers of mobile sanitation throughout the region. Their sanitary units are provided by Anaheim portable toilets agency for the various events that is held around the city. They provide the residents with unique and quality portable toilets in various shapes, sizes and designs. With an extensive range of unique portable toilets, they have the right porta potty to offer for any type of social outdoor events.

Clean and Hygienic Portable Sanitary Units Now Available at Minneapolis for Various Outdoor Events

Event planning undoubtedly is not an easy task. It necessitates a lot of detailed and elaborate arrangement when planning for an outdoor event. There are various factors that should be taken into consideration in order to make that the event successful. One of the main concerns is the comfort of the guest. Every event organizers main concern is to keep the guest happy and impress them. The success of an event is not measured by the amount of money spent but on how the guest enjoyed the event.

Champion Mobile Sanitation Company Unveils New Range of Portable Toilets at Saint Louis

Champion portable toilets company is among one of the prominent suppliers of mobile sanitation to the residents of Saint Louis. The sanitary units are then distributed by the Saint Louis portable toilets agency for all the events that is taking place in and around the city. With their dedication to service along with providing a wide range of quality portable toilets and their attention to details has earned them the hearts of many customers in the region. Whether it is a casual gathering or formal function or huge festivals, they always have the right porta potty to provide for any type of events.

Champion Portable Toilets Company Launch New Sanitary Units in New Orleans for Special Outdoor Events

A good and hygienic sanitation is one of the basic necessities to any human life. It is one of the fundamentals in keeping up with cleanliness. However, there are situations where the access to bathroom or toilets becomes limited especially when engaging in outdoor activities and this is where the mobile sanitation comes into fray. Portable toilets are commonly used by most people in outdoor events requiring a good temporary sanitary arrangement. They are convenient to carry around and can be placed just about anywhere.

Wichita Portable Toilets Agency Unveils New Range of Sanitation Arrangement for Outdoor Events

For a variety of events that is held in and around the city, the Wichita portable toilet rental agency provides its residents with a variety of quality porta potties with different shapes, sizes and designs. Not only that the mobile toilet units offered by them is clean, comfortable and hygienic. With their collection of unique designs, dedication to service and attention to details, it is no surprise that they continue to reinvent the portable sanitation industry.

Woobamboo! "Eco-Hygiene" Goes Global

LogoIt was only a little more than a year ago, Earth Day weekend, that WooBamboo, the world's coolest new eco-toothbrush, was proudly introduced by Southwest Florida entrepreneurs. Already making a huge splash in the sustainable and dental hygiene markets, WooBamboo has already sold more than 250,000 eco-friendly toothbrushes world-wide and is being picked as the preferred toothbrush of more and more dental practices. To date, WooBamboo can be found in more than 300 countries throughout the U.S., U.K., Canada, Holland, Japan, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, Honduras, England, Germany, Croatia, Australia, and most recently, Japan and Taiwan.

Champion Portable Toilets Company Offers Hygienic Mobile Sanitation for Outdoor Events in Tulsa

When it comes to organizing an event there are many details that the event planners have to look into in order to make sure that the event is successful. One of the most important factors for providing a better stay for the guests’ is having a clean surrounding. This instantly lifts up the mood of the guests thus prolonging them to stay longer. All of the social events are organized by the event planners with one thing in mind and that is to keep the guest happy and impress them. Many event organizers reveals that the key to successful event is not determined by how the attendees enjoyed the event and not by the amount of money that has been spent.

Champion Portable Toilets Company Offers Low-Cost Hygienic Mobile Sanitation to the Residents of Arlington

Portable toilets are very popularly used for outdoor events by most of the people. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor event, having a sanitary facility is important. When it comes to sanitary arrangement for outdoor events, portable toilets are considered as one of the best option and this is for a number of reasons. Since these toilet units are portable they can be conveniently moved from place to place and can be stationed or installed just about anywhere. Another factor is its cheap pricing. One of the best things about this portable toilet units is that they provide a hygienic and clean sanitation for the guests to meet their sanitary needs.

Champion Sanitation Company Offers Low-Cost Portable Toilets to the Residents of Honolulu

Regardless of any civilization or geographical locations, hygiene and cleanliness forms an important facet to every human life. Maintaining a hygienic sanitation plays an important significance in keeping up with the cleanliness. And this is one of the reasons why the need for toilets or sanitary wares forms a universal necessity. However, there are many situations where the access to built in toilets becomes often limited. Due to this very reason, there is a massive demand of portable toilets in public places such as roadways, high ways and parks etc. for the public to meet their sanitary needs. There is also the demand for temporary toilet units for social events taking from casual gatherings to formal meetings to concerts etc.

Cleveland Portable Toilets Unveils New Sanitary Units for Special Outdoor Events

When it comes to outdoor events, portable sanitary units are the unsung heroes. The event organizers make it their priority to make sure that the guests are well entertained and comfortable throughout the event. Many of the event organizers revealed that quality portable toilets rentals are the key for a successful event. Despite all the intricate details involved in event planning, the arrangements will not be complete without a temporary sanitary arrangement.

New App Educates Children About Environmental Responsibility

There is general agreement that the best hope for environmental responsibility lies with the next generation. With that in mind, entrepreneur Paul Franco, a Brazilian native who now lives in Hawaii, has developed a smartphone app that teaches children to be eco-friendly.

New Travel Mug Brews Coffee on the Go with 100% Biodegradable Filters

The new Hey Joe coffee mug is a battery powered thermos that brews coffee on the go. Featuring multiple temperature settings, a customer can also use this mug to regulate the warmth of their coffee or heat it up in a matter of minutes.

Affordable and Quality Sanitary Units at Oakland Portable Toilets Rentals

Many of the event planners revealed that clean surroundings in an outdoor occasion lifts up the mood of the attendees thus making them to stay longer. All the social outdoor events whether it is a wedding party, casual gatherings, sports events, birthday parties or concerts, etc. are organized by the event planners with one thing in mind- to entertain the guests and to impress them. The key to a successful outdoor event is determined not by the amount of money the event organizer has spent but on how the attendees enjoyed the event.

Raleigh Sanitary Agency Offers Discounts on Portable Toilets to Its Residents

Cleanliness and hygiene forms an important aspect to every human life irrespective of any race or civilization. A good and hygienic sanitation plays a significant importance in keeping up the cleanliness. Sanitary wares or toilets form a universal necessity as everyone needs a hygienic toilet access despite of economic status or geographical location. As a result, there is an enormous demand of portable toilets in public places for people travelling with no regular toilet. Again, there is the demand of the temporary sanitary units for outdoor social events such as weddings, casual gatherings, official affairs, concerts, sports events, festivals, etc.

Colorado Springs Residents Get Low-Cost Mobile Sanitation from Champion Portable Toilets Company

Everyone dreads being greeted by bad smell and filthy toilet while going to a toilet. It is not only unhygienic but also a very loathsome sight to see those litters lying around. It may not be possible to construct good toilets in some locations for some reasons. For those situations where there is no availability of toilet, there are portable toilets for temporary sanitary facilities. These portable toilets are the ultimate option to provide access to proper toilet in situations where there is no in-built toilet access.

Kansas Riverkeeper Honored as River Hero

LogoEmpowering communities throughout the Tijuana River Watershed, improving water quality in Maine’s Casco Bay, being a leading advocate for rivers in Kansas, giving back as a tireless volunteer river trail steward in Illinois, and developing national showcases of urban renewal in Rhode Island are just a few of the accomplishments of an extraordinary group of individuals who have dedicated themselves to protecting our most vital natural resource—water.