Environment Press Releases

Photographer and Graphic Artist Robert Decker Launches the National Park Poster Project

The National Park Poster Project is an initiative from photographer and graphic artist Robert Decker to showcase all 59 national parks in the United States by creating iconic posters for all of them. One of the primary objectives of the project is to highlight the amazing landscapes, vibrant cultures, and rich history associated with all American national parks.

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. Engages New Teaming Partner K.R. Saline & Associates Engineering

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (SWET)(the "Company"), the inventor of large Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structures capable of producing abundant, inexpensive electricity, is pleased to announced the engagement of K. R. Saline & Associates, PLC (KRSA) of Mesa, Arizona. KRSA is an engineering consulting firm providing superb consulting services throughout the Southwest United States since 1991.

The Rarest Rhino Announces Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign

The Javan Rhino (of which there are 35 in the world) is a critically endangered species of rhinoceros that finds its home in the deep jungle habitat of the Ujung Kulon National Park, in Indonesia. As the elusive animals roam and hide in the area between the islands of Java and Southern Sumatra, a dedicated veterinarian turned wildlife photographer aims to capture the species in high-resolution photographs.

Arizona Trail Volunteer Visits Tusayan on Solo 800-Plus-Mile Trek

LogoSirena Dufault is nearing the end of a rigorous, inspiring personal quest. On May 23rd she’ll arrive here for a special evening reception at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon as she nears completion of a long hike and fund raising journey from the U.S. Mexico border to Arizona’s border with Utah. Ms. Dufault, 40, began her AZT Trek on March 14 and will finish on May 31 having hiked the entire Arizona Trail, more than 800 miles, mostly alone, from south to north.

Dallas Portable Toilets Rental Launches Special Event Potties

Bathrooms and toilets are of vital necessity to human life. In normal conditions there is always a toilet and bathroom available in buildings, residential accommodations or offices which people can use conveniently at any time they need.

Brand New Sanitary Units for Special Events at Philadelphia Portable Toilets Rentals

From the disaster relief locations to construction site, the Philadelphia portable toilets rental provides the residents with a hygienic sanitation when they need it the most. This rental company is known for raising the standard in the portable toilet rental industry by always upgrading their units with the latest innovations. They also offer a wide range of portable toilets for different purposes which make it possible for the customers to choose the toilet units depending on their requirement. Each of the designs is meticulously built to give its users an incredible experience while coordinating impeccably with the various event themes. With the outstanding services offered by the portable toilet rental companies along with their impressive portable toilet designs and features, they never cease to amaze the customers.

Phoenix Portable Toilets Launch Celebration Toilet for Special Events

Be it any type of culture or lifestyle, cleanliness and hygiene forms one of the most essential characteristics. It is a fundamental part of our life where we try to make sure that we all maintain safe and clean habits regarding our toilets, personal hygiene and bathroom habit as well. This is essential for fitness and health reasons also. Unclean and dirty habits are not considered healthy for your health and one can be more prone to different kinds of sickness.

New Rules on Vertical Standards: Are They Beneficial to the Tree Care Industry?

LogoThe Vertical Standards rule which applies to electric power generation, transmission, and distribution maintenance activities to line clearance tree trimming was issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on April 1 and was published in the Federal Register on April 11, will take effect 90 days from the mentioned date.

Of Seeds, Trees & Cuts: Reaping the Benefits of Seed Tree Cutting Technique

LogoAtlanta, known for its reputation as the “city in a forest”, has tree- abundance topography, which makes it unique among other major cities. Thirty- six percent of the Atlanta is covered by trees and this is what Atlanta’s greatest natural resources are.

San Antonio Portable Toilets Unveils New Potties for Special Events

When it comes to world events, portable toilets are the unsung heroes. While planning for an event, portable toilets are the last thought on any event organizers mind. The organizers tend to forfeit the quality if it requires them to reduce the expenses down.

San Diego Portable Toilets Introduces Splendor and Style to the Sanitary Rental Scene

Outdoor events are very common for official functions or family gatherings. Some of the events may require you a detailed arrangement which demands a lot of space for different occasions. And for this reason most people opt for outdoor venues to make sure that space is not a problem for carrying out all the arrangements.

Houston Portable Toilets Unveils a Range of Portable Sanitation for All Events

Houston portable toilets rental is considered to be the best in the area when it comes to toilet rentals. The company prides in presenting the most affordable prices that one can find in the area along with dependability and convenience that no other portable toilet company can beat. Well, here is what sets this toilets rental service apart from the rest.

Professional Tank & Environmental Now Offering Free Estimates for Oil Tank Replacements This May

LogoThe older that oil tanks get, rust starts to build up and oil can start to leak. With the amount of moisture the greater Philadelphia area has experienced, condensation builds up in underground storage tanks that can lead to sludge and further damage the tank. This May, when homeowners and businesses that utilize oil tanks for their heat start to see traces of rust and wear on their tank, Professional Tank & Environmental is announcing they are offering free estimates for oil tank replacements.

Atlanta Welcomed Spring with Its Tree Cutting Project in Henry Street in Whitby

LogoLast month, Atlanta’s Regional Municipality of Durham Works Department performed tree removal along the Henry Street, from North of Highway 401 to Dundas Street, in preparation for spring construction work.

Gary Barnett Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for His Upcoming Venture of Restoring Critical Wildlife Habitat

LogoSage grouse could be listed as an endangered species in 2015. Mule deer numbers are on a decline. A big factor is habitat loss from Pinyon Juniper encroachment. Gary Barnett has a plan and with adequate help, they can start restoring this critical habitat, create jobs and make a big difference.

Chicago Portable Toilets Rental Ideal for Events Requiring Temporary Sanitary Arrangements

Despite of what kind of occasion you are hosting or whether you are planning an outdoor trip or going to a disaster aid operation, one always need to be well planned in advance when it comes to portable toilets. There are many portable toilet rentals offering this service but if you want to look for better discount offers then, the Chicago portable toilets have the best to offer.

Skip Hire Company in London Launches Wide Range of New Waste Disposal Services

LogoA Skip Hire company operating in London has launched a new range of waste disposal services to meet the needs of a growing customer base. The introduction of roll on roll off skip hire, grab hire and wait and load hire is in response to an increasing demand for waste management solutions from customers in the commercial sector.

The Camping Life: Experiencing the World's Most Spectacular Places

LogoClimb a mountain, feel the sunshine, take in more oxygen, socialize. Going on a camping means living life. It is not just about enjoying the wonders of the world, it is also one of the best ways in improving one’s overall health.

DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. Now Consulting with Philadelphia Businesses for Snow Removal Services This Winter 2014

Preparation is vital when it comes to property management. Businesses spend hours making sure their property is taken care of, whether it’s lawn service, parking lot cleanup, or routine maintenance. When the winter arrives, snowstorms and other weather conditions result in unsafe road conditions and slippery walkways or parking lots. It is never too early to coordinate with a snow and ice management service to prepare for the winter of 2014, and DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. is pleased to announce they are consulting with Philadelphia businesses for their reliable snow removal services.

Support the TECians Movement - Nature's Template for Packaging Knowledge Is the New Global Phenomenon

Humankind has been so busy discovering knowledge that they've had no time to really think about how best to package it despite the fact that nature provided man with a universal packaging template very early on in the creation of the Universe. Many centuries ago, human ancestors established a knowledge-packaging template that was convenient for their time. This template has become cumbersome and sub-optimal for the present day voluminous Knowledge-Information Continuum. It is time to replace it.

Hydrogen Engine Creator Hydrogine Officially Launches Industry Changing Technology on Kickstarter

LogoIn seeking to keep control of the development of their world-changing hydrogen engine, Hydrogine seeks to develop further prototypes through their Kickstarter campaign. The Chicago based company fine tuned their hydrogen powered engine over the last decade, in part drawing on the talent of MIT graduate and former Director at NASA, Mark Forman, one of the three people credited with inventing the Hydrogine engine. The company is now ready to raise capital for development of more advanced prototypes.

Hydrogen Engine Creator Hydrogine Officially Launches Industry Changing Technology on Kickstarter

LogoIn seeking to keep control of the development of their world-changing hydrogen engine, Hydrogine seeks to develop further prototypes through their Kickstarter campaign. The Chicago based company fine tuned their hydrogen powered engine over the last decade, in part drawing on the talent of MIT graduate and former Director at NASA, Mark Forman, one of the three people credited with inventing the Hydrogine engine. The company is now ready to raise capital for development of more advanced prototypes.

"Air Care in Greece" Published

LogoAir care displayed negative growth in retail value terms over the review period amidst the economic downturn, yet 2012 was a year of unprecedented losses and the steep decline continued in 2013 with the total air care category shrinking further to reach EUR12.8 million. With disposable incomes having shrunk considerably and unemployment rates on the increase, luxury purchases, such as air care dropped significantly, regardless of the huge investment by manufacturers in this niche category.

Genesis Tree Service Opens New Branch in Ashburn Virginia to Provide Arborist Care

Spring is here, and the plants are growing. Trees are once again verdant green with leaves, and the next few months is a season of rapid growth. As such, many trees require maintenance and trimming, as they have a bad habit of growing beyond where owners are comfortable. Equally, spring is a time of flux in the weather in which extreme storms can cause fires and collapses that need to be dealt with immediately. Genesis Tree Service has been providing such services for years and with such success that they have once again expanded their service area to include a new location in Ashburn, Virginia.

Environmental Heat Solutions Warns That Bed Bug Cases Could Rise Due to Increase in Travel and Lack of Awareness

LogoThere’s a silent epidemic that is sweeping the United States, and that epidemic is bed bugs. Due to a number of circumstances and a lack of proper education, more and more businesses and families are struggling with getting rid of bed bugs.

Environmental Heat Solutions Is Concerned About Chicago's Lack of Response to Bed Bug Problems

LogoGetting rid of bed bugs doesn’t appear to be a top concern of Chicago’s, according to the evidence.

Adherence to Atlanta's Basic Tree Protection Ordinance: A Pride of 72 Tree Seed & Land Co.

LogoAtlanta imposed The Basic Tree Protection Ordinance, a basic step which 72 Tree Seed & Land Co. adheres to.