Environment Press Releases

Neodymium Energy LLC. Expands Alternative Energy Technology Pipeline

Neodymium Energy LLC., a think tank comprised of inventors and visionaries dedicated to bringing energy solutions to the world in various technology sectors, continues to increase its pipeline of alternative energy intellectual property. The company facilitates the development and commercialization of disruptive, green technologies. New additions to the group's IP portfolio include a Micro Solar Power plant for the home and its smaller cousin the desk charger.

Waste Management Solutions Company EnviroSolutions, Inc. Gains Local Navy Pilot's Appreciation for Recovered Valuables

A Marine veteran and his active duty son, a Navy pilot, got a surprise last month when a typical father-son outing turned into a rescue mission for a lost valuable. On October 23, 2014, the father and son were enjoying a rare day together without the pressures of military life when they discovered an important flight bag had been thrown in the trash by mistake. The bag contained several crucial items, so its quick recovery was vital.

Kansas Riverkeeper Honored as River Hero

LogoEmpowering communities throughout the Tijuana River Watershed, improving water quality in Maine’s Casco Bay, being a leading advocate for rivers in Kansas, giving back as a tireless volunteer river trail steward in Illinois, and developing national showcases of urban renewal in Rhode Island are just a few of the accomplishments of an extraordinary group of individuals who have dedicated themselves to protecting our most vital natural resource—water.

Omaha Portable Toilet Rental Unveils a Range of New Sanitary Units Suitable for Any Outdoor Events

From backyard gatherings to weddings to celebrations and fairs, Omaha portable toilets rental offer a range of unique, hygienic and comfortable portable sanitary units for any type of events held in the city. With their unique designs and dedication to service, they continue to renovate the portable sanitation service in the industry. From casual gatherings to formal affairs, they provide a perfect potty for any events. They continue to surpass their customers’ expectations every day, owing to their stellar service and homelike amenities.

Virginia Beach Portable Toilets Unveils New Sanitary Units for Special Events

There is a wide assortment of portable toilet units produced everyday in the market by the manufacturers and the quality and features of these units keeps improving with time. With a variety of portable toilets available in the market, the portable toilet rental companies compete to offer its customers with the best range of products. The Virginia Beach portable toilet rental is known to offer one of the best services in the sanitation industry in the region. They have a wide array of portable toilets that are comfortable, unique and hygienic. While still offering a huge selection of porta potties, the company has yet again unveiled a new range of celebration toilets recently by the company for special events.

Brand New Sanitary Arrangements for Outdoor Events at Miami Portable Toilets Rental

From construction site to disaster relief locations, the Miami portable toilets rental offers its locality with a clean and hygienic sanitation when they require it the most. The Miami toilet rental company is well-known for raising the bar in the sanitation industry by always improving their collections with the latest porta potties available. They have a wide array of unique portable toilets for any type of events which makes it possible for the customers to opt for the sanitary units depending on their needs. Each of the designs available at the rental firm is designed meticulously to give its users with an optimal sanitary experience while its exteriors coordinate flawlessly with the variety of events theme. With their stellar services along with their remarkable portable toilet features and designs, they continue to amaze the customers.

BELFOR Property Restoration Recommends Hurricane Season Checklist

LogoAtlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30, and even though fewer storms than normal are forecast, it only takes one storm impacting a large area to disrupt services and displace residents and businesses.

Mesa Rentals Offer Portable Toilets for All Type of Events

Portable toilets are a very common thing among the event organizers and they are a common sight in most of the outdoor events that is held around Mesa city. When hosting an outdoor event, it is necessary to include sanitary facilities for a complete event arrangement. Quality portable toilet rentals are the key to a successful event by providing a clean and hygienic access to meet their sanitary needs throughout the daylong event.

Sacramento Portable Restrooms Enhance the Outdoor Events

Portable toilets from sacramento rentals can change any event into a luxury affair. The portable toilets provided by the rental firm never fails to impress the customers with their unique potty designs and their excellent service. Sacramento portable toilets rental has changed the background of events in the city.

Long Beach Portable Toilet Rental Offers Sanitary Solution for Outdoor Events

Many of the event organizers says that while hosting an outdoor event the key to a successful event is a reliable and quality portable toilets rental. Portable toilets are very commonly used for temporary sanitary arrangement by many people and this is for a number of reasons. It comes with amazing exteriors which adds to the décor of the event and also only provides a clean, comfortable and hygienic sanitation to meet the sanitary needs of the attendees.

Fresno Portable Toilet Rental Ideal for Any Outdoor Events

When organizing an outdoor event, there is always a great necessity of sanitary arrangement and portable toilets in the event. There are a wide variety of portable toilets available in unique shapes and designs which provide an ideal choice for temporary sanitary arrangement. They are widely used in most of the outdoor occasions such as weddings, official functions, get-togethers, fairs, outdoor trip etc. Moreover, having a portable toilet arrangement for outdoor occasion will complete the whole arrangement.

Tucson Portable Toilet Rental Introduces Grandeur and Extravagance to Portable Restroom Service

Tucson portable toilets have been an innovator in the portable toilet industry for the past few years and they never stop to amaze their customers with their designs and features. They offer an array of portable toilets that is suitable for any type of events. Some of the latest portable toilets they now offer are a range of luxury restroom trailer. These are some the most impressive offerings with all the features available such as marble floors, individual stalls with flushable toilets and granite countertops. It offers the ultimate lavish experience to Tucson’s special events.

Atlanta Portable Toilets Rental Offers New Options for Outdoor Sanitary Arrangements

One of the most common sights in Atlanta construction sites is the portable toilets. There are not much portable toilet options available with most of the portable toilet rental company. However, the Atlanta portable toilets rentals offer a variety of porta potties that is suitable for any type of events. They have been constantly innovating and improving their rental services and strive to exceed their customers’ expectations. The newly launched portable toilets offered by them are specially designed to add a more value to the construction sites.

Albuquerque Portable Toilet Rentals Perfect for Special Outdoor Events

The progress in technology and advanced innovations has offered a comfortable life to human lives. This extends to the invention of portable toilets as well. With a limited access to toilet facilities at outdoor venues these portable toilets has provided a lot of convenience and comfort for outdoor events. There are a wide range of portable toilets and these sanitary units are designed for different purposes. With outdoor activities becoming a very common affair, the portable toilet industry now offers unique portable sanitation for different events.

Kansas City Portable Toilet Rental Provides Sanitary Solution for Outdoor Events

Kansas City portable toilets rental has lead the way in the portable sanitation world around the region and they never stop to amaze their customers with their designs and features. One of the most impressive portable toilet units they have upgraded to is the luxury restroom trailers. These sanitary units come with marble floors, individual stalls and granite countertops. It also features fresh running water sink and flushing toilet that are both powered by foot pumps for an optimal sanitary experience. These portable sanitary arrangements provide an ultimate luxurious experience and are ideal for special events.

Oklahoma City Portable Toilets Rentals Enhance Special Events

Planning an outdoor task can be quite daunting as they involve a lot of details for the arrangements. Most of the event organizers reveal that outdoor event planning is more complex than an indoor event. While hosting an indoor event, all that needs to be done are just some re-arrangements and some polishing that are already in the house. However an outdoor event involves arranging everything from the scratch.

John Sessa Co-Founder of "Organics of Chicago" Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Change the Lives of Urban Residents by Using Emerging Green Technologies

LogoOrganics of Chicago promises to help grow healthy neighborhoods, lives and lifestyles through the best of green innovation and social responsibility. Organics is going to be more than just an urban farm. The buildings will include transitional or supportive housing apartments. The units will house challenged individuals while providing job training and personal development support programming.

Removals and Storage Company Makes Environment Friendly Improvements Through Investments in 3 Purpose Built Removals Roadtrains

Matthew James Removals & Storage SL a reputable removals, storage and moving specialists have recently announced the addition of their 3 purpose built removals roadtrains to their fleet of specialist vehicles. The Company offers removal services from Spain to the UK including professional local removals in Mijas Costa and the surrounding areas as well as Soto Grande, Marbella Removals, Estepona Removals and Benalmadena Removals.

Portland Portable Toilets Rental Consultancy Helps Customers Rent the Right Amount of Porta Potties

With outdoors becoming a very common affair for different activities, there has been a dramatic rise in the demand for portable toilets and this is for a number of reasons. With portable toilet rentals services available, people don’t have to dread going to outdoor events for fear of not having access to meet the sanitary needs throughout the event. The Portland portable toilet rentals offer exceptional service and the toilet units offered by them provides privacy as well as proper hygiene for the users to maintain throughout the event.

Huge Amounts of Water Diverted from Agriculture to Oil Production

Tupper Hull, spokesman for the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) and former press spokesman for the Westlands Water District, admitted in an interview on National Public Radio (NPR): “Once they figure out how to make the Monterey Shale economically viable, the water usage will ramp up significantly.” In an interview with Lauren Sommer, the numbers discussed were “up to a million gallons per well.“

Southern Irrigation Now Installing Landscape Lighting to Residential Clients This Spring

LogoWhen the summer time rolls around, many residents spend evenings outdoors, relaxing in their yards. Gearing up for the summer season, homeowners are taking a look at their property and upgrading the amount of light they have on display. For a more reliable and beneficial product to illuminate the yard and property, Southern Irrigation is pleased to announce they are now installing landscape lights for their residential clients this spring. The company specializes in the implementation of LED lighting due to its advantages over traditional light bulbs.

Louisville Portable Toilets Rental Offers Options for Sanitary Temporary Arrangements

Outdoor affairs are very common for official functions or family occasions. Most people select the outdoor venue for hosting different type of events when there is a need for elaborate and detailed arrangements which requires a lot of space.

New Study Shows High Cost of 3rd Year of Drought

A study just released by the University of California, Davis' Center for Watershed Sciences says the state's ongoing dry conditions will deal a "severe blow" to irrigated agriculture and farm communities in California's Central Valley -- one of the most productive agricultural regions on earth -- while costing the state around $1.7 billion.

The Shredding Alliance Now Offers Full Coverage of Shredding Services in the UK

The Shredding Alliance now offers the full coverage of shredding services in the UK. This company offers complete shredding solutions for commercial as well as residential purposes. They offer a total secure shredding service at the premise of the client or in some other convenient locations.

Las Vegas Portable Toilets Launches New Porta Potties

There are a variety of innovative products in the market today which will be an astonishing experience to look at their functionality. One of the examples of modern day innovation is the portable toilets. They are essential for a successful outdoor event. There are a wide range of unique portable toilets available for different events. With an array of portable toilets available in the market, the Las Vegas portable toilets rental has all the variety of these products for any type of event.

Washington Portable Toilets Sets the City Ablaze with Their Impressive Special Event Potty Rentals

It has been a tough winter for Washington City so it is no shocker to see people welcoming the springtime with open arms. The city is abuzz once again with the talk of every outdoor affair that is being prepared without forgetting any of the details. Nevertheless, one part of the outdoor event arrangements that is frequently neglected is where the attendees are going to use the toilet. This is where the Washington portable toilets rental comes in the fray. This toilet rental company has a wide range of portable toilets. Each of the portable toilets has been designed meticulously to give its users with an incredible experience, while synchronizing impeccably with the variety of event themes.

Swift Fencing Announces That It Recycles 95% of Its Waste Timber in Manchester

Swift Fencing announced that it will now start recycling 95 percent of its waste timber for a more environment friendly business. With timber in abundance, this is a good step taken by the company as it will spread awareness of deforestation and encourage other timber companies to work towards a green environment. It was reported that recycling 1 ton of wood can save up to 18,000,000 BTUs heat energy. Recycled timbers can be used to power plants and even as flooring and decking.