Environment Press Releases

Capitol Asset Recovery in Metro D.C. Receives Area's First E-Stewards Certification

Focused on the latest technology, not many think about what happens to the billions of electronic devices discarded annually. Not until a company like Metro Washington D.C.’s Capitol Asset Recovery raises the eco-friendly bar and formally announces why they did it. To ensure that computers and other electronic devices won’t be mined for data and destroyed haphazardly the company receives the E-Steward Certification. Recognized and mandated by federal government the new certification will provide greater accountability, new standards for security and unmatched environmental safety.

Energizer Resources Well-Positioned to Be Major Supplier of a Critical Material in Short Supply

UPTICK Newswire discovers a world-class graphite project in Energizer Resources, Inc. (OTCQX:ENZR, TSX:EGZ), a mine development and mineral exploration company based in Toronto, Canada, that is rapidly developing its flagship Molo Flake Graphite Project in southern Madagascar to mine production.

DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. Continuing Snow Removal Services Into March

Though the months have changed, snow continues to be forecasted in the Philadelphia area. Having to wait for the parking lot and sidewalk to be cleared in order to open for the day, businesses are getting tired of the snow. Striving for the top response time to all locations in the area, DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. in announcing their continued snow removal services into the month of March. In the event of a snow or ice storm, the professional Philadelphia snow removal company will arrive at the location in a timely manner to provide a safe entrance for employees, clients, and customers alike.

Southern Irrigation Now Offering Their Services for Startups This Spring Season

LogoWith the spring season on the horizon, many individuals are gearing up to get their lawns prepared for the hot and humid months ahead. The grass on the lawn needs something to feed on, or it will dry out and make the lawn look completely dead. It is important to start the season off right to maintain a glowing green grass throughout the summer. This March, as homeowners are ready to put the winter season behind them, Southern Irrigation is pleased to announce they will now be offering their services for irrigation system startups in the greater Nashville, TN, area.

Overland Park Dumpster Rental Company Helps Customers Keep Neighborhood Clean

In all the cases, it is the amount of trash that has been produced that will decide which size of the dumpster truck a customer needs to hire. For an efficient way in which the trash can be handled, it is important to hire a dumpster rental company that is located around the neighborhood.

Omaha Dumpster Rental Company Offers Tips for Hassle Free Trash Disposa

There are many people who ask dumpster rental companies what size of dumpster truck they should hire if there arises any need in the near future. The answer to this is a very simple one. As a matter of fact, this is a no brainer answer to the customer concerned who asked the question. The answer is that the quantity of the trash shall decide what size of the dumpster truck is needed.

New Orleans Dumpster Rental Company Offers Free Consultation to Customers

Several tons of wastes are created as a result of projects like construction sites, renovation or even spring cleaning. While hiring a dumpster rental service company, the first thing to take care of is to clearly determine the size of the dumpster truck so that the waste can be transferred without leaving behind any excess.

New York City Dumpster Rental Offer Hassle Free Service to Customers

While undertaking steps to hire a dumpster rental service, customers should take extra care to determine the size of the dumpster truck. The size will decide whether the service has been affordable or not. This is due to the fact that asking for a dumpster truck that is much bigger than the trash that needs to be dumped lead the customer to pay for more than the service.

Oklahoma City Dumpster Rental Company Puts Customers' Interest First

Any individual who is looking to hire a dumpster rental service has to keep in mind that there is more than just one dumpster truck size. The quantity of the trash that has been produced as a result of the work shall decide which dumpster truck size should be ordered by the customer residing in the area of the Oklahoma City.

New Burgh Dumpster Rental Company Reduces Trash at Landfills Through Recycling

Projects like renovating the home, building additional rooms or simply cleaning the attic to make more space produces a lot of trash that needs to be dumped. This kind of trash cannot simply be kept in the kitchen trashcan. As a matter of fact, the trash cannot be contained even in all the trashcans available at home. The only way to dispose of such trash is to hire a dumpster rental service company that will transfer the tons of trash to a landfill that is located far away from the inhabited area.

Norman Dumpster Rental Company States Choosing Right Dumpster Truck Paramount to Saving Money

When it comes to renovating around the home and property, there is one very important thing that individuals ought to keep in mind – to contact the nearest and the best pricing dumpster rental service. One will not believe the quantity of trash that is produced even at the renovation of the tiniest part of the house like the toilet or even rebuilding the little cupboard. It is therefore a very important thing to contact the dumpster rental service even before the completion of the project.

Open Letter from Experts Urges Officials to Support the Wireless Information Act in Maine

Renowned medical and public health experts released an open letter to Maine officials highlighting key scientific evidence for legislators to reconsider a stance on a senate bill calling for a label on cell phones to be plainly visible on the outside of the product packaging alerting customers to the safety notifications.

Long Beach Dumpster Rental Company Announces General Outline of Dumpster Rental Prices

Every home in the United States of America hires the service of the dumpster rental company’s service for at least once or twice in their lifetime. It is therefore a very important thing to keep oneself informed about the basics about how to hire a dumpster rental company. This is because every home needs a spring clean up at least once or twice in the lifetime of the house and a renovation too. This incurs a lot of trash which needs to be handled only by the expert company of the dumpster rental industry.

Kansas City Dumpster Rental Educates Residents About the Basics of Dumpster Rental

Everyone will find themselves making use of the invaluable service that the dumpster rental service will offer at least once or twice in their life time. When the time comes for a family of an individual to use the service of the dumpster rental company, it is important to prepare themselves in advance some of the basics of this industry and its working in order to make the hiring and negotiation and affordable and easy as possible.

Long Island Dumpster Rental Company Reveals Truth About Price of Weekly Dumpster Trucks

Hiring a dumpster rental company service is no new thing for the average American citizen. As a matter of fact, any urban citizen across the world makes use of the dumpster rental service for an environmental friendly way to dispose of the trash that has been created as a result of several projects. Whether it is simply cleaning up the attic to make additional service, or renovating around the house or building additional rooms to the house, a large quantity of trash is created as a result of this.

Miami Dumpster Rental Company Offers Tricks to Save Money on Dumpster Rental Services

There is a number of facts and information that a customer should learn and be well aware before the hiring of a good dumpster rental service company. No urban citizen can do without the help of a very good dumpster rental service to dispose of the trash. The need for the service of a dumpster rental truck comes when there is any kind of major trash at home that needs to be disposed away from the neighborhood.

Mobile Dumpster Rental Company Alerts Residents on Responsible Dumping

Mobile dumpster rental Company shows residents to find the right dumpster rental service. Renovation of private homes or large scale construction sites produce a huge quantity of waste and trash that needs to be dumped at a safe distance away from the ,inhabited places of the locality. The International environment protection agencies have clearly stated to the fact that trash produced by the human habitants should be dumped in landfills that are located very far away from the place where the general population lives.

Chaffee County Waste Expands Commercial and Residential Services to Leadville and Fairplay, CO

LogoChaffee County Waste (CCW) will expand services in two new Colorado communities, Leadville and Fairplay, according to company officials.

Des Moines Dumpster Rental Assists Customers in Finding Cheapest Price

It is not every day that people hire the dumpster rental service. This is the reason why many people are at a loss while the time comes for them to hire a good dumpster rental company from the nearest location. It is important to find the right company that will deliver quality service as well as offer its services at an affordable pricing.

Commercial Recycling Offers Unmatched Waste Disposal Services in Dorset

Commercial Recycling now offers unmatched waste disposal services in Dorset. Customers can save money while recycling waste by availing the services, and also get a free waste audit. They are accomplished waste disposal company with professional expertise in recycling all the waste that most of the businesses find hard to dispose or recycle. Their waste disposal services provide convenient waste containers and personalized collection frequencies to the businesses to employ their service as required by them.

Cool the Earth Kicks off 2014 Climate Program Enrollment Campaign

Cool the Earth’s Climate Action Program today launched its 2014 enrollment campaign. The free, ready-to-roll, climate action program educates K-8 students and their families about climate change, inspiring them to take simple actions to reduce their carbon footprint at home, at school, and in their communities. Parents or teacher volunteers run the program for each school.

Huntington Beach Dumpster Rental Dumps Trash in Proper Landfills Away from Habitation

There are several sizes of dumpster trucks. each is employed according to the tonnage requirement of the trash. It is the responsibility of the customers or the potential customer to inform the dumpster rental company about the right tonnage of the trash in order to be able to hire the right size of the dumpster truck. By choosing the right size of the dumpster from the dumpster rental company, it will save the customer from a lot of additional charges as well as a lot of hassles.

Irvine Dumpster Rental Company Reveals Benefits of Dumpster Trucks

Whenever people undertake any form of home improvement project either at home or for corporate purposes, a lot of trash is left behind after the work is done. This kind of large-scale trash can be removed only with the help of professional help. When people try to handle the trash on their own, their kitchen trashcans and all other trashcans at home will over flow.

Hampton Dumpster Rental Cleans Up Trash in Hassle Free Manner

One of the most commonly used dumpster trucks in the city of Hampton is the roll off dumpster. It is almost mandatorily used in all types of trash disposal projects. These dumpster trucks are designed in such a way that it can handle several metric tons of weight that have been generated in large scale project areas like the industry, construction sites, yard cleanup, and renovation of the houses.

Jersey City Dumpster Rental Company Offers Varied Sizes of Dumpster Trucks

Picking the right size of the dumpster rental truck while transferring the trash at home is of the most important aspect about saving as money as possible. The Jersey City dumpster rental Company offers such a varied size of trucks that there is just the perfect size of truck for everyone. The residents of Jersey City have appreciated the fact that this leading Dumpster rental company have been able to cater to the demands and needs of all the customers so far.

Dumpster Rental in Nassau County by Phantom Carting

Phantom Carting now provides Nassau County and the surrounding areas with roll off dumpster rentals. The Company has positioned itself as a resource for area residential customers, commercial customers and contractors to become free of waste and as an affordable, courteous and prompt alternative to current waste removal options.

Egg Harbor Dumpster Rental Goes Green with Support from Residents

The economy if the Egg Harbor Dumpster Rental is supported both by agriculture as well as commercial industries. Residents of this economy are learning to appreciate the importance of the environment. In an attempt to protect the environment from further damage, the Egg Harbor dumpster rental Company has made arrangements to recycle the waste and save the environment from pollution.