Environment Press Releases

Jim Peterson Joins Great Plains Industries as National Account Manager

Great Plains Industries, Inc. (GPI) is pleased to announce that Jim Peterson has joined the company as National Accounts Manager - Meter Division. He will report to Kevin Symens, GPI’s North America Sales Manager for the Meter Division.

Dynamic Recycling Breaks Ground on New Facility in Bristol Tennessee

Dynamic Recycling LLC is excited to announce they have broken ground on their new Distilled Spirits Plant in Bristol, Tennessee. With the new plant will give the company added capacity for their environmentally friendly, economical, and safe destruction and recycling services for the beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. The new facility is on track to be operable in early 2015, and will create 30 jobs in Bristol.

Popular Atlanta Dumpster Rental Ensures Effortless Garbage Removal Process

Accumulation and removal of garbage can be quite a boring chore for most people. The chore becomes even worse if good service providers are not available within the vicinity of one’s property. But if exceptional companies are present to offer services, people need not worry about removing rubbish of any quantity from their property. They can make contact with a reliable service provider and request for a dumpster to be delivered.

Affordable Services Offered by First Rate Columbus Dumpster Rental

Hiring a dumpster can be quite difficult if people are not familiar with any reliable service provider in their locality. But if they have some idea about any particular company which offers easy and fast services, they can make contact at any time. A reliable company will arrive with the dumpster wherever it is required. To save money, residents can also select a company that offers cost effective solutions that are suitable for everybody.

Fairfax County Planning Commission Recommends Approval for ESI Green Energy Park

LogoThe Fairfax County Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of Envirosolution’s Green Energy Park on the site of its construction debris landfill in Lorton Virginia. The Green Energy Park proposal was filed with the county in April 2013. Prior to the Planning Commission meeting, ESI had amended its proposal to significantly lower the previously approved height of the landfill and reduce the requested term of the extension by 27%. “The vote last night on the amended application is an important step forward for this transformational opportunity for renewable energy in Fairfax County,” said Conrad Mehan of ESI. “The Commission’s vote validates the County’s staff’s January recommendation for approval and makes it clear that the Green Energy Park supports a range of the County’s environmental and economic objectives in a manner that is consistent with its land use plans.”

Fuss Free Solutions Offered by Competent Tampa Dumpster Rental

Renting dumpsters in Tampa, FL has never been easier. This is possible because the most efficient service provider is ready and available to give any type of help related to trash removal problems. This top rated company owns the best quality equipment and most skilled personnel to deliver services. The company rents out dumpsters to residences, commercial places, construction sites and industrial areas. So, clients from any of these places can contact the company when they have trash to remove from their property.

Professional Trash Removal Solutions Provided by Athens Dumpster Rental

If people in any place require dumpsters to get rid of trash, they should seek services from the best service provider in the area. People should look for companies that offer quick services at most inexpensive rates. There are a lot of service providers in the country these days. Hence, residents will not find any difficulty in locating a reliable company. Residents can find details of several companies and compare features.

Super Efficient Hartford Dumpster Rental Makes Garbage Removal Simple

Hiring the best and most appropriate dumpster is very important to do the task smoothly. With the right roll off container at disposal, people can fill up any amount of junk and get rid of it. To find the right dumpster, people just have to make contact with a trustworthy company which serves in the locality. To benefit in every aspect, people can look for a company that offers swift services at cheap rates.

Wilmington Dumpster Rental Offers Junk Removal Solutions at Inexpensive Rates

Whenever residents of Wilmington, DE require dumpsters to get rid of trash from their property, they do not have to look further. They may just contact an excellent company called Top Dog Dumpster Rental Wilmington, DE. This company has all the solutions that are relevant to removal of trash. The company owns various types of dumpsters in many sizes. It also employs experts who are ready to help people with any kind of problem.

Easy Methods for Trash Removal Offered by Reliable Jacksonville Dumpster Rental

There are number of factors to look into when people hire dumpsters. Checking out the factors will make sure that they get only the best service from the best company. People first need to find some companies and compare features. It is always advisable to choose a company that is reliable and competent. They should also look for a company that offers simple but cost effective services without any delay. Once users find such a company, they can make contact and request for a dumpster.

Cost Effective Trash Removal Methods Offered by Aurora Dumpster Rental

If people do not select the right dumpster rental company to take care of business, there will be regrets later. So, whenever residents in any place plan to dispose garbage, they ought to pick and choose. That way, they will benefit in every way. People should look for a service provider that offers prompt solutions at cost effective rates. Now, there a large number of companies offering services so people can locate a good company that serves in their area.

ESI Modifies Green Energy Park in Response to Community Input

LogoEnviroSolutions Holdings, Inc. (ESI) announced today that it has filed changes to its proposed Green Energy Park on the site of its construction debris landfill in Lorton Virginia. The Green Energy Park concept was originally conceived in 2010 based on community suggestions and has since been modified numerous times based on input and feedback from various stakeholder groups, engineers and consultants, and County staff.

Suitable Roll off Containers Available with Colorado Springs Dumpster Rental

Getting rid of garbage material becomes easy and fuss free when people seek services from the most reliable company in the area. A reliable company will provide quick assistance so that people can remove the trash without any problem. So, if people want to quickly complete the task fast, choosing a reliable company is most important. People can also select a company that boasts of huge number of dumpsters in several sizes.

Affordable Solutions Launched by Popular Denver Dumpster Rental

Everyone looks to save money in one way or the other. It can be when they are buying goods, hiring services or anything else. So, if people of Denver, CO have been searching for a dumpster rental that offers affordable solutions, they have arrived at the right place. This article will provide enough details about this amazing company which is affordable and excellent service provider at the same time. Residents are guaranteed total satisfaction with the services as well as with the equipment.

Simple Solutions Available with Lakewood Dumpster Rental

When plenty of trash gets accumulated in any place, the best thing to do is find the most appropriate dumpster rental company and seek services. There are now a lot of companies available everywhere. Hence, residents can locate a reliable company and make calls to ask for services. A good company will make certain to deliver the most suitable roll containers wherever it is required. Residents only have to mention the specifics and the service provider will meet the demands.

Get the Best Quality of Charcoal

“If the coal is hot, it is time for a sizzling barbeque”, opine a lot of us. With the summer season coming in, it is truly business season for charcoal suppliers.

Exceptional San Diego Dumpster Rental Offers Superb Trash Removal Ideas

When it comes to dumpster rentals in San Diego CA, there is no confusion at all. There is one company that stands out from the rest. This company offers quick services in and around the place at most reasonable fees. Because of the company’s superlative services, most people in touch with them do not want to deal with any other company. This company is called Top Dog Dumpster Rental San Diego, CA. If residents have not heard about this company, they should do it now.

WJA Landscaping Now Designing Patios in Chester County This April

LogoAs the winter has finally passed, individuals are itching to spend time outside. The backyard of one’s home provides a space for relaxing and cooking out during the warm months of the year. When homeowners walk in their backyard, and realize they are in dire need of a new patio, the spring season is the perfect time for creating modernized outdoor living areas. To appease their valued clientele, WJA Landscaping is pleased to announce they are now designing patios in Chester County this April.

Brand Spirit Announces Launch of New Eco-Friendly, 100% Recycled Apparel

LogoBrand Spirit, Inc., an industry leader in branded products and apparel, is proud to announce a new, eco-friendly line of customizable apparel ideal for companies looking to support sustainable, green products.

Superlative Pasadena Dumpster Rental Offers Speedy Services

The best and easiest way of getting rid of trash is to call a reliable dumpster rental and request for equipment. With everyone removing junk every now and then, dumpsters are always required by someone at any time. Hence, if people look for a service provider, they are sure to find many. However, not all the companies provide excellent services. Residents should therefore try to find a company that can be relied upon in any circumstances.

Avanti Company Offering on-Site Flow Meter Testing

LogoThe Avanti Company, a leading provider of Water Meters and metering systems, is offering On-Site Flow Meter Testing on demand for any Utility, Agricultural or Industrial customers in need.

Top Rated Mesa Dumpster Rental Ready to Supply Advanced Solutions

Choosing the right dumpster rental company is key to removal of trash quickly and efficiently. Hence, whenever residents plan to get rid of junk from their property, they should make sure to contact only the most reliable service provider in the area. When people deal with a good company, they don’t have to worry about any aspect. This is because a good company will look into all the aspects while they deliver services.

Dependable Fresno Dumpster Rental Promises Fastest Garbage Removal Solutions

Till some time back, residents of Fresno, CA used to face problems when it came to removal of junk from their property. This was because there was hardly any good service provider. But such is not the case these days. Now, one f the top rated companies is available to serve residents in and around the city. This company is capable and reliable and is prepared to take care of any trash removal problem.

First Rate Scottsdale Dumpster Rental Gives Residents Amazing Choice of Solutions

While selecting a dumpster rental company, people need to take into consideration a few factors. If people are careful with their choices, they will have great service, quick solutions and remove junk at cost effective rates. These three aspects are most important so people should always make it a point to look for a company that offers all these. There are several service providers these days. So, people can locate a good company and request for a dumpster.

Environmental Consulting Firm Offering Extensive Health and Safety Services

Handex Consulting and Remediation (HCR), a prominent Environmental Consulting firm, is offering clients comprehensive health and safety services as elaborated on its official website, HCR-LLC.com.

Innovative Glendale Dumpster Rental Offers Prompt Services

Getting rid of junk can be quite a frustrating task if there are no dumpster rental companies in the vicinity. But because of many service providers ready to deliver roll off containers, people do not have to worry much about it. They simply have to make contact with a trustworthy company and ask for an appropriate dumpster. A good company will be there with the container at the right time.

Top Notched Los Angeles Dumpster Rental Makes Garbage Removal Easy

Getting rid of garbage is a quite a tiresome task. But if there is a good dumpster rental company to offer advice and services, the problem is sure to be minimized to a great extent. So, whenever resident in any place have garbage to dump, they should seek the services of the finest service provider in the vicinity. That way, residents can obtain good advice and rent the most suitable dumpster to get rid of the garbage.