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Environmental Crisis Proclaimed as Ship Wreck Sparks in Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, well known for the variety of flora and fauna found on land and also in the waters is now in danger. A ship named Galapaface 1 has run aground over a part of these islands.


Quito, Ecuador -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2014 -- There were many times that a ship has run aground close to these islands. One may not be able to forget the ship named Jessica that was wrecked close to the island chain in the year 2001. Huge amounts of pollutants got mixed in the waters and destroyed many marine iguanas in that area. It had also affected the populations of many other species living on the Galapagos Islands.

It is a matter of concern when such incidents affect the main attractions of a place. This time too, after the Galapaface 1 ran aground, the officials at Galapagos requested the Environment Minister, Lorena Tapia to look into the matter. It is now declared an environmental emergency across the Island. The ship was carrying about 19000 gallons i.e. some 72000 liters of diesel across the waters. This was later emptied in another container and carried off safely; thus preventing a major hazard to marine life. But, it is still feared that there may be about 1100 tons of fuel and oil that was used to power the ship. Authorities under the supervision of the Government of Quito are trying their best to remove the ship without letting the pollutants enter the water.

Environmentalists are hoping that this should not affect or destroy the marine life. The Galapagos Islands are a home to many rare species that are not found anywhere around the world. People who would want to go on a Galapagos Island Tour would be worried too as they would not want to miss some of the real special moments by the sea. This accident would surely affect the tourism industry here in the Galapagos. A representative of nature Galapagos, a leading Tourism Company in Galapagos has stated that although there are chances that it would have a greater impact on marine life, with the lessons learnt from many such past experiences and usage of better techniques, the government will soon be successful in moving the ship without letting it affect the waters and the creatures living there.

The removal of the ship from where it is stuck may take a few weeks. As a result of this wreckage, there would be a considerable decrease in the number of tourists wanting to take a Galapagos Island Tour within this period. Especially the ones who would love to take a look at the sea lions as the place; San Cristobal Island close to which the ship ran aground is a home to sea lions. Keeping in mind all the damage it can create, the officials here, along with a number of tourists have been eagerly waiting to see the ship being removed as soon as it can.

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