Errol Denton Helps Student Lose 7 Stone in 7 Months Using Live Blood Analysis

University student Ates Nalbantoglu weighed 16 stone 7 pounds when he went to see Errol Denton for a live blood analysis consultation.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/31/2012 -- University student Ates Nalbantoglu weighed 16 stone 7 pounds when he went to see Errol Denton for a live blood analysis consultation. Ates says although he was overweight that he did not believe there was anything seriously wrong with him apart from his extreme fatigue.

Ates says that the live blood analysis with Errol at Harley Street was one of the best things that he had ever done in his life. He says that what he saw on the video screen completely convinced him that he needed to make changes to his diet and lifestyle. It had not occurred to him that what he was eating and drinking could affect his health in such a dramatic way. It was indeed a very good wake up call for Ates. Motivated by what he saw and the tailor made guidelines given to him by Errol he embarked on a nutritional program to clean his blood cells.

Ates says that he began to notice changes almost immediately. Within the rest of the week he felt immense changes in his energy levels and was no longer suffering from constant fatigue. At one stage he had been sleeping for up to 13 hours per day and this had become quite disconcerting to family members about the state of his health. These lengths of sleep were quite abnormal for a young student and sometimes he would still require even more sleep.

Ates says that Errol Denton was very professional and reassuring towards him and explained that it was simply a matter of restoring his blood to its healthy condition. Errol says this was a simple case to resolve because it was just a matter of showing Ates how he could achieve lasting health and energy purely by changing the fuel he was putting into his body combined with proper exercise.

Errol says that live blood testing is the ultimate preventative medicine tool available today and it works extremely well for people who really care about their health and well being. It allows people to take responsibility for their own health by making them aware of the damage they are doing to their bodies. What a person sees on the video screen can show deep insights into their current and potential future health. Errol explains that live blood analysis is "Satellite Navigation" for good health. In other words what one sees on the video screen is their current health location and the picture of healthy blood is their destination post code. As long as they follow the simple instructions just like with a satellite navigation machine they will arrive at destination perfect health.

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As a result within 7 months of visiting Errol Denton for a live blood test Ates lost 7 stone equivalent to 50 kilograms in weight. Ates's blood was now clean and healthy and he reported that his hair was growing thicker. He also reported that he no longer slept abnormal long hours instead jumping out of bed full of energy to go to the gym!

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