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Plainview, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/20/2014 -- General Utilities is pleased to announce details of its new Mobile Application for iOS and Android mobile devices. The General Utilities mobile app, which can be downloaded free from the company site or on iTunes, offers a wide range of time-saving and helpful facilities. Customers will be able to set schedules to set the most convenient times for their consultations and service calls. They will also be able to access information on security issues and arrange professional consultations with expert and experienced staff. A company representative said that "much more" was included in the free package.

The core values of General Utilities are based on its Long Island history. For 52 years, consumers have relied on the company to provide reliable and dependable heating oil, in a region known for its bitter winters. The company specializes in every aspect of heating systems, ranging from the initial design to actual installation. It also offers a full range of cooling systems, to ensure that summer is as comfortable as winter. Both commercial and residential customers are able to benefit from General's exceptional customer service and competitive prices. It has held its own in an area with over 200 oil businesses fighting for customers.

General Utilities is a full service company, and as such it does not just sell fuel oil. Instead, it provides a comprehensive range of services to keep customers coming back again and again. These include fixed price programs, a highly popular 30 day credit option, installation and maintenance of equipment, and an emergency service that operates around the clock. The company's prices are available for inspection via the Oil Heat Institute. General Utilities believes that in such a vital matter as heating, there is no substitute for true professionalism. It cautions that rip-offs are common in the sector, and says that General can provide its customers with total peace of mind.

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