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Exeq Control Secures New Design


Northbrook, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2014 -- The world of home security and monitoring is evolving into a customizable and personal experience. Creating and ensuring a sense of manageable security for homeowners is something that many massive corporate solutions cannot deliver on. Placing the power of security in ones own hands is by and large a good thing.

Conveying the sentiment that homeowners have the ability to put their safety in their own hands starts first with a demonstrative aesthetic, and boy have we got some news for our clients. Our website has been redesigned with the help of Anatoly Nirshberg’s ParadigmNext, and to say the least, it is a massive success.

Often times a business like ours can come off as bland, particularly because the subject matter is rather serious. We’re talking about livelihoods and family, things which have too much value to insure. Our new site deviates from the usual bland sense of security and provides a fresh approach to business whilst maintaining the highest sense of professionalism.

The new layout and organization is sensible and provides the information our prospective clients want to know. ParadigmNext has placed all of our modules in a logical way, meaning after you read about our services, you can see demonstrations of it in action. It is part of Nirshberg’s logic with Paradigm, “Seeing a product in action, after reading the description, is very important not just as a sales tool, but as an educative tool. Customers should know how the product works by seeing it instead of just reading it,” he said.

The services pages are also completely redesigned, with information that is easily accessible that helps our clients be more informed to make a decision that is beneficial for everyone.

For more information of our services, feel free to contact us:

(847) 239-7590

For more information on ParadigmNext and their digital solutions regarding marketing and web development, feel free to contact them:

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Anthony Berg
Ideation Director