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US Global Mail CEO Randip Singh Interviewed on Why Expat Mail Forwarding Makes Sense


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2014 -- CEO of US Global Mail, Randip Singh, was recently interviewed on Global Business News. In the interview, Singh talks about why outsourcing expat mail handling makes sense for corporations with expat employees overseas.

When an employee begins a job overseas, his or her personal mail traditionally gets handled either by friends or family, or the employer. According to Singh, "The USPS isn't going to forward your mail to, say Singapore or China, like they would if you are moving domestically. It becomes a little more complicated." He noted, "People will usually ask family or neighbors to take care of mail for them, but after a couple of trips to the post office, those people tire of the task, and understandably so."

That leaves the employer to get involved in forwarding an employee’s mail, as a service to their expat employees. But this presents problems for the company. Singh says, "When a company takes on expat mail they might be taking on a lot more than they think they are." He tells several stories of company mail being help up in customs because of employees personal items in the mail, including one where a Pokemon toy kept a company container on hold for weeks because Pokemon toys were illegal in that country. Singh says that US Global Mail has the expertise to handle employee mail properly and avoid risk and compliance issues for global corporates.

US Global Mail provides an innovative mail service for expats that serves many corporate professionals who live abroad. First, the company establishes a physical address in the US for the client. As client mail arrives, US Global Mail takes images of each item, which can be viewed via a secure, virtual mail box on their website. Clients are given the information on the sender, size and weight of each letter and package. They can then choose to have mail forwarded to themselves abroad or to another address, and packages can be bundled to save on shipping. Junk mail can be discarded.

“We have the capability to process 100,000 parcels per month,” Singh tells Global Business News. The company is experiencing double digit growth as corporates are becoming cognizant of the risk expat mail adds to their portfolio. The company recently acquired additional warehouse space, nearly doubling its capacity, for projected growth.

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