Eyewear Market for Germany & South Korea 2018 Forecasts


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2014 -- Ageing population helps fuel growth of eyewear

Eyewear in Germany maintained its positive performance in 2013 due to the fact that the country’s population is ageing, with an increasing number of German consumers requiring vision correction. Current value growth in 2013 exceeded the category’s review period average. This trend is being underpinned by the positive performance of spectacles, which are particularly popular among the elderly generation. While eyewear’s consumer base continued to increase, thus ensuring volume growth, value sales growth continued to surpass volume sales growth in 2013.

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Eyewear seen as a fashion statement

The growth of fashionable eyewear, with collections of spectacles and frames from leading designer labels such as Calvin Klein, Dunhill and Ray-Ban, was apparent in 2013. Within eyewear, these designers and other fashion brands promoted their innovative new ranges of spectacles and frames, thus further boosting consumer demand for fashionable eyewear products. Consequently, there was a strong focus on brands as fashion-conscious consumers across all age groups stress design as an important factor when making their purchasing decisions.

Domestic and regional players have a strong presence

In 2012, a considerable share of eyewear value sales was accounted for by domestic and regional players. Domestic retailer Fielmann AG was the leading player, with its value share increasing on the previous year. Another noteworthy player was domestic company Rodenstock GmbH. In contrast, contact lenses was dominated by well-known multinational companies such as CIBA Vision GmbH and Johnson & Johnson Inc.

Eyewear shows healthy growth in 2013 with support from both contact lenses and spectacles

Eyewear showed positive growth in both value and volume terms in 2013. Most of the subcategories showed stable growth except for traditional lenses. Traditional lenses are being replaced with disposable lenses for convenience and hygiene reasons. The two most dynamic areas in value terms were daily disposable lenses and sunglasses, which are mainly driven by consumers in their 10s, 20s and 30s concerned about their appearance. Growth in eyewear slowed in 2013 compared to the review period as a whole, when the market expanded rapidly.

Concern about eye care and eye health affects eyewear trends in South Korea

The importance of eye care is increasing in South Korea. As eyesight is a non-amendable and innate asset, people are becoming more careful when selecting eyewear products. In line with this, daily disposable contact lenses and branded sunglasses with warrantied spectacle lenses are becoming more popular. However, this trend may represent a potential threat to market growth in the future. In recent years, side effects of cosmetic lenses have been reported, which has aroused concerns in terms of eye health. This may cause eyewear market growth to slow down since cosmetic lenses account for a high portion of sales in the overall market in South Korea.

International brands hold significant market share in eyewear

Bausch & Lomb Korea continued leading the eyewear market in 2013, closely followed by Luxottica Korea. These international players are the leading players in contact lenses and spectacles, respectively. Furthermore, the top five manufacturers in eyewear are all international players or local distributors of imported brands. Imported brands continued increasing their presence in the eyewear market in South Korea. To compete with them, local manufacturers focused on introducing new products with special functions and features, such as lighter spectacles. Localised product development and marketing is helping local manufacturers to attain a certain level of sales share in spectacles, despite brand limitations. However, in the case of spectacle lenses, local technology is known to exceed that of international brands and consumers do not base their purchases heavily on brand power in this category. This means that local manufacturers tend to lead in spectacle lenses.

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