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Ezee Rank Tracker Generating Prominence over Social Media, Tweets, Likes and Shares Increasing Consistently

The keyword rank tracker software is improving prominence is social media. The number of likes, tweets, shares and follows implement people are appreciating the tool.


Bronx, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/28/2014 -- Ezee Rank Tracker, the software that functions are keyword rank tracker and SERP checker, is gaining consistent popularity in the social media platforms. The software is witnessing steady rise in the number of Likes, tweets, shares and follows on various social media websites.

According to the website of Ezee Rank Tracker, the tool now has 366 Likes, 407 Tweets, 270 on Google Plus, 112 LinkedIn Shares and more. “We are happy that people like our tool and the positive response over the social media is a proof to that. The rise in the number of social media appreciation via Likes, tweets and shares is consistent and that what counts,” says a spokesperson of Ezee Rank Tracker.

In addition to keyword rank tracking, the tool also provides service of tracking social signal from nine platforms and YouTube video ranks. Promoting videos on social platforms like YouTube is one of the effective means of business promotion these days, and the tool’s video rank tracking service efficiently performs this task.

“In a very short span of time, Ezee Rank Tracker has emerged among the leading keyword rank tracker tool. We are happy to help wide network of users and thankful to them for sharing their experience on the leading social networks using their Likes, Shares, Tweets, etc.,” says the founder of the software.

The software sends email notifications to the users regarding potential rank changes. These notifications include graphic representations of the changes taking place between certain period so that users can track their website’s performance easily.

“Being a user of the Pro version of Ezee Rank Tracker, I can easily say that it provides much more than it costs. No wonder that it is witnessing increasing number of Likes and Tweets on various social platforms,” says Ricky Joseph, owner of an automobile store.

Ezee Rank Tracker is available in both free and Pro versions. The subscribers of Pro version get unlimited keyword searches for more than 188 regional Google domains.

About Ezee Rank Tracker
Ezee Rank Tracker is a rank tracking tool that provides accurate report of website rankings with 100% guarantee. Its SERP results are available for Google, Bing and Yahoo. For more details, visit: