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Ezee Rank Tracker Latest Update Released, Now Tracking YouTube Ranks with 100% Accuracy

With the release of latest maintenance update, the YouTube rank tracker is tracking YouTube and Google ranks accurately. All issues are fixed now.


Bronx, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/05/2014 -- Ezee Rank Tracker, the rank checker software has recently released some maintenance updates. The tool is now tracking YouTube and Google rankings with 100% accuracy. All the issues and bugs reported with the YouTube rank tracker are now fixed, informs a spokesperson.

According to him, “Ezee rank Tracker is the leading search engine and YouTube rank tracker software that goes through regular updates to maintain accuracy in its performance. We have efficient team that is constantly keeping track of how the tool is performing with various search engines, social medias and YouTube videos. That is why the tool provides 100% accurate serp results every time.”

Since last week of April 2014, the YouTube rank tracker tool has gone through five maintenance updates. Though none of the updates introduced any major change, but all the issues and bugs reported by the users are fixed.

The founder of Ezee Rank Tracker says, “Tracking YouTube video ranks and social signal from various platforms are essential these days. You need such a tool that can help you to keep track of these changes and take action accordingly so that you can represent your product or service to the widest group of target audience within the shortest possible time. Ezee Rank Tracker helps you to do exactly this.”

Ezee Rank Tracker is now providing information on backlink, MozRank, PR, PA and DA free for every project. Thus, it offers a complete solution rather than just tracking rank changes in the search engines and social platforms, adds the founder.

“I appreciate the effort of Ezee Rank Tracker team for regularly releasing maintenance updates so that the users can enjoy smooth experience. I can easily track my YouTube video ranks, which is helping me to boost the business in a better way,” says Sofia Joseph, creator of fitness videos.

The recent update of Ezee Rank Tracker fixed the issues related with parser for some Google domains. Few internal changes were also made to improve the performance of the rank tracker software.

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