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Ezee Rank Tracker Providing Accurate Website Ranking Report Like Never Before

The rank checker software is performing exceedingly well since its last major update. It is providing 100% accurate SERP results in Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Bronx, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/27/2014 -- Ezee Rank Tracker is providing accurate website ranking like never before. The rank checker software is performing very well since its last major update that was released during mid-January. It is providing 100% accurate SERP results in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

“The latest version of rank checker software checks the ranking of your website in popular search engines. After using it, you will get detailed report of your website ranking from time to time,” says the founder of Ezee Rank Tracker.

According to him, a user gets an updated ranking of his website among the widely used search engines. He also gets reports on rankings made in social media platforms. One can get white label reports and the reports automatically reach clients. The rank checker also provides a latest track note on rank changes encountered for a particular site.

“The rank checker software comes with latest features, enabling you to have a detailed update about the rank of your website. The features are self-explanatory in nature. We have got 100% satisfactory results on SERP for Google, Bing and Yahoo,” says a reviewer of the product.

He further adds Ezee Rank Tracker software comes with certain user-friendly tools, helping one to take future decisions easily. It features customized period to draw graphs for analysis of present rank of website in any leading search engine or social media platforms.

The rank checker helps to track SEO rank of a website over numerous regional Google, Yahoo and Bing domains of different countries and regions. In addition, vast number of keywords can be used for a regional domain and tracking ranks on these domains. The rank checker has the ability to track the actions like shares, tweets, comments made on social media platforms. This software also provides facility of keeping notes on every change made in the rank, so that one can take future course of actions accordingly.

Ezee Rank tracker has a feature to track ranks of YouTube videos. The graphical tools provide a thorough and easy analysis of ranks over a particular time. An automated scheduler featured in it, gives latest notification reports about rank changes.

“I am happy to use Ezee Rank Tracker to check the rank of my website. It is offering me with amazing benefits, particularly after the last major update,” says Robert Brown, New York, USA.

The latest version of Ezee Rank tracker is generating good response from the users. Further upgrade is expected in the future.

About Ezee Rank Tracker
Ezee Rank Tracker is a rank checker tool that generates accurate rankings. It works effectively to show rank changes in Google, Yahoo and Bing. For more information visit: