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Ezee Rank Tracker Releases First Update in 2014


New York City, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/13/2014 -- The rank tracker tool, Ezee Rank Tracker, now releases their first update of 2014. This is a maintenance update that has fixed some issues to provide accurate results to the users.

The team of Ezee Rank Tracker always keeps check on the tool’s performance and keep releases updates for periodic maintenance. The latest update has fixed few minor issues to make the tool ready to deliver 100% accurate results, informs the owner of Ezee Rank Tracker. According to him, “Our latest update was released on January 05, 2014. It has fixed some issues with Google sub domains and added enhancements for Yahoo and Bing scrapper. We greet all the users with Happy New Year and the perfectly functioning rank tracking results.”

The tool added Yahoo and Bing last year for SERP results and getting good response from the users, informs the owner. In addition to the 100% accurate SERP results in Google, Yahoo and Bing, it also provides unlimited website or SEO keyword searches for more than 188 regional Google domains. There were few issues cropping up with Google sub domains, which are now fixed with the latest maintenance update.

A spokesperson of Ezee Rank Tracker says, “We are happy to get good response from the users. It is our responsibility to ensure that the tool is properly functioning and that is why we keep on issues regular updates. This time we have done a small maintenance update and the rank tracker tool is generating perfect results.”

According to the website of Ezee rank Tracker, they are now running a lifetime license for $99 for a limited period. This lifetime license is available for the users of Pro version of the tool.

“I am using the free version of Ezee Rank Tracker and got to know about their latest maintenance update. I will soon upgrade my plan to the Pro version,” says an online storeowner.

According to the spokesperson, they are working on a major update and may bring out as soon as it gets ready.

About Ezee Rank Tracker
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