Facebook Business Reviews Bolster New Satisfaction Engine

Satisfaction Prediction Website Leverages Facebook Business Reviews For Recommendations


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/20/2014 --Predict-it®, The Satisfaction Engine® is now looking at Facebook user reviews of local businesses to help its searchers determine where to eat, play, sleep, and who to hire for services. The Satisfaction Engine ranks services by how likely they are to satisfy the person searching for them.

Although Predict-it provides the ability for its users to rate their experiences with businesses directly, being in its early release stages the Company relies heavily on data it obtains from scouring reviews across the internet. Incorporating Facebook’s company page reviews boosts Predict-it’s portfolio to around 150,000,000 reviews that its ranking algorithm considers when delivering personalized “likelihood of satisfaction” results to searchers.

“The number of reviews per business listing on Facebook was a bit of a surprise. The average number is substantially higher than we expected to find and it dwarfs the numbers we see in some categories from other sites known for their reviews. Our current look into the number of Facebook reviews in the restaurant category, for example, is around four times that of some well-known sites”, says Predict-it founder, Alvin Cordeiro. Predict-it claims to count over 27 million reviews from Facebook’s restaurant category alone and say s the average Facebook restaurant rating is over 4 stars. It is important to note these numbers are from the U.S. only, Predict-it has not committed its resources outside of the U.S. yet.

The significance of considering reviews from multiple sources is apparent in search results provided by the Satisfaction Engine. The results include links to reviews from popular, nationally-known sites as well as some vertical-specific sites that are best known in local niche markets.

Looking at the growing range of review site options, it is clear that each attracts searchers with differing personality types, lifestyles, and tastes. Mr. Cordeiro states, “the key to matching businesses with the right customers is in the diversity of the recommendations you can pull from. The Satisfaction Engine uses reviews from many sources to answer the question of which service provider will satisfy you best.” Predict-it has a wide range of rating sites as part of their research portfolio; you’ll find everything from Diamond Certified, a high-end customer satisfaction research and reporting company, to WeedMaps, the newest cannabis club locator and recommendation site. Including reviews from Facebook users adds another dimension of personalities somewhere in between for Predict-it’s Satisfaction Engine to consider.

About Predict-it
Founded in 2012 by inventor entrepreneur Alvin Cordeiro, Predict-it provides personalized recommendations to searchers for services using patented consumer-to-business matchmaking technology known as the Satisfaction Engine®. The Company is on a mission to provide the fastest and most satisfying search experience ever. For more information about Predict-it, visit its website at