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Minneapolis ,MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/27/2013 -- Buying movie tickets online could never be so easy, if Fandango wouldn’t be around. A web based store, helping Americans to book tickets to watch the latest flick in their nearest theaters, Fandango is indeed the best thing ever happened to bookings of movie tickets online. The store is country’s leading moviegoer destinations, selling tickets online for over 20,000 screens across the country. You can get these tickets printed in homes, or get them delivered to your Smartphone to be flashed as digital tickets in the cinema hall. The website also informs its viewers about the latest buzz around their favorite celebrities along with latest movie releases. The website can be accessed via various amazing mobile apps for almost all leading mobile platforms like Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry among others. Currently headed by Paul Yanover, the store has a glorious history of being the leading movie ticket provider since its inception. Here are few things you would like to know about the store, before you proceed to make your first bookings for your favorite movie.

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How to place an order?

You can browse the movie you want to see in your nearest cinema hall on the home page of the website. After selecting the movie you have to complete your order by filling in the details and selecting the cinema hall where you want to see the movie.

How to get tickets from the website?

Once you have completed your order, you get an email containing the tickets, which you can get printed to flash at the cinema hall. You can also get a message delivered to your Smartphone, which can be used as a digital ticket in the cinema hall. It’s better to read the terms and condition in advance as the website offers different methods to retrieve tickets for different cinema theaters.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

As Fandango places your order directly at the theatres order placing system when you make your order at Fandango, you are not entitled for any kind of refunds from Fandango. Once you’ve booked the tickets from the website, no cancellations would be provided either.

How to avail discounts on the e-Booking store?

You can avail great benefits depending on the card you are using to buy your tickets online. But apart from that, you can look for promotional coupons and shopping deals released by Fandango at

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Deals for Fandango on OoHey

OoHey keeps on updating shopping deals for different stores on a regular basis, so that you don’t miss a single opportunity to save money online. Now you can find various shopping deals for Fandango on OoHey. The most popular of these deals is the 20% off deal applicable on every purchase made in excess of $25. This scheme is available only for Visa Signature card users. You can also use your AMC stubs number during checkout on Fandango and avail a waiver of service charge at any AMC cinema hall. If you have a Citi Forward Card, you can avail a 100% statement credit for every $100 spend at Fandango by using your card. Along with these offers, you can find numerous others deals for Fandango at different time of the month. Visit the space yourself and see what it can do to you.

Book all your movie tickets at Fandango and avail amazing discounts on your purchases. Browse through the website and see what it has got for you, as it offers various other things apart from ticket bookings. Don’t forget OoHey and do check out the website every time you shop online.