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Fat Loss Factor Exposed in Review of Dr. Charles Livingston's Program - Fat Loss Factor Reviews Unmask Diet by Dr. Charle

Fat Loss Factor reveals the truth about Fat Loss Factor with a complete review of Dr. Charles Livingston’s program that claims to be a ‘Sure Fire’ method of ditching that unwanted lard forever


Istanbul, TR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/18/2014 -- Fat Loss Factor is Dr. Charles Livingston's latest contribution to the health and fitness community. The all time best selling author decided to release his simple and systematic program to the general public in an effort to help as many as possible with their struggles to lose weight. But with promises of 10 to 50 pounds of weight loss in as little of 60 days were reported, decided to take a closer look at this program to determine it's true authenticity.

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Fat Loss Factor includes a quick start, supplement, and restaurant guide, cheat sheet workbooks, workouts, and much more. The quick start guide is a hugely motivational tool and the workbooks include many handy tips such as the ‘approved foods’ guide and other useful products, all designed for the users to keep with them at all times, so they can refer to it anytime, anyplace, or anywhere.

The Fat Loss Factor program teaches users exactly how to start breaking down old eating habits, replacing them with healthy and powerful new ones in a fun and easy manner, which is the crux of the program.

The Fat Loss Factor program is mainly about diet and strategic eating plans. As the name suggests, the program is not complicated or overly restrictive. Instead, Dr. Charles focuses on down-to-earth advice that just about anyone can follow and still get results.

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"One of the things I hate when reviewing a diet or a workout program is the fact that they make it sound easy when it is actually complicated. With Fat Loss Factor what really stands out is that yes - it is actually simple." explains Kevin. "Now don't get me wrong, you have to actually follow Dr. Charles Livingston's advice to see the results but I do feel that if one does as instructed, the pounds are sure to fall off. The amount, of course, depends on how much one has to lose."

All in all, Fat Loss Factor appears to be a solid program backed by a successful and grounded author. With a 60 day money back guarantee and the countless positive reviews, one can feel confident investing in the diet program.

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About Fat Loss Factor
Fat Loss Factor is a fat loss program that doesn’t rely on hours of workout in the gym and neither a strict diet plan. It consists of some helpful tips and tricks that really help to activate the Fat Loss Factor and accelerate the fat burning process in the body. Readers can find out more information on The Fat Loss Factor by visiting