FB Inception System Review: The REAL Truth Exposed

Guys who are fed up with being the only ones in the crowd without a date on Friday night, can now change all of that! This Press Release reveals such basic "dating secrets" that they are almost "commonsense". Yet 98% of guys are unaware of them.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/01/2014 -- In study after study, psychologists have confirmed that men with great sex lives are happier, more successful and have great personalities compared to those who don’t live an active sex life. Unfortunately, the world is full of men who feel so intimidated by women that they often end up without steady dates or intimate sexual partners. And today's Press Release is a step towards showing men how to get any woman they want.

Dani Carter, the co-creator of a revolutionary system, today announces his FB Inception System, a program that provides here to unpublished tips and techniques that men can use to get the women of their dreams. It is so powerful that when used correctly, guys can subconsciously plant erotic thoughts about themselves in a girls mind, making the girl lust after them. And the best part about today's announcement is that it is based on mainstream psychological techniques of "subliminal suggestions" - something that frontline psychiatrists and medical professionals have proven in their own practices.

In making today's announcement, Carter has unveiled a closely guarded secret that the moguls of the dating industry have managed to keep under tight wraps for decades. And that's what makes FB Inception all the more credible for men who desperately want intimacy with their dream girls, but don't know how to go about it.

Using the most popular social Media platform in the world today, Carter's system gives men the opportunity to plant sexual thoughts about themselves through Facebook. With over 1 billion active users and counting, Facebook represents nearly 26% of the world's population, over half of whom are eligible women. The power of this unique system is such that women of every background, age, ethnicity and race are equally accessible by guys that want a sexual relationship with them.

It is a well known fact that women use Facebook as their very own "sexual release" platform. Many women can never risk giving out the kinds of sexual vibes in real life that they do on Facebook. Carter has perfected the system of reading those signals, and then using them to get women to have intimate relationships with guys. It's that simple!

In making today's announcement, Carter stresses that using his system doesn't need a guy to be extra intelligent or sexy:
- Age doesn't matter
- Guys don't have to be dashingly handsome
- It doesn't matter how much sexual experience one has
- "Size" doesn't make a difference
- And men seeking intimacy don't need to be tech savvy either!

Many guys hesitate to take that first step in making their move. And unless a move is made, guys will never know what they are missing. By using a tried and tested system based on the world's most prolific Social Media environment, guys now have the chance of interacting with women, and even initiating pickups online - from the comfort of their homes! Everything that a guy needs to strategize perfect pickups and then execute them flawlessly is covered in detail in FB Inception (Your Unfair Dating Advantage).

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About Dani Carter
Dani Carter, the co-creator of FB Inception is just an "ordinary guy" who happened to be in the exact same situation that many men find themselves in today - alone and always looking for a date! Fortunately for Dani, he found Facebook and immediately realized the power it offered men like him when it came to initiating online relationships, and sealing the encounter with intimacy.

Using Tristan Hart's FB Inception Dating Guide, Dani has shown that men can discretely plant erotic thoughts and feelings about themselves into any woman's subconscious thoughts via Facebook. The end result is that those women then start stalking guys for real-life sexual encounters. Dani's discovery means that instead of being the hunted, guys now become the target of a woman's carnal desires.