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FemVigor Review: Important Information LEAKED

No longer do women with sexual disorders have to suffer in silence. Introducing FemVigor - A doctor approved preferred response for Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2014 -- Millions of women around the world suffer because of Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). Dryness in the vagina, low libido, lack of interest in intimacy, mood swings and many other such symptoms are common in FSD sufferers. Women have had to accept these conditions for what they are - until now!

Through today's Press Release, a leading team of researchers is pleased to introduce a ground breaking remedy to FSD - FemVigor! This "miracle pill", which has been developed using a special all-natural, herbal formula, has quickly become the doctor recommendation of choice when it comes to treating patients with FSD. And through today's announcement, millions of women are being given new hope that FSD is not something they should "tolerate", but it can be fought!

While a lot of research and development has been expended into the male sexual dysfunction domain, scientists have never really focused on similar problems with the female reproductive systems. As a result, millions of women have been leading sexually stifled lives. It has impacted their feeling of self worth. It brings about low self esteem. And it even destroys relationships.

But more recently, researchers have changed all of that. A renewed focus on FSD has lead to today's sensational announcement of FemVigor, a capsule containing the extracts of 5 herbs that are traditionally effective in increasing sexual desire and sexual response in normal as well as sexually hypoactive females. These herbs include:
- Indian Kudzu
- Indian Spider Plant
- Musk Mallow
- Licorice
- Spanish Pellitory

Formulated under the careful supervision of experienced Ayurvedic practitioners, the careful blending of these herbal extracts has resulted in producing one of the most effective FSD treatments available. This combination of herbs has proved so successful in combating female sexual imbalances, that leading psychologists and medical practitioners have already switched to recommending it over many existing leading "branded" drugs that supposedly treat FSD. Women using it have reported:
- Dramatic boosting of their sexual drive
- Receiving multiple orgasms
- Enhancement in their sexual energy
- Fighting of symptoms of vaginal dryness
- Relief from mood swings, anxiety attacks and depression
- Heightened sensitivity during periods of intimacy
- Lack of pain and discomfort during intercourse

Through today's Press Release, the manufacturers of FemVigor are also pleased to announce that, as a result of extensive tests, including close monitoring of existing users of the product, no long-term or short-term side effects have been indicated. And since the product is prepared without the use of harsh chemicals or other forms of drugs, readers of this announcement will be especially pleased to note that it does not create any form of dependency either.

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About The Vitopharma team
The Vitopharma team that developed FemVigor comprises of Herbalists, Psychologists, Physicians, Researchers and Clinical practitioners who are very familiar with the challenges that Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) brings to millions of women around the globe. After many years of intense research, and extensive clinical trials, they finally perfected an all-herbal answer to FSD.

These professionals are dedicated to ensuring that women's health is never compromised. They therefore perfected a formula that's devoid of harsh chemicals. Prepared under strict supervision, following internationally respected manufacturing guidelines, the teams of chemists and herbalists have a proven track record of ground breaking research. And Through today's Press Release, they are pleased to offer new hope to millions of women suffering from FSD.