Finding Cell Phones That Are Discontinued Like Desirable Flip Phones on Sprint, Verizon, and More

Trying to find used and new cell phones for sprint verizon att and t-mobile with no contract.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/18/2014 -- Flip cell phones are very desirable, but not to easy to find anymore. When going into a verizon retail store you will be lucky to find one or two models available. They are more concerned about selling what they want to sell you opposed to what you want. MobileCellMart is an online cell phone store that only sells phones, they don't sell contracts, and specializes in selling the best varity of used and new cell phones of almost any style.

The hard to find phone models are readily available and work and look like a new phone. Some models haven't been produced for over 10 years but people prefer a specific phone over others that they can choose from.

The following model for example was very popular and this is a review from one of our customers.

Thank you all for leading me to a good mid-entry phone. I have downgraded some from a Treo650 and had to switch carriers because I re-located and reception with it was bad. I wanted to get back to a simpler phone but didn't want to sacrifice call quality and reception. But with this phone the strong points are the reception/call quality. It's top notch for a no-frills phone. My previous phone continually dropped calls and using the LG in the same location it reads full bars all the time. The voice command is an excellent feature and suprised it comes with it. My more expensive phone never even had this feature. The bluetooth is extremely clear without fading, even when walking away from phone. The keyboard is largely spaced out which was a big plus for me to purchase it but it's small enough to drop into my pocket. I love the simplicity of this phone and highly recommend it for anyone wanting a simpler phone but doesn't want to sacrifice on clarity and reception. Keep up the good work

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