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Finding Work Simplified in a Downturn Economy

Surviving The Downturn in Alberta


Calgary, AB -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/18/2016 --Many job seekers continue to rely on the old way of applying for a job, which is holding them back from even getting a foot in the door. Or applicants are not adapting to the new way to apply.

Co-authors of Surviving the Downturn, Joy Cohen – strategic resume writer, recruitment and career consultant and Dave Byrnes – a LinkedIn trainer and coach – found that many job seekers are relying on outdated job search methods that prevent them from getting a chance to even speak to a potential employer.

When it comes to oil and gas workers seeking employment outside of their previous jobs Cohen says, "There is a fear by employers that if they hire oil and gas workers, they will leave when oil prices come back." Cohen explains, "Unless a job seeker can bridge the trust gap, and convince an employer they want off of the oil and gas roller coaster, they will struggle to find employment. The ways employers in Calgary are looking to hire have evolved because they are being flooded by hundreds of applications."

Byrnes says the research found in Surviving the Downturn shows, "Networking has become an essential job search strategy to adapt to Calgary employers' changing hiring methods." Byrnes says LinkedIn and social media are also now a part of the recruiting process that "…you can no longer afford to ignore these platforms when looking for work."

As a result of employers being overwhelmed by a flood of applications, they are moving away from advertising job postings. It's now a game where an applicant must apply online – but unless the applicant knows which keyword match gets their resume even seen – it's a game that can't be won. Cohen says, "The online application with keyword matching doesn't always pick the candidate who is best suited to excel in the role, but it's simplified the online application process for the employer."

Surviving the Downturn is an e-book for job seekers in Alberta who haven't applied for a job in several years, or who have been applying but aren't getting anywhere with their current strategy. This comprehensive e-book explains what has changed with the job search system, how to present a resume and cover letter, the black hole of applicant tracking systems, social media as a necessity – not an option, and switching industries and networking strategies.

Arlayna Alcock, Career Advisor at Bow Valley College says, "Surviving the Downturn's explanation of how to utilize technology to benefit the job search as well as how to run through the basics is focused and implementable."

Surviving the Downturn was written for anyone who is struggling to find work. For Cohen and Byrnes it was frustrating for them to see people listening to outdated advice and making the same mistakes over and over in their job searches.

Media inquires contact Joy Cohen and Dave Byrnes.

Joy Cohen

Dave Byrnes

About Surviving The Downturn
Surviving the Downturn is a collaboration between career specialists Dave Byrnes and Joy Cohen. The book provides job seekers in Alberta with a roadmap to what has changed in the local job search market, why they don't hear back from employers, and what to do about it. Surviving The Downturn is available in eBook format at

About Joy Cohen
Joy Cohen is human resources professional, with over 10 years of recruitment and talent management experience. Cohen is an accomplished résumé writer and career coach. As an outplacement counsellor, Cohen has expertise in providing intake and career services to transitioning workers to ensure that appropriate and timely career and community resources are offered and emotional concerns are managed effectively after layoff and termination events.

Learn more about Joy Cohen at and her LinkedIn profile

About Dave Byrnes
Dave Byrnes is a sought-after speaker, trainer and author who specialties are LinkedIn and networking. Byrnes is a former journalist from Australia who struggled to transition his career into communications – making the same mistakes job seekers in Calgary are facing today. Part of his journey to understand what really works in a job search was learning everything he could about LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn, Byrnes began to see the full potential of strategic networking.

To learn more about Dave Byrnes visit and his LinkedIn profile