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First-Class LEOREX Anti-Aging Treatments Now Available Online at LeorexBooster


Tenafly, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/06/2013 -- LeorexBooster.com is the newly open e-commerce site to serve the worldwide-famous LEOREX anti-aging treatments. All LEOREX booster products are now available for online purchase at this location, along with study results and evidence of their efficiency.

The web store sells all products of the brand's Anti-Aging Series, Up-Lifting Series, the Acne Prone Skin category and the Gold Series. LEOREX anti aging products attack the signs of aging in a unique manner, as will be shown below. Clinical trials have shown their efficiency and wrinkle reduction was observed in 75% of cases, while smooth skin was seen in over 95% of situations.

The instant-functioning anti-aging treatment patented by LEOREX does not contain harmful chemicals, is 100% safe, was not tested on animals, does not contain toxins or muscle relaxers like other anti-aging products to convey a smoother, more youthful effect and does not involve injections or other dreaded procedures. All methods employed are non-invasive.

The brand is best known for the LEOREX Booster Solution, which reverses the signs of aging through a whole series of actions. The product improves blood vessel health, thus enhancing the nutrient flow to skin cells, it evens out the skin tone, diminished dark spots and peels away the dead cells. Additionally, this anti-wrinkle treatment does not introduce toxins inside the body and boasts with a customer satisfaction rating of 94%.

Besides the regular day creams anti treatments, the brand sells anti-aging products for night use, for the neck and decolletage areas, eye gels, serums and moisturizers, as well as face cleaners. Their rejuvenating properties repair the skin and diminish the signs of aging. The micro-structures also fight dark circles, restore the skin's natural glow, replenish nutrient and moisture levels, as well as increase blood circulation. The benefits of using LEOREX boosters g beyond these, however. When using these, the need of makeup is not as high as before and thus one will spend less on such enhancers. Moreover, the treatment effects are lasting, which means seldom repurchase.

LEOREX aimed to create revolutionary products starting from scientific principles. Its innovations represent the only cosmetic products in the world to make use of nano-silica, as these employ physics and nanotechnology. The microscopic silica particles used were proven to reduce wrinkles by 50% or more. Additionally, the products have the ability to adapt to each user. LEOREX benefits of Prof. Dov Ingman's expertize – he has has researched the products and the principles behind these at the university and has published 42 scientific papers. International patents protect each LEOREX product.

About LEOREX Ltd.
LEOREX Ltd. was founded in 2004 and has been developing unique dermal-cosmetic products for treating diverse skin problems. These products have been distributed globally and are now available to order online. These are best known for nano-silica innovation that acts on existing wrinkles and induces long-lasting effects.

To read more about what makes these anti-aging skin products unique, to go to http://www.leorexbooster.com