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Fix My iPhone Reveals Common iPhone Problems and Effective Solutions for it

Regardless of how expensive MAC products are, it is important that people understand that these amazing gadgets are not as indestructible as many people would like to think.


Sydney, NSW -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/01/2012 -- As of today, the iPhone is the most coveted and popular mobile phone all over the world. It ranks first when it comes to both features, speed and much more. Regardless of how amazing this phone, is, people should understand the importance of taking care of such a precious phone. Most people think that with its price, they can do anything with it and it will still function properly. Like any other gadget, proper maintenance and care is needed if people wish to make the most of their iPhone.

From time to time, people will experience some common iPhone problems which may cause them to panic. To help out, Fix my iPhone decided to gather all these common problems and the simple solutions.

Audio Problems
iPhones have a speaker on the left side and on the right side, there is a mic.. When people are having problems with the audio, they would immediately think that it is some sort of internal audio problem. However, there is also another cause for this problem, a clogged mic or speaker. For this, the iPhone user can make use of an old toothbrush with a light dab of 90% alcohol. Extreme caution should be observed in putting too much alcohol in the toothbrush.

Over Heating
The iPhone, like any other gadget, is extremely sensitive to high temperatures. This is why iPhones should not be exposed to both extreme high and low temperatures. Once exposed, its battery performance will suffer. During overheating, it is best to first determine the source of heat. Is it from the phone itself or from the sun? Turn it off. Once the iPhone continues to emit heat even if its turned off, do not turn it on. Go straight to an Apple Repair store.

Crashing Applications
Most people experience crashing applications or website freezing. This is a sign of a memory problem. In order to avoid this, leave a little headroom on the iPhone. It is best to leave at least half a gig space in your memory. The simplest way to address this problem is to reboot the iPhone. Remember that the iPhone is like a computer, crashing apps or freezing websites can be cured by rebooting.

Car charger Issues
Car charging is not highly recommended, unless it is an emergency. The power source of cars is designed to provide current to big devices like the head and interior lights of a car. During car charging, power surges are inevitable and this can be very dangerous to a small device like an iPhone. In the event that car charging is a must, it is best to avoid charging the phone when turning off or starting the ignition.

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