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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2014 -- Raspberry ketones are a very popular supplement these days, with consumers looking for the best information and advice online. FixDietWeight is a free online resource that not only focuses on raspberry ketone reviews and information, but also provides visitors with weight loss and diet tips as well. Website representative Steve Limdon explains, “We saw a great need for detailed information and reviews about raspberry ketones, as most of the websites dedicated to the supplement are purely selling products. We saw a need for an online resource that a consumer could visit and get the real information and benefits without feeling like they were reading an advertisement. We feel that we have accomplished that and have plans to grow the website accordingly, as the interest and demand for raspberry ketones grows on a daily basis.”

With so many benefits linked to raspberry ketone supplements, FixDietWeight found it necessary to address them. The majority of consumers associate raspberry ketones with fat loss, but many are unsure of exactly how they work and it is always good to know what supplements really contain prior to taking them. Mr. Limdon continued by stating, “Raspberry ketones release adiponectin into the bloodstream, which is a protein that helps the body’s metabolism kick into high gear. Naturally, this causes the body to burn more fat. Aside from helping burn fat, many consumers are also interested in the supplement because it is an antioxidant.” Introducing antioxidants into the body helps to flush out free radicals that cause cellular damage.

Several consumers report that they continue to take raspberry ketones as a daily supplement even after they reach their fat loss goals simply because it makes them feel better. FixDietWeight also provides information for those consumers that are interested in the additional benefits. “Taking raspberry ketones on a regular basis helps in the releasing of omega-3 fatty acids into the body. Omega-3 is great for maintaining clear healthy skin and has also been linked to improving clear thinking. With so many benefits of this supplement we really felt it was necessary to create this website and pack it full of raspberry ketone information,” added Mr. Limdon. The website also provides tips on how to find the best raspberry ketones for consumers looking to purchase the supplement.

About is a website dedicated to diet and weight loss tips, with a focus on explaining the benefits associated with raspberry ketones. With a growing interest in the supplement, many consumers have questions in regards to its benefits and the results that can be expected. provides a one stop online resource for raspberry ketone reviews and discussion. More information can be found at The website is updated on a regular basis as new raspberry ketone reviews become available.