Virtual Fleet Supervisor

Fleet Tracking Company, Virtual Fleet Supervisor, Continues Its Meteoric Growth; Celebrating 5-Year Anniversary

Virtual Fleet Supervisor, a leading provider of GPS fleet tracking services announced the celebration of 5 years of business.


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/30/2014 -- Founded in 2009, in a small office in Orlando, Virtual Fleet Supervisor is a story of the American dream come true. Based on the belief that a smaller company can offer the same product as the huge companies, however be more agile and offer better, personalized customer service the company has grown exponentially to where it is now; all while being under the same executive leadership. While Virtual Fleet Supervisor now serves thousands of clients throughout the entire United States from a huge office with many departments, the foundation of the importance of offering great customer service and agility has never changed.

Over the last 5 years, fleet tracking has gone from a luxury to a near necessity. With soaring gas prices, more competition and a flat economy, a company must find a way to maximize the ROI on a vehicle and GPS fleet tracking lets you do just that.

Fleet Tracking has evolved into a robust service offering. In its inception as points on a map it has evolved to today’s platform-offering historic playback features, maintenance alerts, geofences, a multitude of reports that can be sent automatically and many other features. Virtual Fleet Supervisor continues to invest in technology and has a living application that is constantly being enhanced or new features being added.

One of the vast differences between Virtual Fleet Supervisor and many of the other players in the market is the business model itself. Virtual Fleet Supervisor is one of the few companies that never require a company to sign a contract in order to do business. In an environment where 2-3 year fleet tracking customer contracts are the norm, this philosophy is an outlier.

According to Drew Sheahan, VP of Marketing and Sales ”At Virtual Fleet Supervisor we believe that we need to earn a client’s business every month. We want people to stay with us because they see the value we offer and the high level of customer service, not just that they signed a piece of paper. Our powerful, feature rich, easy-to-use application, low device and monthly service cost and high level of customer services makes it an easy decision. ”

This philosophy has paid off well. Virtual Fleet Supervisor maintains an unheard of year over year 95% client retention and continues to grow exponentially

For more information about Fleet Tracking, visit Virtual Fleet Supervisor on the web at or by phone at 800-746-5170.