Food And Beverage Press Releases

TraceGains Conference Sponsor at Food Safety Summit Expo and Conference April 28

TraceGains will be exhibiting at the Food Safety Summit from April 28-30 at the Baltimore Convention Center, MD. TraceGains, a Conference Sponsor, will be at Booth #715. The Food Safety Summit is a solutions-based conference and expo designed to meet the educational and information needs of the entire food industry.

TraceGains Will Exhibit at Food Safety Summit Expo and Conference April 28

TraceGains will be exhibiting at the Food Safety Summit from April 28-30 at the Baltimore Convention Center, MD. TraceGains will be at Booth #715. The Food Safety Summit is a solutions-based conference and expo designed to meet the educational and information needs of the entire food industry.

The Best Office Announce Affordable Prices on Office Coffee Services

The Best Office is pleased to announce affordable prices of their office coffee service of NYC, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Connecticut. offers state-of-the-art machinery that makes fresh-brewed coffee and other delicious beverages such as Espressos, Cappuccinos, hot chocolate and hot water for teas and soup. With a simple push of a button, office employees can get their daily dose of coffee, so they can be productive and energetic in the workplace.

Buy 1, Take 1 Pizza Promo Now Available at

LogoOne of the richest and most sought-after foods in the entire world is the pizza. While its soft dough is enough to make someone melt, the combination of meat pieces along with some vegetables and mozzarella cheese creates an explosion of flavors that no one will likely forget. This is the reason why anyone from just any part of the world would love to receive some free pizza. That is as long as the person who is going to eat it is not facing any health issues.

Send Cakes to Philippines Easily with PhilFastFood Online Ordering

LogoCakes have always played a major role in important celebrations. In fact, cakes are not only present in birthday celebrations; you can also see it on other events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and Anniversaries. The reason for this is the fact that cakes always give a ‘celebration feel’ to just about any day. That is not to mention that it has the capability to sweeten just about any day from ordinary to spectacular.

Co-Founder of Koi Pond Cellars Michelle Parker Starts Kickstarter Fundraiser to Build Their Wine Tasting Room

LogoKoi Pond Cellars is a new Winery in Ridgefield WA. They are a small family run winery in need funds to build a new wine tasting room.

Chef Mike Espey Looks to Launch Country Chef Grilling Sauce with Funding Support via Kickstarter

LogoThe full form of GMO is Genetically Modified Organism. Country Chef has taken a completely natural approach to their sauces. Currently they offer the following flavor profiles: Original, Hickory Smoke, Honey, Chipolte, Sweet and Spicy, Mustard and Jalapeno.

Lola's Mexican Kitchen in Stamford Now Entered in Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut 2014

LogoLola’s Mexican Kitchen Stamford is in the running for two awards from Moffly Media’s Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut 2014. The organization ranks Connecticut local businesses each year based on votes from patrons. They give awards to bars in various categories including Best Beer Selection, Best Happy Hour, Best Margaritas, and Best Mexican Food. This year Lola’s Mexican Kitchen is up for both Best Margaritas and Best Mexican Food. The restaurant invites everyone who has enjoyed their signature margaritas and authentic Mexican food near Greenwich, CT to cast their vote at When users cast a vote they are also entered to win two VIP tickets to a party held at the end of the contest, and dinner for two at one of the winning restaurants (hopefully Lola’s Mexican Kitchen!)

Katzillo Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Start Manufacturing Burger Lift

LogoThe juiciness of a medium-rare patty is certainly the best part of a burger. The worst part, the juice! Juice spills out of the hamburger and inevitably begins to pool on the plate. People are often left with the dilemma of where to place the burger down. Do they set it in the juice(removed text here)? Do they place it awkwardly on the edge of the plate? Do they balance the burgers on the fries? Or do they just hold the burger throughout the meal? None of these options are ideal.

New Prohibition Era Bitters and Cocktail Mixer Company Opening in Atlanta's Old 4th Ward

LogoThere has been quite a lot of new construction in Atlanta’s Old 4th Ward neighborhood and with that, an influx of new business. Local Old 4th Ward residents, Missy and Kristin Koefod are part of that new business influx with the introduction of their 18.21 Bitters Company. The duo is manufacturing small batch, handcrafted bitters and Prohibition Era cocktail mixers at Irwin Street Market’s commercial kitchen incubator.

Heroes Vodka a Drink That Helps UK Veterans by Donating Profits

UK Veteran and founder of Heroes Drinks Company the company that is on a mission to help veterans who have been to war to serve and protect, serving in conflicts which includes Iraq and Afghanistan, have released Heroes Vodka which is not just a great drink, it is a great way to fundraise for excellent causes with 20% of the profits being donated to charities supporting armed forces veterans.

Village Catering Now Offering Services for Mitzvah's This Spring

LogoA mitzvah is a special celebration. The Jewish coming of age ritual indicates individuals making the transition from adolescence into adulthood. Like any ritual, the day involves a service, followed by a feast. With friends and family present, it is important that every guest enjoys themselves. This starts with a quality meal before the entertainment. As a full service catering company, Village Catering is announcing their services for Mitzvah’s this spring season.

TraceGains Webinar Addressed Major Changes to Food Labeling

LogoTraceGains’ hosted a well-attended and timely webinar regarding the recently passed labeling changes that will affect packaging design, ingredient choices, sourcing decisions, as well as confuse consumers.

Magline President Greg Ecker 2014 Pros to Know Recipient at MODEX Booth 2531 This Week

LogoMagline was named a finalist in the MHI Innovation Award and winners will be announced at MODEX 2014 this week in Atlanta. Greg Ecker, President of Magline, was one of the award-winning honorees of “Pros to Know” in Supply and Demand Chain Executive magazine. Honoring the supply chain’s best and brightest, includes professionals proactively working to improve their business’s functions in a number of categories—including manufacturing and production output, procurement, logistics, risk mitigation strategies, sourcing, financial operations, packaging and distribution, transportation. Ecker will be at the Magline Booth #2531 during MODEX this week (March 17 – 20) to share more about the innovative products.

Remodia Releases New Remodia Spiral Slicers in the U.S. Market

LogoRemodia announces the release of its new kitchen product known as Remodia Spiral Slicer that is available for sale on Amazon. The product is spiral in shape, easy and so much fun to use in the kitchen for slicing certain vegetable food items like carrots. In the modern world, the lifestyles people live make it difficult to make and enjoy healthy foods.

TraceGains Exhibiting Food Safety Summit to Ensure Attendees Are 365 Audit Ready

LogoTraceGains, full-service supplier, compliance, and regulatory document management solution, is exhibiting at the Food Safety Summit April 8-10 at the Baltimore Convention Center, Booth #623.

Automated Vending Devices - an Essential Asset of Every Corporate Firm

If one is seeking for a drink immediately, vending machines are among the hassle free option to check out. Automated vending machines are accessible with various vending options and multipurpose functioning. An outcome of a successful enterprise is not only the revenue it creates in terms of cash but also the joy and fulfillment it provides to its clients. A vending support is also considered as an indication of comfort or courtesy to clients and employees.

Current Reports Demonstrates That Green Tea Can Fight Against Cancer-Causing Cells

The advantages in sipping green tea has been extensively investigated and recorded. Drinking about 4 cups of green tea each day is just an easy method to enhance overall health. Many scientific tests have now been completed by numerous nations on this amazing tea and its unimaginable health benefits. Apart from water, tea may be the most consumed beverage in the world. Tea includes Catechins (kind of organic antioxidant and phenol) that fights free radicals and also avoid cell injury. It doesn't undergo much treatment before it is poured into a cup. This way the tea leaf contains full of antioxidants and catechins.

SmartOrder Offers a Unique Technology to Assist All the Restaurant Owners

Restaurant management is a complex process which involves numerous elements that shapes up the entire services. The restaurant owners find it pretty difficult to manage the entire processing system by them. In order to make this process easier and SmartOrder has come with its own software that assists the restaurant owners and their managers to make the process of customer service a lot easier. The software comes with in-built features, such as its ability of android pos which lets users manage and cater to needs of the customers through an android app.

Sommelier François Castelmore Publishes Top Three Ventura County Wineries

Wine is there to be tasted and savored, to add a new dimension to a culinary experience and not merely to take the edge off the day. Sommelier Francois Castelmore is passionate about wine, and is publishing lists of his top 3 wineries from different regions around the world, believing there is merit to be found in every corner of the international wine industry. His latest region is Ventura County, and after careful tasting and assessment of budget, mid-range and premium wines, has determined his thoughts on the best wineries in the region.

François Castelmore Publishes Guide to Identifying Great Wine

Wine is not just a drink, it’s an art form, and it’s easy to understand how people become passionate about wine. It provides a complement to meals and enriches other experiences. Sommelier François Castelmore wishes to share his passion about great wine and in order to do so, has now published a guide to how he personally assesses wine, with a mixture of artistic and journalistic investigation that makes the story as important as the taste.

Cartsblanche - Providing Top Quality Vending Carts with HD-LCD Displays for Video Marketing

Automated vending machine business is a huge market that's still developing due to the growing need of customers for handy options for food, entertainment, beverages and other tactile products. If one owns a vending machine business, then he should be familiar with the latest trends in buying the equipments in order to get success in this business.

Pennsylvania 6 NYC Announces Specials and Events for March 2014

LogoPennsylvania 6 NYC has announced upcoming specials and events for March 2014. The sports bar in midtown NYC will host fans throughout the month to watch their favorite teams compete in the NHL Playoffs and March Madness. With a TV wall, projector, flat screens lining the bar, and the best draft beers in NYC, Pennsylvania 6 NYC will wow sports fans with their broadcast prowess. Their goal is to make it impossible for guests to turn their heads anywhere in the bar without seeing the game. The Diner’s Choice Winner of 2013 is taking reservations now for any time in March.

Herzog Wine Cellars Makes Experts from Beginners with New Wine Tasting Guide

For many, wine is a nice tasting drink to be enjoyed with dinner. However, there is a whole art not just to the creation of wine but to its enjoyment too, a ritualized taste experience that resembles the Japanese tea ceremony in its reverence and discipline, and committing to this process allows people to enjoy wine on a whole new dimension. For anyone in Ventura Country interested in finding out more about wine tasting, Herzog Wine Cellars are now offering a wine tasting guide that will teach people how to enjoy wine as never before.

DropShotz to Host Parties to Launch Their Unique Products in Jelloshotz Summer 2014

DropShotz, the company producing unique famous sweetened gelatin liquor dessert in a pouch, will be hosting numerous parties and gigs to launch their jelloshotz products and pouches for summer 2014. The Dropshotz Team aims to tap the power of social media where teenagers usually flock most of the time. It will help determine their next product launch area. They are also partnering with Tastemakers to bring shots to some of the biggest edm events around the world. Dropshotz jelloshotz is also hoping to partner with the IM Shmacked, a film crew that documents partying college students.

Now People Are Moving from Tea Bags to Loose Leaf Green Tea Due to Anti Aging Property

Loose leaf green tea is in great demand all over the world. Among the enduring teas on the planet apart from black tea is the best loose leaf green tea. It is being used by the eastern cultures for approximately thousands years. The loose leaf green tea is famous because of its moderate and clear flavor. Most typical kind of tea are the types packed in little bags dipped inside a cup of boiled water. Though this can be a great method of preparing tea, still loose leaf tea is a far better alternative.

Loose Leaf Tea - Making the Day Refreshing with Its Unique Flavor and Healthy Benefits

It's all about quality, when it comes to drinking tea. Although teas in bags (especially the commercial branded tea bags) and loose leaf teas originate from the similar plant, yet there are some factors that impact flavor, quality and long life of the tea. Top quality loose leaf tea is produced from the Camellia sinensis plant’s hand picked sprouts, entire tea leaves, big bits of leaves or perhaps a mixture of these components. The growing conditions and period greatly influence the quality of tea. The tea maintains its unique tastes and features, when all these facets take into consideration.