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Forex Mean Reversion Can Be Used as Trading System as Well as an Indicator


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/18/2013 -- Forex Mean Reversion has been developed by Steve Gammon. According to the developer, Forex Mean Reversion can be used as an independent trading system as well as an indicator to compliment an existing trading strategy. Forex Mean Reversion is a real time indicator based on the fundamental fact that the price will fluctuate and make new highs and lows but always revert to the mean price. It calculates and displays the mean price based on a mean level (a simple moving average). Then it displays two levels on either side of the mean derived from the Average True Range reading. The first level is the suggested entry price and the second level is the suggested stop loss. This indicator can be used on any instrument and on any timeframe and is particularly helpful in avoiding false breakouts which are so common in any market.

This is what Steve Gammon says about his Forex Mean Reversion Indicator: “I often trade my Forex Mean Reversion System “as is” on longer time-frames (4 Hour & Daily). However, when I am trading one of my other strategies, usually on a lower time-frame I always have the Forex Mean Reversion Indicator on my chart – The indicator alone has kept me out of an untold number of losing trades – In particular, false break-outs. Mean reversion is a fundamental fact, for that reason the Forex Mean Reversion indicator works on ALL instruments on ALL time-frames – You will see for yourself – When a market is truly Overbought/Oversold.”

About Steve Gammon
Steve Gammon has worked in the back offices of some of the largest financial institutions in the world over a period of 15 years. While working in the back offices of these financial institutions, he learned the mechanics of trading indicators and why they are so important in trading.

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