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Forex Mentor PRO Members and Team Had a Good Week Trading Aussie Pairs

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Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2014 -- Pierre DuPlessis from Forex Mentor PRO (FXMP) released his latest blog post. It’s been a good week for mentors and students. In the forum, Pierre is there every day offering tips and advice. 99% of supposed "mentors" tell after the event what should have been done, FXMP team, every week tells in advance what they are looking to trade and more importantly WHY- the goal is that members will then be able to do it themselves. Anyone Interested can try Forex Mentor PRO program for 7 days for $1 only.

This is what Pierre DuPlessis says: “On Monday we already had some nice trades setting up – like the GBP/Dollar that gave us 69 pips, the GBP/JPY that gave us the 80 odd pips, Euro/Dollar that gave us 50 odd pips from a M2 mother in law bounce and the Aussie/Dollar pair that also gave us 60 odd pips. If you missed the setups on these pairs – have a look at my charts I posted on Tuesday morning. This was not the end of the story in Balamory!!!

Later in the week it rained pips and we were running around like a chicken without a head trying to eat as much pips as we could!! Is that even possible Pierre?? Eating pips without a head …. :?: Over the last couple of months things slowed down for some of the `major pairs` Marc and I look at. The daily ranges are low and some of them dropped to the lower 40`s but o boy……the Aussie pairs are hot at the moment !!! Here are some more charts on the Aussie with some awesome pips…”

About Pierre DuPlessis
Pierre DuPlessis lives in South Africa. He joined Forex Mentor PRO program as a student. Now he is one of the mentors at FXMP and teaches the members how to trade on H4 and D1 using his Earth and Sky Forex System.

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