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Forex Prowler Is a High Win Rate, Lightening Fast, Entry Picking Momentum Strategy Developed by Tim Morris

Forex Prowler is a simple 3 step entry and exit strategy developed by Tim Morris.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/13/2014 -- Forex Prowler is a trading strategy that has been developed by Tim Morris. Forex Prowler is a simple 3 step entry and exit strategy developed by Tim Morris. Most trading strategies depend on indicators and have rules like when the RSI crosses the zero line, open a trade or when the main Stochastic crosses the signal Stochastic, do that. The problem is most traders don’t know what these indicators actually do. Every indicator has been created mathematically for a specific purpose. A trader should know that specific purpose in order to use it correctly in trading.

Tim Morris claims that he took a boring and an ineffective indicator and turned it inside out and upside down and put it through every combination of setting possible and through countless hours of testing developed a complete trading method around that indicator. He named this trading method Forex Prowler.

Forex Prowler Strategy can be downloaded instantly. It can trade any currency pair on any timeframe. Tim Morris provides multiple exit strategies. The drawdown is low with this strategy. Tim provides an MT4 template for his strategy. He says that his strategy revolves around picking massive momentum trades. His strategy is based on market principles that never change.

This is what Tim Morris says: “I’ve done the “hard-yards” for you. I’ve been through hell figuring out how indicators work. I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of hours testing, tweaking and hacking “standard” indicators. The result? Through real-time, sleeves-rolled-up testing (that means putting MY OWN MONEY on the line!) ...I’ve been able to filter out the indicators that will blow your account ...and discover the indicators that work like gangbusters to absolutely slingshot your trading profits.”

About Tim Morris
Tim Morris has been trading forex successfully for many years. In the beginning, he blew out many accounts. He would often make revenge trade and lose heavily. But he never gave up. He studied all indicators and tested them with different combinations. In the end, he was able to develop his Forex Prowler Strategy. He is so confident about his Forex Prowler Strategy that he is giving full 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee to anyone who is interested in testing it.

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