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Forex Trading Marathon 13 Hours Uncut Live FREE Forex Training Gives the Chance to See 4 Pro Traders Trade EURO Open and the US Market Open


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2014 -- Market Traders Institute is providing the chance to traders to register FREE for their Forex Trading Marathon. In this Forex Trading Marathon, traders will get the chance to see 4 pro traders in action. The traders will watch the following events during this Forex Trading Marathon:

1-Live Trading the Euro Open by Joshua Martinez. In this forex training session, Joshua Martinez will show his popular London Breakout Trading Strategy at work live on the market

2-Man vs Pips System Tackles the U.S. Market Open by Jose Tormos. In this session, Jose Tormos will show his Man vs. Pips system tackle timely market movements in real time

3-Unleashing the Power of System Trading by Jeff Watkins. In this session, Jeff Watkins reveals the truth about using autotrading systems and ways that could boost return on investment

4-Lessons Learned from losing $400,000 in 5 hours by Jared Martinez is indispensible for new traders on learning how to apply strict risk and money management rules.

This is what Joshua Martinez says about the Forex Trading Marathon: “The European market session is starting within the hour and I'm ready to trade live just for you during MTI's first-ever Forex Trading Marathon. Are you joining me? Log in now and let's get started….As a recap, this Forex Trading Marathon is a 13-hour live Forex training event where you could watch the experts trade live and get an inside look at MTI's education in action on the live market. Now, I know what you're thinking... "13 HOURS?! I can't commit to that!"

I know. We don't expect you to be there the entire time, but we do hope that you make time for at least one of our speakers because opportunities like this typically cost $995 and are normally exclusively for MTI students (this is the first time we've EVER done this event outside of our student-base). Today, this event is completely FREE. We're doing this event at times that fit the schedules of people in varying time zones across the globe. Because this event covers 13 powerful market trading hours, we want you to be able to join in around your busy schedule. So, we'll be sending you a brief login link at the turn of each event session so that you can join in whenever you're ready!”

About Market Traders Institute 4 Pro Traders
Jared Martinez is the founder and CEO of Market Traders Institute. Market Traders Institute is located in Florida. Joshua Martinez is his son and an accomplished swing trader. Jeff Watkins is an intra-day trader and Jose Tormos is an expert forex scalper.

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