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Forex USDealer Robot Developed by Rita Lasker Made $11,269 Profit in 1 Month

Forex USDDealer Robot has been specifically programmed to trade these 3 currency pairs: USDCFH, USDJPY and USDCAD on the 1 hour timeframe.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/02/2014 -- Forex USDealer Robot has been developed by Rita Lasker. Forex USDDealer Robot has been specifically programmed to trade these 3 currency pairs: USDCFH, USDJPY and USDCAD on the 1 hour timeframe. From 16th December to 14th January, Forex USDealer Robot was tested by third party testers. Initial deposit per pair was $1K and the lot size was 1.0. It made a total profit of 1088 pips. This robot made a total of 17 USD/JPY trades winning all but one. The winrate was 94% and the total pips made trading USD/JPY during the test period were 390 pips. This also robot made a total of 24 USD/CAD trades during this period. 15 trades were won and 9 were lost. The winrate was 64% and a total of 445 pips were made with USD/CAD trades. In the same manner this robot made a total of 12 USD/CHF trades during this period. 9 were won and 3 trades were lost. The winrate was 75%.

Forex USDealer Robot has been programmed with a new innovative Red Channel feature. This Red Channel feature allows the trader to set two price levels above and below which the robot does not open any trade. This Red Channel feature helps in avoid trading the news impact when the market becomes volatile and the robot can make mistakes.

Here is the quote from the exclusive interview with Paul Nilson (A.A.F.C): "...I am really surprised that I have not seen such a feature of so-called "Red Channel" before. This new robot must be extremely popular; I assume it will be one of the top products of 2014. Firstly, it deals with USD, the leading currency; secondly, it deals with NEWS impact!”

This is what Rita Lasker says: “Today is the greatest day in Forex history: we found a way to protect you from NEWS. Our newest Forex USDealer Robot is just launched so you could take and use it!!! No more unwished or illogical trades. FIRST TIME when such a product released:

1. It deals with 3 TOP USD pairs (H1)
2. It covers ALL global sessions, 24/5
3. News impact safety system "Red Channel"
4. Money Management, Self-Training trailing
5. Suits for part-time auto trading

Real profit statement: $11,269.00 in a month: Forex USDealer is sensational. It brings Non-Stop USD trading due to its 3 top pairs. Average profit per each pair is 300 pips and even more...Forex USDealer Robot is to become one of BEST products recently. And it's not just our opinion. Check the full interview with Paul Nilson at website. And take my word, if you ever watched news impact on auto trading, you know that such a robot hasn't existed yet. Until TODAY! Specially for you we post a SCREENSHOT with latest Jan, 27-28 trading report. During the testing period it made $11,269.00 and our latest +$906.00 report only proves it. Check secrets of its stable performance:

1. Top USD pairs that cover 100% of market
2. Each pair profit is UP to 300-400 pips
3. Smart Bar trailing turns your Stop Loss in profit!

And the TOP feature is our Red Channel safety system that helps you to deal with news impact. It's the feature all traders are dream about! In case you missed our newest product launch, we posted LIVE VIDEO of FX USDealer trades: how it works and Stop Loss trailing in action…Forex USDealer Robot is the first robot with:
- Unique News impact Red Channel safety system
- Ultimate SmartProfit Bar Trailing technology
- Sensational TRIPLE-USD algorithm that makes...
- $11,269 in just a month! (3 USD pairs trading)

Video, statement, screenshots and more details are available..I also have to warn about very time-limited offer on Forex USDealer. 24 hours are left to get it with 50% OFF discount + FX bonus. Mind, the video goes to YouTube and everyone can watch it and get a copy of Forex USDealer. While only 300 reserved copies are LEFT! If you need any help, feel free to contact our support team. We are almost 24-hours online.”

About Rita Lasker
Rita Lasker is a professional forex trader plus a software developer. She has launched a number of successful forex products. One of her last product was the Forex 100 Trades Robot that made a profit of +1036 in 1 month.

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