France Menage Offers Professional Household Cleaning from Top to Bottom


Paris, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/23/2014 -- France Ménage, a leading cleaning company that serves several territories around France, makes it easy to find good help. The company’s sole mission is to provide top notch services through its team of professional, dedicated and well-trained femme de ménage.

Time-strapped homeowners don’t want to spend their valuable free time cleaning the house. That’s the main reason professional cleaners are so popular today. Instead of spending the weekends repassage, dusting, and scrubbing the bathrooms, homeowners can go out and spend time with family, and return to a spotless home with all the chores completed.

Choosing the right cleaning service is essential in order to avoid the complications of letting strangers in. Apart from theft and vandalism, there are issues such as cleaning valuables (like marble and oriental rugs), transferring germs and dirt from used equipment and cutting corners. Some homeowners have had to deal with maids who subcontract work to other maids and invite strangers into their homes.

From complete one-time overhauls to full-time and temporary maids, France Ménage provides professional, trained, and certified maids to suit every need. The company completes a thorough background check and interviews all applicants before sending them on assignments. A specialized femme de ménage is sent to manage cleaning of sensitive items. Full training and contractual obligations prevent staff from assigning responsibilities to subcontractors or inviting strangers into their clients’ homes.

Not everyone can afford to pay an hourly rate for cleaning. It is for this reason, France Ménage implemented tarif femme de ménage, tarif repassage, and other payment schedules to offer affordable services to all customers.

Cleaning help is no longer a luxury. Nicole Barker wholeheartedly agrees with that statement. She says, “Hiring help is a time management and business decision for me. I want to provide a clean home for my family, but I can’t spare the time to do it myself. My maid gives me time to work on my blog, catch up on emails, and spend time with my family. Hiring a maid is more affordable than I originally thought and the value of spending my free time the way I want is definitely worth the cost.”

Finding the right maid service is a rewarding experience for any homeowner. France Ménage takes pride in supplying reliable services, cutting edge equipment and cleaning solutions, and friendly, professional, and meticulous femme de ménage at unbeatable rates.

About France Menage
France Menage makes it a point of honor to meet you at each of its benefits, upon your return to work you find a perfect home, and that you keep in mind why you hire a professional: You relieve daily. France Menage engages you with trust and satisfaction, and some people use fireworks or constraints to ensure your loyalty.