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Free SMS to and from Anywhere in the World, Unlimited Made Available By is a simplistic website that allows free unlimited international text messages with no registration or fees.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/16/2012 -- There is definitely no doubt about it; text messaging is now the fastest-growing form of two-way communication in human history. There can be no better way to transmit a message to someone miles away – in a clear and definite manner – than to send a text message.

While truly revolutionizing the way people communicate, text messaging can still rack up on a phone bill. With its skyrocketing charges that people pay for text messaging, many people find themselves restricted in it's use. In fact, compulsive texters rack up as much as thousands for international text messages in particular – making the it little too expensive way to be completely efficient. As such, text messaging is sometimes considered as an eyesore on cellphone bills. is a break from all the expensive text messaging. The free SMS website allows visitors to send free and unlimited international text messages to all corners of the globe – without requiring registration fees and other charges. The website exists based on the principle that text messages are an essential piece of communication – wherever in the world it is intended to be sent.

Simple and straightforward, comes with a user friendly interface that requires visitors to simply choose the country of their recipient, key in the mobile number and compose a message consisting of 160 characters or less.

Users of the free SMS service at are encouraged to click the "Share" button on Facebook, as shown on the website, each time the text message has been sent. Spreading the word and sharing the service will help grow the community of users and keep the SMS sending obligation-free.

People who are having problems with too expensive charges that come with existing customary text messaging services from various providers should visit and enjoy unlimited free SMS texting to any country.