Fund A Pet Miracle

Fund a Pet Miracle Provides Funding Platform Supporting Animal Welfare


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/25/2013 -- Fund A Pet Miracle now makes it possible to pledge a pet donation in order to save the life of an animal and also help improve the quality of life for those pets that are sick and require medical treatment. “We started the Fund A Pet Miracle platform in order to help provide a way for animal lovers and supporters to help donate towards the goals of projects related to medical treatments, operations, and animal welfare in general. We openly welcome projects to be posted on the website that have clear and precise goals. This is not a platform for charities and organizations to seek additional funding. There are plenty of organizations that help raise money for those causes, and while we are huge supporters of them we felt that there needed to be an option for pet owners to come to for help when their pets needed it,” explained Fund A Pet Miracle co-founder Stacey Nutini.

With the help of the Internet, animal rescue efforts can now reach a global audience. A lot of pet welfare organizations cater to cats and dogs, but Fund A Pet Miracle has categories to fit virtually any pet. Along with the obvious cats and dogs, there are also sections for owners of birds, horses, farm animals, reptiles, small animals, and miscellaneous pets. Regardless of what kind of pet needs assistance, Fund A Pet Miracle offers a platform to seek financial assistance. Stacey Nutini also added, “When we started Fund A Pet Miracle we did not want to exclude any animals from receiving the help that they need. The love and joy that a pet owner receives is the same no matter what breed of animal they hold close to their heart. It was important for us to welcome all pet owners that have an animal in need to be able to present it through the Fund A Pet Miracle website.”

While a specific lab rescue organization and website will only attract the attention from owners and fans of Labrador Retrievers, the Fund A Pet Miracle website attracts both owners and fans of all breeds and animals in general. This gives their projects exposure to a wider audience and results in more successful project funding. “We started the Fund A Pet Miracle website as a way to help save animals. We feel that financial limitations should not prevent an animal from receiving the treatment they need. Judging from the initial response we are not the only ones that feel this way, and we are excited to watch it grow and continue to improve the quality of life for pets all over.”

About Fund A Pet Miracle
Las Vegas, NV based Fund A Pet Miracle provides an online platform for pet owners and pet lovers to come together to help improve and save the lives of pets in need. The interactive website allows pet owners to submit projects requiring funding assistance and pet lovers can then search through the current projects and donate as they see appropriate. There is also an option to search through achieved projects that were successfully funded. For more information, or to submit a funding project request visit