Gabriel Code Reviews: Must Read! Mind-Body Method for Weight Loss


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2013 -- Gabriel Code tackles the problem of obesity and the struggle to lose weight using a holistic approach that involves both the mind and body. While effective in transforming people’s lives so they would want to stay slim and healthy, it achieves the desired results without diet, exercise routines, pills, or surgery.

The step-by-step system was created by Jon Gabriel, a biochemical researcher who lost 103 kilograms in 2 ½ years yet didn’t manifest any sign of being overweight, not even the excess skin that often appears after considerable weight loss.

Ask people who have been overweight for some time and tried fad diets as well as fitness products like exercise machines and weight loss supplements, but found a lasting solution in the Gabriel Code. They no longer feel hungry all the time and stopped battling with their cravings. More energetic than ever, they look forward to exercise. The overall experience can only be described as life-changing.

A curious take on weight loss

The system shows why the popular schemes don’t work. Lose some weight in the short term with a fad diet only to gain them again when it ends. Start an exercise regime but lose steam later on. Risk of side effects often comes with intake of slimming pills.

In contrast, the Gabriel Code attacks the problem by identifying and removing nine fat triggers which are emotional, environmental, and lifestyle influences that lead the body to retain excess weight instead of shedding them off. Depending on personal circumstances, each individual has a unique combination of these triggers.

One is chronic dieting wherein the body tends to enter a famine state and overeat until the diet ends. Lifestyle stress also prevents weight loss because it causes the release of a chemical called cortisol that makes the body gain weight.

Emotional trauma that brings self-defeating emotions like insecurity and helplessness is also a fat trigger.Other factors are inadequate nutrition, poor digestion, toxicity, limiting beliefs, harmful medication, and sleep apnea.

Turn off these fat triggers and learn how to get one’s body to want to be thin rather than fight it through the Gabriel Code 6-Part Transformation Program. It makes use of 10 immersive daytime visualization exercises to keep a person in a slim state of mind the whole day and one in the evening to stay in a positive mindset.

It also has seven Omega-3 cooking lessons for recipes that help vaporize fat, weekly wellness checklists of fat-burning foods from the grocery and tools to seamlessly apply the program in one’s day-to-day activities, and session recordings in case one cannot attend or opts to take things at his own pace.

The power of envisioning it happening

Visualization plays an important part in the program because seeing one’s ideal body is instrumental in getting there. Gabriel Code begins with the truth behind diets and how the brain is programming the body to be fat, followed by the significance of stabilizing blood sugar levels and three superfoods that ensure optimal weight loss.

It proceeds to share what foods most people don’t know make them fat and three easy ways to improve digestion and remove toxins. Learn strategies to overcome emotional obesity and avoid situations that cause stress, as well as ways to activate the body’s natural slimming mechanism and know the nuances of exercise for weight loss.

Moreover, it teaches a simple mind technique to open up energy channels and how to break the barriers feeding the mind with negative energy.The entire program advocates daily visualization exercises for the day and night.

All it takes to give weight loss another try is a small fee with assurances that it will work or get the money back. The weekly lessons are even available in video, audio, and pdf formats making it convenient for members to access them anytime.

Make weight loss an enjoyable yet natural experience, without having to force or starve one self and suffer through the process. Discover a different approach to achieving the slim and healthy body one aspires to have. Visit the official Gabriel Code website and learn more today.

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