Announces Lowest Priced Hotel Rates in Germany and Berlin


Berlin, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2014 -- German Hotels Online is gearing up for the upcoming busy summer season by offering the lowest priced hotels for consumers that act early and book in advance. “We are coming up fast on the summer busy season, and with that comes an increase in hotel prices, as hotels capitalize on the increased travelers and raise their prices to match the demand. Right now the prices are very low and we have some amazing savings from our hotel partners available directly on our website. This is the best time to lock in the lowest rates of the year and secure hotels in Berlin and Germany for this summer,” explained’s Liam Burg. The website offers discounted rates for hotels located throughout Germany and Berlin.

The lowest priced summer German hotels can be reserved right now for what notes as the lowest available prices. Liam Burg explained, “Our relationships with the largest property groups and private hotels allow us to sell their unsold rooms at a very deep discount for last minute travelers, but it also gives us access to their rooms far in advance prior to the busy summer season. The rates will traditionally increase in price as we get closer to the summer, at which point they reach their yearly high. This makes it the best time to jump on these special rates available through the website.” Consumers that have travel plans in Germany and Berlin this summer can visit and see the current discounts on hotels of all types.

When looking to book hotels online many consumers are weary that the low price guarantees and special offers only apply to the lower quality hotels and are used to draw attention to the site, where a bait and switch is common. Consumers do not have to worry about that when visiting “We are able to offer great discounts on luxury hotels as well as economical hotels. We never advertise low rates and then attempt to switch the individual into a higher priced hotel. What you see is what you get when booking hotel accommodations with us,” stated Mr. Burg.

About is an online hotel reservation website that is dedicated to bringing consumers the lowest priced hotels in Germany and Berlin. The website has direct relationships with the hotels that allows them to pass on substantial savings directly to the end consumer. To view the availability and current low prices visit and search by region to find information on the hotels within a certain area of interest. Consumers are able to complete reservations online around the clock, 24/7 for convenience.