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Global Graphene Industry Analysis & 2020 Forecasts adds "Graphene: The Global Market to 2020" report to its research store.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/05/2014 -- The global market for graphene continues to grow, with weekly technology and production breakthroughs, new investment and public listings of graphene producers. Driven by demand from markets where advanced materials are required, graphene promises to outstrip all current nonmaterial’s, especially in electronics and energy storage applications. Other markets graphene is impacting include aerospace, automotive, coatings and paints, communications, sensors, solar, oil, and lubricants.

Key Contents: Profiles of all graphene producers, Industry activity and breakthroughs by market 2013-2014, Production volumes, and Target market revenues, Interviews with key industry players, Products and product integration and Assessment of markets graphene will impact.

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Major points from Table of Contents ( ) are listed below:

List of Tables

Table 1: Large area graphene-Markets, applications and global revenues
Table 2: Bulk or flake graphene-Markets, applications and global revenues
Table 3: Engineered graphene properties The Global Market for Graphene
Table 4: Comparative properties of graphene with nanoclays and carbon nanotubes
Table 5: Main production methods for graphene
Table 6: Graphene production overview
Table 7: Graphene production methods
Table 8: Graphene demand, 2010-2020, tons, conservative and optimistic estimates
Table 9: Graphene prices and production capacity of main producers
Table 10: Properties of carbon materials
Table 11: Published patents publications for graphene
Table 12: Graphene market supply chain
Table 13: Graphene in the energy market-Companies and target markets
Table 14: Graphene in the aerospace market-Companies and target markets
Table 15: Graphene in the automotive market-Companies and target markets
Table 16: Graphene in the biomedical and life sciences market-Companies and target markets
Table 17: Graphene in the coatings market-Companies and target markets
Table 18: Graphene in the composites market-Companies and target markets
Table 19: Graphene in the sensors market-Companies and target markets
Table 20: Properties of graphene for transparent conductive film
Table 21: Graphene in the electronics market-Companies and target markets

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