Go AAGP Launches New Lender Partnership to Match Customers with Approved AAGP Lenders

Premier lender matching service Go AAGP has recently launched a new lender partnership to help all customers, regardless of their credit and financial situation, apply and get approved for a loan.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/23/2013 -- From tax rises and spending cuts to monetary slips and banking panics, recently the economy has come to look quite similar to an extreme recession.

Even if there are over four years since the financial crisis of 2008, the economy has still many difficulties to overcome in order to recover from the crash that has made millions of people victims to financial hazard.

Generally, credit flow has fueled and kept alive the US economy. According to the lending matching service Go AAGP, a free credit flow has been the lifeline of the American economy, keeping it on the surface at all times. “When the market collapsed four years ago, the credit flow tightened and it continued to get aggravated as nearly a third of the US population saw their credit scores drop significantly. In such conditions, it was nearly impossible to obtain a decent loan.

Recently, Go AAGP has launched a new lender partnership to allow customers with bad credit to access loan options in a discreet and private manner. Commenting about Go AAGP, Marketing Director of the company said that “The new application will provide individuals easy access to the fast loans they need in order to attend to urgent money matters. Regardless of credit score, payment history and financial situation, every individual should be entitled to access money in order to address money emergencies, and this is exactly what Go AAGP does: it lends a helping hand to those in need”.

Go AAGP application process differs from other lender matching services in that it allows all customers, irrespectively of their financial history and credit score, to apply for a loan. The regular criteria that would generally render a customer as ineligible, such as missed payments, poor credit score and increasing debt, are no longer decisive for Go AAGP users, everyone being given a second chance to apply for the funds they need.

For more information on the convenience and many benefits of using the Go AAGP service, please visit http://go-aagp.org.

Go AAGP is owned by a company dedicated to helping people with bad credit obtain loans in a poor economy. They offer a secure environment where customers can apply for a loan with a high level of anonymity from the comfort of their own home.

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