Go Menage Takes the Drudgery out of Housecleaning


Paris, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2014 -- Today, running water, washers, dryers, wrinkle-free clothing, vacuums and steam cleaners are just a few of many conveniences which make it easier to do household chores. However, with parents and kids constantly on the go, it’s hard to find the time to do relatively simple tasks around the house. Go Ménage specializes in matching homeowners with reliable, able-bodied and professional service cleaners.

Finding a trustworthy and affordable femme de ménage is not as simple as it used to be. Years ago, referrals were a valuable resource. But now, good help is a scarce commodity. Homeowners rarely have the time to search, advertise, interview, and vet a reliable femme de ménage. However, failing to conduct the relevant background checks could result in disappointment and theft. Also, most cleaners are not familiar with the intricacies of cleaning solutions when it comes to complex surfaces like marble floors and antique rugs.

Go Ménage has over five years of providing professional tarif femme de ménage. Detailed background checks, interviews, and screening of all applicants help to mitigate most problems associated with hiring in-home help. With affordable rates, including tarif repassage, homeowners choose one of the many solutions to fit their budgets.

Contracting a maid service often costs more than hiring a single person. However, the benefits of the service exceed the extra cost. For instance, the agency removes the need to pay employer taxes. The agency also completes thorough background checks, ensures the service providers are licensed and bonded, and provides a quick replacement if the femme de ménage fails to make an appointment.The agency might also have insurance to cover those areas that the homeowner’s insurance policy won’t cover.

Barbara Whitfield wishes she hadn’t waited so long to use an agency. “I thought I was doing myself a favor and saving money by working with an individual. However, after dealing with countless callouts, strangers coming into my home without my knowledge, and losing a valuable necklace to theft, I’ve learnt to respect the service Go Ménage provides. The maids are punctual, trustworthy and diligent. Plus, the company sends out extra help when I request it.”

Hiring dependable help has never been easier. The company’s website outlines all their available services and affordable rates, so homeowners can log on, review the terms, and submit a request for help in their area. Within hours of submitting an onlinerequest, the homeowner will have a femme de ménage at her door to make light work of the insurmountable ménage.